Remodel Your Kitchen: A Step-by-Step Guide

3 Steps To A Kitchen Remodel

Ready to refresh that kitchen? FBC Remodel has your kitchen remodel handled every step of the way. Kitchen remodels allow you to give a modern look and a better fit and function for the heart of your home. With our designer’s expertise in partnership with our dedicated construction management team, your kitchen is in great hands.

In this blog, we’ll break down the three major steps needed for a successful kitchen remodel:


When planning your kitchen remodel, you should be considering your “must have’s” first. Do you need new finishes, like cabinets, countertops, and light fixtures? Are you looking to create more space or a better flow by rearranging the layout? Are you adding or removing an island? Do you need to completely gut the space and rebuild the entire kitchen? Once you create a list of those “must-have” items, you can get an idea of what project type best fits your space.

What Does a Kitchen Remodel Include?

kitchen remodel (pictured) is a service that allows you to build virtually anything for your kitchen within your existing square footage.

Kitchen remodels involve any scope of work that stretches beyond removing and replacing the aesthetic elements of your kitchen. While you’ll get those new finishes with a remodel, this service also includes those heavy-duty needs.

With a kitchen remodel, you have a choice to:

  • Reconfigure the layout of your kitchen
  • Add or remove an island, storage, or counter space
  • Apply high-end features and appliances
  • Tear down walls to create more space and/or an open-concept
  • Add a dining space
  • Install new flooring throughout the kitchen and main floor

Depending on the scope of work, or how much work you need done, FBC will create your customized kitchen design from scratch. We’ll provide a ballpark range following your design consultation, and a guaranteed price for the project before you put down a deposit. Make sure to be open and up-front with your designer around your budget range so they can ensure you can get all of those “must-have” features without breaking the bank.


Once you figure out the general scope of work for your dream kitchen, it’s time to take your plan to a remodeling partner! The remodeling partner you choose is crucial to the success of the final result.

The major players in remodeling are general contractors, architects, designers, and design-build firms. Here’s a quick overview of each major option:

  • Design-build firms: FBC Remodel is a design-build firm. With a design-build, you’ll have one flat contract that encompasses the entirety of your project from concept through materials and construction. That’s because design-build firms see your project through from start to finish. A team of designers and project managers work in collaboration to bring your dream kitchen to life!
  • Architects/designers: Independent designers and architects serve as great consultants and partners who can draw out your design plan. However, you will have to either DIY your design from those plans, or take those plans to a general contractor to build out.
  • General contractors: General contractors are specialists that build out the design plan for your kitchen. They’re responsible for the construction, tools, and equipment needed to build your project. General contractors, depending on the skills needed, may hire subcontractors for specialized work like plumbing and electricity. It’s worth noting, though, that general contractors are best for those who already have a design plan in hand.

Conduct Thorough Research to Find Your Kitchen Remodel Partner

Choosing your perfect remodel partner isn’t difficult, but can be a tedious task that involves a lot of research. Depending on which partner type is best, spend some time searching for partners online by searching terms like “design-build firms near me” or “kitchen general contractors near me”.

From there, jot down a few companies or contractors that stand out to you. Check out their portfolio and online reviews on Google My Business, Yelp, and Houzz. You can also ask friends and family who have had their kitchen remodeled in the past how they liked their experience, and if they would recommend the remodel partner they chose.

After narrowing down your list, book two to three design consultations (they are almost always complimentary), and use our design consultation checklist to get the most from that first meeting..


After choosing your partner and a design for your kitchen, it’s time to prepare for the construction phase! No matter what partner you’re interviewing, make sure to ask about their construction process and how they’ll keep you in the know while they are working in your home.

Every company and remodel partner does things a little differently, so we’ll use FBC Remodel’s process as an example.

The Project Manager (PM) Kitchen Walk

While you’re still in the design process, your designated project manager (or PM) will walk the space to prepare for construction. What’s great about this is you get to meet your PM in your space prior to putting a deposit down for your project. During the PM walk, they’ll note what trade partners will be needed for the project, and note any potential issues or aspects that could cause delay to give you a realistic timeline for how long your kitchen will take.

The Pre-Construction Meeting

Our pre-construction meeting helps prep our team and your household for construction. This meeting will be scheduled as we approach your construction start date. In this meeting, your project manager and trade partners go over your game plan and every detail of your design plan. You’ll go point by point for every element and build involved, and you’ll sign off to move forward with construction!

The Kitchen Construction Process

Construction of your space will take between 7 and 16 weeks, depending on your kitchen’s scope of work. During construction, your PM will manage the project fully on your behalf. The intention is to take the stress of interior construction off of the homeowner so you can just get excited to live in your new space!

Your PM will also set you up on a user-friendly scheduling app called Buildertrend. This app gives you daily updates on how construction is going. You’ll also have access to the build schedule. This means you’ll know who’ll be in your home each and every day. Your PM will also manage all trade partners and visit the site frequently to address any questions or concerns you may have along the way. Remodeling has never been this easy!


FBC Remodel has been building incredible kitchens for years (just take a look at our design gallery!). We’re passionate about building joy in the heart of the home, and we’re confident we can help you design something beyond what you thought was possible. Book a free design consultation with one of our award-winning designers today!

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