How to Survive A Kitchen Remodel

It’s easy to put off a kitchen remodel due to the inconveniences of not having a working kitchen during construction. However, homeowners renovate their kitchen all the time and make it through! That’s because there are a number of ways to circumvent the lack of a kitchen and still have the meals your family needs.

So, how do you live without a kitchen? Here are six ways to “replace” your kitchen during a remodel construction.

1. Utilize Your Smaller Kitchen Appliances for Cooking

You’ll start your remodel by packing up your kitchen, so make sure to note the items you’ll need for the next several weeks, and keep the rest packed away. In particular, you should take advantage of your smaller cooking appliances — like a toaster oven, air fryer, and microwave — to make up for a lack of an oven and stove. Air fryers and toaster ovens, in particular, are a great replacement for an oven.

Cooking for the family? A crockpot or pressure cooker will be your best friend throughout our kitchen construction. These appliances allow you to “set and forget” your meal and will yield enough to feed the whole family every night. You can store leftovers in your fridge if it’s available, and you can simply warm it back up in the microwave.

Here is a great list of crockpot meals by the Food Network!

Can’t part ways with your stove? No problem! Electric cooktops are great for your temporary kitchen. An electric cooktop is the equivalent of one burner on a normal stove, so research some great one-pot recipes to cook family meals with ease.

To save on dishes (since you’ll likely be washing them in a smaller sink), try switching to recyclable paper and plastic dishes and utensils. That way, you can keep a lot of your washable items packed away and organized.

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2. Remodel Your Kitchen During BBQ Season

If you have a grill and you’re remodeling in the Spring or Summer, outdoor BBQing will help you replace that stove! You can even use your cookware on your grill — just make sure to clean it off first. If you don’t have a grill, invest in a small camping grill! It can certainly get the job done temporarily.

In the spirit of outdoor cooking, we also recommend planning some family picnics! Seating and space may be limited due to your kitchen remodel, so getting out of the dust and mess of construction for some outdoor time might be just what your family needs.

3. Make a Temporary Kitchen and Dining Room in Your Basement

If you have a finished basement, try setting up a temporary kitchen! Create the storage, seating, and cooking space you need with any extra space in your basement. We find that a lot of our clients go this route during a kitchen remodel. If you don’t have an available basement, try setting up your temporary kitchen in a garage, utility room, or any other extra space that’s near a sink.

Your temporary kitchen should help keep you stocked and comfortable, so make sure to include your smaller appliances, a space to cook, storage for your non-perishables, and (if possible) a freezer or mini-fridge to keep extra items. If you aren’t able to use your old kitchen cabinets for storage, keep your most important cookware in labeled plastic containers for easy access.

Here is a great step-by-step article on setting up a temporary kitchen!

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4. Prep and Store Meals Beforehand

If you do have a freezer available during your kitchen construction, we also recommend meal prepping and freezing any meals that would be difficult to make without a full kitchen. That way, you can easily warm up your family’s favorite meals in the microwave or other appliance. If you run low on meals, all you have to do is start prepping again in the crockpot!

We also recommend stocking up on non-perishables. If you have the storage available in your home, non-perishable snacks and meals will give you more food variety while not taking up precious room in your fridge or freezer.

5. Cook with Friends, Family, and Neighbors

Your kitchen remodel is a great opportunity to spend time with more friends, family, and neighbors! Plan a potluck night with a friend or loved one, and offer to bring ingredients in exchange for coming over and using their kitchen to cook. That way, you can take a break from your crockpot, enjoy a meal you maybe haven’t had in a while, and spend time with your favorite people!

6. Invest in a Meal Delivery Service

Not much of a meal prepper? Luckily, there are delicious meal delivery options that could fit for you and your family. Services like HelloFresh and Blue Apron are popular choices, as you can choose the delivery cadence and how much food you need for your family. Every ingredient for your meals, as well as cooking instructions, make it convenient for a limited temporary kitchen space. It’s also a lot of fun for the family!

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