Streamline Construction with a Design-Build Firm

Throughout the pandemic over the last year, the construction and remodeling industry has been lucky to still be able to build incredible spaces for homeowners in a time when they needed that space the most. However, it’s not all a silver lining — as material delays have caused projects to slow down or even halt. 

According to, builders and general contractors have been seeing increasing lead times and rising material prices. As a design-build, FBC is seeing that, too, but we’re able to get ahead of the curve while planning your projects — drastically reducing the delays that you might see with a GC.

How Design-Build Firms Help Plan Remodels On Time

Working with a design-build means you get to plan your project a little further out. This is because we aren’t just material providers; we’re space planning experts that love seeing a project come to life with great trades and an organized construction schedule. With FBC, we start with a nearly month-long design process to give you time to collaborate with a dedicated designer and get that space just right. 

As we nail down the plan for your remodel, we’ll then choose your materials and get them ordered right away. That way, we give the materials time to arrive while we do our post-design and pre-construction steps.

A Proven Design-Build Process

If you’re hiring someone to simply build out your remodel, it may take a while for construction to begin due to the long lead times we’re seeing in 2021. With FBC Remodel, we’ll make sure we order the materials for your project so that it arrives in time for construction to start. 

Here’s a recap of the FBC design-build process:

First, we meet virtually from the comfort of your home to discuss your upcoming project. Our designer will get to know you, your family, and what your current day-to-day looks like in your home. Then, we’ll discuss your design style, what inspires you, and how you’d like your new space to feel and function. We not only design for a beautiful look, we also want the space to be functional and create convenience in your home day after day. 

If you decide to move forward with our design process, your dedicated designer will come to your home, take a look at the space, measure it, and provide a ballpark of what the project might cost. 

This is where the magic happens! Before your ideas meeting, your designer will prep two versions of your dream design. One will be more verbatim what you were asking for, and the second is a creative take on space planning that the designer might recommend. We find that most of our clients end up pulling from both versions for their final design. 

During the ideas meeting, you’ll mix, match, and edit the space in a live 3D rendering until you’re completely happy with your design. If you’d then like to move forward with our final plan review and pricing, we’ll ask for a $2,000 deposit. We will not ask for the full deposit until you approve the final plan and pricing.

You’ll then move on to your selections meeting, where we pick out the exact materials for your space. Given typically high lead times, we want to know exactly what to order as early in the process as possible. Once you sign the final contract, we’ll get those orders in right away and be transparent about how long certain materials may take to come in.

Your final plan review ensures every detail is covered! In the plan review, your designer will present the final design as well as one exact price for every part of your remodel. We use this meeting to make sure the design is just right and that we’re matching your desired budget. Once you’re happy with the final design and pricing, you’ll sign a contract, put down your final deposit, and move into the pre-construction phase!

Pre-Construction Steps

Working with a design-build means planning a little far out and being able to prep for construction weeks before we touch your home. While we’re waiting for materials, we’ll:

  • Prepare for construction through a production walk, taking notes for the trade partners that will be working in your home 
  • Conduct internal meetings between your project manager and designer to create a seamless handoff between the design and construction phases
  • Schedule the pre-construction meeting prior to your start date to review your game plan and every detail of your construction plans

Plan Your Remodel the Right Way with FBC Remodel

Remodeling has never been this easy. Plan ahead of long lead times and material delays by using FBC Remodel for your next project. Book a design consultation today to chat about your project and get matched with an expert designer!

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