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How to Survive A Kitchen Remodel

It’s easy to put off a kitchen remodel due to the inconveniences of not having a working kitchen during construction. However, homeowners renovate their kitchen all the time and make it through! That’s because there are a number of ways to circumvent the lack of a kitchen and still have the meals your family needs. So, how do you live 

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5 Common Remodeling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

A home remodel is one of the biggest renovation projects you can take on! There are a lot of moving parts, and planning your project well is essential to preventing mistakes with your finished project. Here are some avoidable mistakes to take note of as you plan your next remodel: 1. Choosing the Wrong Remodeling Partner  Remodeling, renovating, and updating 

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Bathroom Remodel Planning Guide: Design Guide and Tips

A bathroom remodel allows you to turn a standard restroom into a relaxing oasis for you and your family. There’s a lot you can do with design, functionality, and features that will ensure you’ll love the space for years to come.  So, let’s get planning! Here is our quick guide to crafting your bathroom remodel: Get Bathroom Design Inspiration You’re 

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Essential Bathroom Improvements to Consider For Your Next Remodel

Bathrooms may be a small space, but there’s a lot you can do to take your bath to the next level. So, what features and trends are homeowners loving in 2020? What approaches should you consider to get that dream bathroom? We asked our designers for some industry tips! Here are some tips, trends, and suggestions worth considering for your 

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10 Ways to Finish Your Basement

An unfinished basement is a blank canvas. With a basement remodeling company, you can create any custom design with virtually any feature you want. When you’re working with that much square footage, it’s easy to get creative with features like wet bars, kitchenettes, in-law suites, home gyms, and more. FBC Remodel is here to provide a little inspiration! Here are 

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Where Do I Start With Remodeling My Whole House?

The whole home remodeling process is an exciting time. You’re redesigning a space that serves as your sanctuary  — where you spend time with the ones you love most. Whole house remodeling can improve your home’s function and flow, as well as your quality of life.  As you know, renovating is a sizable investment. That’s why a concrete remodeling plan 

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