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A Stress-Free Guide to Whole Home Remodeling

Planning Your Whole Home Remodel with our home renovation guide (Updated 5/11/2022) Remodeling your entire home is one of the biggest and most significant home projects you can take on, so we created this home renovation guide to lead you through the process. Whole-home remodeling is excellent for turning your family home into your forever home. Remodeling the entire interior 

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Building Joy for the Bowman Family with an ADA Bathroom Remodel

Luke Bowman, a Star Wars obsessed 13-year-old, was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) just before his third birthday. But Luke doesn’t let that stop him! With his compassionate and loving parents, Debbie and Chad Bowman, by his side, and the companionship of his dog, Cody, he is living his best life here in Denver, Colorado. Teaming up with the Home 

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Remodeling Your Historic Home in Minneapolis, MN

Character is what makes most cities shine and Minneapolis is no different. Each city has its own look and feel that has generally been around for decades. These attributes are influenced by the unique architecture and infrastructure of the city. You can see the style of the city by driving around town in businesses, offices, and restaurants, but that special 

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Streamline Construction with a Design-Build Firm

Throughout the pandemic over the last year, the construction and remodeling industry has been lucky to still be able to build incredible spaces for homeowners in a time when they needed that space the most. However, it’s not all a silver lining — as material delays have caused projects to slow down or even halt. According to, builders and 

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What to Expect During Basement Remodel Construction

So, you’re remodeling your basement! A basement remodel is an exciting time to custom-build an entire level of your home to what you and your family need in the day-to-day. With a design-build like FBC Remodel, you can work with a designer to craft your dream basement and leverage our project management team and proven process for a smooth construction. 

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