Wine Cellars

Custom Wine Cellar Design in Colorado, Minnesota and Illinois

A wine cellar can be a stunning addition to your basement remodel or finish that provides storage and space for entertainment – perfect for the wine connoisseurs of the world. When it comes to adding a wine cellar to your home, there is so much to consider; Are you looking for a storage-first space, or something set up for relaxation and entertaining? What features do you want to add to your wine cellar? How large is your wine collection? What additional time or cost may adding a wine cellar bring?

At FBC Remodel, our designers are trained to help you add specialty features like wine cellars to your remodel projects with ease. They’re experts in space planning and they know how to ask all the right questions to ensure you get exactly what you envision. Ready to get started? Book your free design consultation today.

Design Consideration and Options for WINE STORAGE

When it comes to adding a wine cellar or room to your basement remodel, there are several design options available to you. You’ll want to think about the answers to the following questions before meeting with your designer, so you’re able to help them understand exactly how to build a room that is perfect for you.

The number one question for homeowners considering a wine cellar is whether or not you want your room to be conditioned or non-conditioned. That is to say, are you looking for a temperature-controlled wine cooler, or a non-controlled standard storage space. The difference between the two is close to two entirely separate rooms. 

A temperature-controlled room takes into consideration the need for venting and insulation, and often requires more space to allow for the electrical and plumbing needed to create a temperature-controlled room. A non-conditioned room is closer to a standard storage space and can be as large or small as you desire.

Experience is an important deciding factor when it comes to wine cellars. Because of their highly-customizable nature, and the ability to expand a wine cellar from a simple storage closet all the way to a walk-in room with seating, knowing what experience you want from your wine room is imperative. 

If you’ve got a large wine collection that you’d like to access often or even display, and you love to entertain, a wine cellar large enough to include seating and walls of storage may be a great fit. If you’ve already got entertainment space, or maybe have kids in the house and want to keep your wine less accessible, a more storage-focused room may work for you

Your wine collection size, now or in the future, will have an impact on the kind of wine cellar you’ll need. A large collection may mean a need for a bigger room, a walk-in, or even a temperature-controlled room. A smaller collection may mean you don’t need a full room but instead creative storage or displays worked in throughout your basement. Wine cellars are highly customizable and can be as simple as a unique wine rack installed on a feature wall.

When it comes to wine cellars, design is a key feature. You have so many options! Choose whether you want to use a certain material like stone or brick throughout. Add unique lighting and archictechtural features perfect for a quiet space that may otherwise not fit in your home. 

One of our favorite design pieces for a wine cellar? The door. Believe it or not, the door to a wine cellar can be not only a beautiful design element, but a highly functional one as well. Utilize a glass door for an open display, or a decorative iron door to conceal what lies behind it. A door can determine what level of access you’d like for your wine collection. For a truly unique touch, a bookcase door can hide your wine cellar away or even act as wine storage itself. 

What to expect when adding a wine cellar to your remodel project?

Wine cellars can easily be fit into most all basement remodel or basement finishing projects. They’re customized to fit your needs and your lifestyle so no matter how much space you’ve got, there’s room for your wine storage.

The cost of adding a wine cellar can vary greatly, given the size of the space, the features added, and whether or not you’d like a temperature-controlled room. Some wine cellars come in as low as $5,000 while others range upwards of $20,000. The highly customizable nature of wine cellars means with the help of one of our designers, you can find an option that fits in with your budget.

Start Your Wine Cellar Design Today

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