Game Rooms


When creating a basement remodel made for entertaining, a game room can be the perfect addition. Games rooms are versatile and can be something as simple as a dedicated space for a pool table or air hockey all the way to something as intricate as a dedicated pinball room. With a custom design-build firm like FBC Remodel, you can customize your space to be exactly what you need it to be. 

When designing a game room for your home, you’ll want to consider the following:

Are you going to be utilizing something large like an air hockey table or a pool table? How much dedicated space do you want for your games? Will it always be the same game, or will you change out throughout the years? All of these will have an impact in just how much space you’ll need to reserve for your game room.

Think about what games you want to utilize. Will it need to be plugged in? If so, we’ll want to build around those plugs so they’re seamlessly integrated into the design and you don’t have wires everywhere. We can even build plugs into the floor so no one is tripping on wires while they’re playing. We’ll also want to consider adding a dedicated circuit specifically for your games so we don’t disrupt the rest of your space. 

For example, with a pool table, we’ll want to build out around the table to create a bounding box, so you have room to play and sticks aren’t hitting the wall. Knowing exactly what you want to put into your space helps us be mindful of what space you need and how to build the most efficient design for your lifestyle. 

Custom Game Room Ideas

The great thing about working with a custom design-build firm like FBC Remodel is that you can truly make your space into whatever you need it to be. All of the finishes are your decision, and you can create something that exemplifies the best of your vision and your need for function.

In a game room design, you’ll want to be aware of your spatial surroundings and how to best incorporate your games into the room or the space available. You’ll want to think about if you want your game room to be encompassed into existing family space or get its own dedicated room that you can close off for noise or privacy. Whether you want something that feels like it’s part of the basement as a whole or a dedicated arcade area, we can build it.

As part of design and function, you’ll want to think about what flooring goes into your room. If you plan on having drinks or entertaining within your game room, you might want a floor that is spill-resistant and easily cleaned. If drinks will be a big part of your game room, adding places to put down cups and food will be important.

One of the fun parts of a game room design is the ability to make it a more creatively designed space than the rest of your home. Make it bright and bold, a space that reflects how fun the room is, and bring pops of color in to brighten up the space. A game room has the freedom to be more creative and less structured than the rest of your basement remodel.

Adding A Game Room to Your Remodel

When you add a game room to your home, you can expect it to be seamlessly worked into the remodeling process. However, your design and finish choices may add extra time to your construction timeline. For example, if you opt to use glass walls or doors for a display-type room, you may incur extra time or cost. 

Typically, a game room or any specialty room built into a remodel will cost anywhere from $7,000 to $15,000. You can expect your game room to fall within this range, but everything comes down to the final finishes and design choices so there is some wiggle room. You’ll also want to include the cost of any games or equipment you want to include to your room in the final tally.

Start Your Game Room Design Today

If you’re ready to get started on adding a game room to your home, contact FBC Remodel today. You’ll work with an experienced designer to create a room that’s perfect for you and the whole family.