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Basement and Home Remodeling Services in Colorado with FBC Remodel

As a design-build company, we are motivated by our customers’ needs. We work diligently with architects, project managers, and construction teams to design a space that will only appeal to you. From basement remodeling to kitchen and bathroom remodeling, all of our projects are completed with your needs in mind.

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Basement Finishing in Denver, Colorado

With basement finishing and basement remodeling in Denver, Colorado, FBC Remodel transforms unfinished basements into fabulous living spaces. In addition to developing 3D renderings to help you visualize the final result for your space, we’ll spend hours working with you to develop a design that meets your family’s needs. FBC’s design team and craftsmen can execute any design you can imagine, regardless of how simple or complex it may be. Select from a variety of possible projects, including the following:

  • Home theaters
  • Wine cellars
  • Specialty rooms
  • And more!

FBC Remodel believes that your dream is our design. Our team of professionals will transform your unfinished basement in Denver into a remarkable living space you and your family will enjoy for decades to come. Contact us today for a virtual one-on-one design consultation to start your home renovation.

Bathroom Remodeling Services in Colorado

Are you looking for a way to make your bathroom more functional and stylish? It is easy to transform your bathroom into a luxurious getaway where you can indulge in some well-deserved self-care by simply making a few simple adjustments. With our selection of premium flooring, tiles, and countertops, you can give your bathroom a sophisticated design. You can take advantage of our network of bathroom remodeling contractors to address the structural engineering of your home to enable us to add some extra space to your home. Contact our team to find out more about our bathroom remodeling services in Colorado.

Kitchen Remodeling Services in Denver, Colorado

The kitchen is the heart of the home – creating treasured memories takes place in the kitchen through food and shared culture. A well-designed and fully functional kitchen is the foundation of the home. A kitchen remodeling contractor in Denver can provide additional counter space, updated cabinets, or updated flooring to make your space a sophisticated space that is also functional for your family. Contact FBC Remodel to realize your design dreams and make your kitchen your family’s favorite room.

Get Your Dream Home Design with FBC Remodel in Denver

In addition to our sophisticated, stunning craftsmanship, FBC Remodel takes pride in its ability to listen to and meet the needs of its customers. As part of our design-build process, we will consult with you at your home and at FBC Remodel’s showroom for five appointments. We will work with you to develop a design that reflects your personality and preferences. We will help you visualize the final result for your space by using 3D renderings and as-built CAD drawings of the existing space. FBC Remodel has a team of expert craftsmen you can turn to if you’re contemplating a home renovation.

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2020 ROMA Winner
Whole House Remodel Under $400,000
2020 COTY Winner
Residential Interior $100,000 - $250,000 Silver Award
2019 COTY Winner
Basement Remodel Under $100,000 Gold Award
2019 COTY Winner
Basement Remodel $100,000 - $250,000 Gold Award
2018 BATC Award
Basement Remodel Over $125,000
2018 NARI Winner
Basement Remodel Under $100,000 Gold Award
2018 NARI Winner
Basement Remodel Over $100,000 Gold Award
2018 BATC Winner
Remodeled Home | Lower Level Over $120,000 ROMA Award
2017 COTY Winner
Basement Remodel $50,000 - $100,000 Northwest Region Award
2017 COTY Winner
Redone Basement Remodel | Over $100,000 | Gold Award
2017 COTY Winner
Basement Remodel | Up To $100,000 | Gold Award
2017 Chrysalis Award
Basement Remodel | Regional Award
2016 Master Design
Kitchen Remodel | Under $75,000 | Bronze
2016 COTY Award
Residential Interior Element | Under $30,000 | Silver
2016 COTY Award
Residential Interior Element | Over $30,000 | Silver
2016 COTY Award
Basement Remodel | Under $100,000 | Gold
2016 COTY Award
Residential Kitchen | Under $60,000 | Silver
2016 Chrysalis Awards
Basement Remodel Regional Award
2015 COTY Winner
Residential Interior | Under $75,000 | Regional Award
2015 COTY Winner
Basement Remodel | Under $50,000 | Regional Award
2015 COTY Winner
Basement Remodel | $50,000 - $100,000 | Regional Award
2015 COTY Winner
Residential Interior | $75,000 - $150,000 | Silver Award
2015 COTY Winner
Residential Interior | $75,000 - $150,000 | Gold Award
2015 COTY Winner
Kitchen Remodel | Over $120,000 | Silver Award
2015 COTY Winner
Residential Bathroom | $25,000 - $50,000
2015 Professional Remodeler
Bathroom Remodel | Under $30,000
2014 Professional Remodeler
Basement Remodel | Platinum Award
2014 Master Design Awards
Qualified Remodeler | Gold Award
2014 Master Design Awards
Basement Remodel | Silver Award



Are you looking for a beautiful kitchen? Or perhaps a basement that flows seamlessly with your rest of the house? If you are interested in creating a truly remarkable space, then follow these simple steps as we discuss our design/build process. The homeowner is put first in our process, and before we spend a dime, we ensure the client is comfortable with our design team, process, and design.

The first step of our process is an introductory call with you and our design coordinator, Jenny! Jenny will talk to you about your project, scope of work, and budget to determine if we may be a good fit for you and help answer your initial questions! She will schedule you for the next step of our process, a Design Consultation.
The first step of our design process is a virtual meeting between you and one of our award-winning designers. You'll discuss your existing space, your vision, your lifestyle, and your hopes for your remodel to establish how your project will move forward.
A designer will come to your home to measure your existing space and take photos to begin developing your design plans.
Come into our office to see two 3-D renderings of your project! This is a collaborative meeting where you can work with your designer to identify design features you want in your finished space.
This is the first chance to meet your project manager in your home! It’s the perfect time to ask any questions you have regarding the build process. They will check all the project details so you don’t have to worry about anything but seeing your space transform.
We provide you a start date, end date and contract price. In this meeting we go over every detail and your fully noted construction plan. We will collect a final deposit of $2,500 and a half payment for your cabinets order. You will leave with your project blueprints in hand.
It’s time to select materials for your space! You and your designer will head to a design center where you will find the perfect styles and colors to complete your space and make it your own.
Your project manager and superintendent will come to your home to walk through the space again in preparation for construction. They'll bring vital trades and ensure your entire construction team is ready for your remodel!
Construction begins! We'll have your permit, all materials, and schedule ordered and ready before your start date. You'll work with a Superintendent who's on-site daily and follow along with daily updates in our construction app.
At the mid-project inspection point, your entire project team will come out to walk the space and ensure your project is on track. You'll also have an opportunity to give complete a survey review of your experience so far.
Your construction is complete! You'll receive a final inspection from your permitting authority, a walk-through with your project team, and another opportunity to complete a survey review of your experience.
Every FBC Remodel project is under warranty. You can always contact us to resolve any issues with your project.