5 Common Remodeling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

A home remodel is one of the biggest renovation projects you can take on! There are a lot of moving parts, and planning your project well is essential to preventing mistakes with your finished project.

Here are some avoidable mistakes to take note of as you plan your next remodel:

1. Choosing the Wrong Remodeling Partner 

Remodeling, renovating, and updating a space can have different meanings depending on the scope of work you’re anticipating. Understanding your scope of work is an important first step, as it will impact who you’ll hire to assist you in your project. 

The major players in remodeling are general contractors, architects, designers, and design-build firms:

  • Design-Build Firms: Through design-build, you have one contract, a single line of communication, and an integrated team to deliver a low-stress, polished result. Design-build firms see your project through from start to finish, and a team of designers and builders work together as a collaborative team to bring your dream remodel to life.
  • Architects/Designers: Independent designers and architects can consult, draw plans, and spec materials, but you will still need to find a company to build out the project.
  • General Contractors: These are the specialists you hire to carry out the remodel itself. They are responsible for providing not, only the skills for your renovations, but the tools and equipment required as well. Your general contractor will likely hire subcontractors for certain specialized work, such as plumbers and electricians.

When looking for a remodeling partner, figure out which of the three categories your needs fall into. From there, look at local reviews and project photos online and choose your top two or three. Book design consultations (which are almost always complimentary) with each to determine which partner would be the best fit.

2. Planning Your Remodel Without Furniture and Appliances in Mind

Have you ever moved into a new home and thought to yourself — how am I going to fit my sofa in here? Where is my pool table supposed to go? The same goes for remodeling your space, especially if your project involves space planning. If you’re adding or knocking down walls in your home, you’ll be working with new dimensions for furniture, appliances, and other features. 

At FBC, we help plan your space with this in mind. After reviewing your project in-depth, we take the time to understand how the moved-in space will lay out. Details like seating, table placements, and more will be included in the 3D rendering of your design, so you can see how your current belongings fit and flow after your remodel is complete. We can also design around larger features, making sure wall placement and room size are fitting for your belongings. 

3. Prioritizing Project “Nice-to-Have’s” Over “Must-Have’s”

With a full remodel, anything is possible! With the limitless creativity available to you, though, it’s easy to get caught up in your “nice-to-have” list, like luxury finishes and specialty rooms. However, it’s important to make sure your budget aligns with your priority list and that your design is both practical and beautiful.

Remember, your remodel should bring joy to the home and improve your everyday life. For example, if you like the idea of a theater room in your basement, make sure family movie time is already a part of your routine. If you want the highest-end features in your kitchen, make sure that cost doesn’t cut into your space planning budget to improve the actual flow of the space.

We recommend creating a list of “must-have’s” and “nice-to-haves” to ensure that everything is checked off of your “must-have” list before diving into those extra features. Share this list with your designer — they’ll work with you to make sure you get the features you need within the budget you set.

4. Choosing a Remodel Design That Doesn’t Flow With the Rest of the Home

If you’re updating your kitchen or bath, you’re likely remodeling to make the space look more crisp and modern. It’s important, though, to keep your color scheme and design style generally similar to the rest of your home. By choosing a completely different style from the rest of your home, you can actually make the spaces you haven’t remodel appear even older and outdated. 

During your design consultation, we’ll look at the current style of your home and work with you to bring your existing elements into your new, beautiful remodel project. If you do want to completely scrap and recreate your interior design, we recommend a full home remodel or remodeling the entire floor of that space.

5. Making Your Final Design Decision on Dollars Alone

While budget plays a key role in your project planning, it’s important to not solely base the design you choose on price alone. When you start getting quotes for your project, consider the quality that comes with that price. Compare the differences in quality of finishes you choose as well as the complexity of the design you want built. 

You should also ask what you get beyond the remodel and labor itself — ask your potential partner:

  • Is this cost final and guaranteed?
  • How do you handle unforeseen costs during the build process?
  • Do you include project management in your price?
  • Do you order materials on my behalf?
  • How do you guarantee my design looks beautiful and perfect in construction?

Remember, you will be living in your new space for years – even decades – to come! Oftentimes, high quality and beautiful design are worth that higher cost. 

At FBC, we don’t offer a flat “price per square foot”. That’s because we custom-build every single design for the specific fit, function, and quality each homeowner needs. For more project pricing information, you can check out our remodel cost guide.

FBC Remodel Makes Design Easy

Here at FBC, we pride ourselves on a tried and true design-build process that supports homeowners from conception, to design, and through the very end with construction. In our process, you’ll get to see your design come to life through a 3D rendering, where you’ll collaborate with a dedicated designer to get it just right. 

Once you finalize your design, you’ll have your assigned Project Manager walk the space to account for any potential unforeseen work. You’ll then get a guaranteed price for your project before you put down any deposit, which covers:

  • A custom-built design from our award-winning design team
  • All materials and finishes, which we order and ship on your behalf
  • A dedicated project manager to keep your project organized throughout construction
  • All of our trusted trade partners (many of which have been with us for over a decade!)
  • A guaranteed timeline and scheduling app which keeps you constantly informed on your construction progress
  • An optional “wrap party” to celebrate your finished space

Ready to remodel? FBC Remodel takes the stress out of remodeling and makes the process easy and fun! We’d love to chat with you about your next project. Contact us today to book your complimentary design consultation!

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