Home Gyms

Home Gym Ideas & Design in Colorado, Minnesota and Illinois.

When it comes to adding a gym to your home, there are several things to consider that will impact the final result. You’ll want to take some time to think about what kind of workouts you’ll do and what equipment you’ll need for those workouts, so your home gym can be designed perfectly for you.

The biggest consideration for building your home gym will be the equipment you want to use. Based on how much and what size, equipment can vastly change the potential size of your home gym. For example, if your ideal gym is machine-heavy, you’ll need a larger room than a gym that’s focused on just weights or hand-held equipment.

In addition to how large or small your equipment is, you’ll also want to consider how much floor space you’ll need. If your workouts are focused on yoga, or pilates, you may want more floor space to spread out. The floor type matters too. You’ll want to think about the flooring that’s going to best benefit your workouts. Popular floors include rubber, luxury vinyl planks, and low profile carpet.

Home gym design also includes ceiling heights and wall types. If you’re using an elliptical or love kettlebells, you’ll want a higher ceiling. If you’re looking for a fancier gym display, or want to check your form, big mirrors and glass walls may be exactly what you’re looking for. You’ll want to decide if you want your gym exposed to the rest of your home or basement, or if you want it to be a separate space all of its own. You can work with your designer to discuss all of these features that’ll make your home gym perfect for you.

Home Gym Ideas

The options for home gyms are endless. A gym is a space truly meant to be customized to you, to fit your lifestyle so you have that perfect workout right in your home. There are a lot of options for customizing your home gym, some you may not have considered before.

If you’re not sure about the permanence of a home gym, or maybe you’re low on space, you may want to consider a more flexible space. You can take an office and utilize a portion of that space for workouts or equipment. How flexible your space is will determine what flooring type you need and how big your home gym will be.

Is the whole family utiilizing the home gym? Maybe you have the neighbors over for a morning pilates session? How many people using your gym will decide how large your space needs to be, or how much equipment you’ll need to add to your room. 

Do you primarily have large equipment or do you have a stock of smaller equipment you’ll need clever storage solutions for? For free weights, bands, medicine balls, we can build storage options that fit all of your needs plus leave a little extra room for additions to your collection. 

Are you hoping to shower immediately after a workout or are you fine going upstairs to use a restroom? Knowing what proximity you’ll need a bathroom will contribute to the placement and size of your home gym. You’ll also want to consider what sort of ventilation or air circulation you’ll need to keep your home gym fresh!

Planning for a Home Gym Addition

When adding a home gym to your basement, every design customization you make will change the scope of work and cost. Typically, a home gym addition can be smoothly added into your basement remodel or finish, but certain customizations like the amount of glass may add to your construction timeline.

Home gym costs can vary greatly and are specific to just how custom your space may be. Keep in mind a high-design space with lots of glass and mirrors will be the most expensive option. Talk to your designer about how to build a home gym that fits within your budget.

Start Your Home Gym Design Today

Ready to get started with adding your home gym? Contact FBC Remodel to discuss all of the options for adding a home gym to your basement remodel or finish today. From large equipment-heavy spaces to small convertible bedrooms, you can build a home gym that’s a perfect fit for your lifestyle.