Basement Finishing

Basement Finishing Services in Colorado, Minnesota and Illinois

An unfinished basement might be an eyesore, but it’s also an exciting opportunity to access your home’s true potential! Working with an unfinished basement is like a blank canvas – there is ample opportunity for creativity and a chance to build a space that checks all of your boxes. By finishing your basement, you can add much-needed space and functionality to your home and create a basement that works perfectly for you and your family. 

Choosing the best basement contractor for your basement finishing project is crucial. Colorado, Minnesota, and Illinois homeowners can rely on FBC Remodel’s 20+ years of expertise in basement finishing and remodeling services. We will work intimately with you to provide elegant and sophisticated designs created with you in mind.

Make your basement uniquely yours by contacting the team at FBC Remodel about your project today.

Finished Basement Services

Basement renovations provide homeowners with a great way to bring personality and increased value to their homes. Unfinished basements are blank slates eager to be filled with whatever your heart desires. With the framework already in place, finishing your basement is a fun and exciting way to create your dream space without the added stress of a full remodel or renovation.

When you finish your basement, you have the unique opportunity to customize the space however you’d like! Our award-winning designers will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your new basement will bring you joy for years to come.

Moving through the process of finishing your basement means you get to decide exactly what goes into the space. Do you need a dedicated fitness area? Is your home missing that luxurious entertainment space with beautiful storage to house your wine collection? Is your growing family in need of an extra room? These are all things to consider when thinking through the possibilities of what your finished basement can be.

Our team takes the time to listen to each of our customers, finding out what’s most important for your new and improved living space. We’ll make sure your finished basement results in the added comfort and convenience you crave, making your basement a true extension of the home you love.

Things to consider when finishing your basement

An unfinished basement is the perfect opportunity to create the basement of your dreams. Take the time to think through the features and functions that would make your basement your favorite room in the house. The following are a few examples of what our team can bring to your basement renovation project: 

While this list provides a framework for what our team can do, it is by no means all inclusive. When you have your design consult our designers will dive into all aspects and dig until they find exactly what you are searching for to make your dream basement a reality! 


Creating the basement of your dreams starts with a solid foundation and framework. Finishing your basement means that the framework is already there, and you are ready to take the next steps in creating a beautiful and functional space that is uniquely yours. Completing your finished basement is also a great way to add both value and joy to your home. When planning out your new space, you will want to consider your budget and choose features that will fit into your budget while creating a functional and desirable area. Below are the top factors that will drive the cost of finishing your basement: 

The Top 6 Factors That Drive Cost

  • The layout of your current basement 
  • The age of your home
  • Any basement features that you choose
  • Whether you are adding specialty rooms to your basement
  • Adding a bathroom
  • Electrical work and adding in appliances
  • Egress windows and code compliance
Bottom Range: $90K – $100K
Mid Range: $110K – $150K
High Range: $150K+

FBC Remodel’s Design-Build Process

Our mission is to build joy in each home that we enter. With our mission in mind and our passionate team, we have created processes that allow us to do so!

We are a design-build firm which means that we will work with you from the conception of your project through the design and the execution. Rather than working with a contractor and coming up with the layout and design on your own, we will do all of the grunt work for you and ensure that your new, finished basement has all of the features and functionality you desire. While you may not be familiar with working with a design-build firm, we believe that it is the best way to get precisely what you want, reduce the stress on you and come out with a space you are proud of.

When you choose to work with us, you will be starting the process of building joy in your home! You will begin with a free design consult with our award-winning designers. During the design consult, you will discuss your interests, needs, and wants for your space, and our designers will take the time to get to know you and your style to help you create the space you envision. 

We’ll make sure every measurement is accurate throughout our design process, create 3D renderings to help you visualize your finished basement, and work with you to build the space of your dreams.

Once the design is finalized, you will move into the construction phase. During the construction process, you will receive a detailed outline of the renovation schedule for your basement. Then, within about six weeks (generally), you will have an elegant, beautiful and customized basement that you can be proud of!


Isn’t it time you tapped into the potential of your unfinished basement? Give your Colorado, Minnesota, or Illinois home the added benefits that only a finished basement can provide by contacting the team at FBC Remodel.

Our thorough design-build process helps us ensure we meet the needs of you and your family and guide you through the process every step of the way.

We are ready to bring your dream basement to life!