Whether you’re planning a whole-house remodel or want to renovate a single room in your home, choosing a design-build company is one of the best ways to bring your ideas to life. Design-build companies like FBC Remodel are different than general contractors. Rather than contacting a designer and a general contractor separately then planning the remodel yourself, design-build firms guide you through the entire remodeling process from concept and design to construction.

Our passion is to provide you with the space of your dreams and having the process in place to bring dream spaces to life is the first step. Contact our team today to find out more about our unique design-build process and how we can help you achieve your dream home.

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The traditional construction project delivery method, with a general contractor, consists of you managing multiple parties and contracts. This means that you must find your own designer and then a general contractor through competitive bidding. When you have to manage these multiple parties, it typically involves a painful process of bidding and rebidding, self-coordinating multiple partners at construction, and infrequently stays on time or in budget.

Design-build, on the other hand, is a streamlined construction project delivery method that involves a single contract between you and design-builder. That single contract defines this increasingly popular method of delivery, as it improves quality, saves time, and reduces costs on projects. It is also the FBC Remodel way. You won’t have to worry about becoming the middle-man between a designer and a general contractor or keeping track of a schedule because we will do it all for you. Our process is guaranteed to make your remodel stress-free.

As a design-build firm, we have the unique opportunity to create an entirely customized experience and space for you. Our award-winning designers have high quality, custom materials at their disposal that go above and beyond the typical builder-grade materials that you will see in many remodels or newly build homes. This gives our designers the chance to create a truly unique and beautiful space that is exactly what you want and need it to be. Rather than choosing from a short list of options for cabinets, flooring, lighting, etc. you will have the freedom to choose whatever you’d like and we provide the skilled designers to walk you through making the best choices possible for your space and budget.

Advantages of the design-build project delivery method versus a general contractor.


Designers and construction managers are involved in the process from start to finish, with both teams consistently checking in. This increases the quality of work in your home and fosters collaboration that often leads to project innovations customized to fit what you want for your price.

The consistent involvement from the designer and builder also helps knock out any issues that may arise in the material selection and construction phase. With your designer and builder working so closely together, all focus remains on protecting your interest from start to finish.


Studies have shown that the design-build method reduces the overall costs of your project through streamlined, consistent communication and integration between design, construction engineering, and the construction team. The design-build method also means fewer change work orders through complete property information and spotting design errors or omissions early. With a general contractor, these issues don’t arise until the day of construction or even later on in the project.

With design-build, it’s easier to stick to a budget as both your designer and construction manager know your budget from the start. That way, throughout the entire process your team is focused on that budget and comes up with innovative and efficient ways to get the result you wanted.

Finally, the design-build method has proven to shorten your project timeline, reducing the amount of money spent on team members.


Since your designer and builder are a unified team, the builder is involved early in the process, so construction engineering considerations are incorporated into your design plans and enhance the project’s constructibility.

With everyone involved from the start, both the design and construction phases are fast-tracked, with the ability to schedule construction before design plans are finalized. With traditional design-bid-build, you must wait for the designer to finalize plans, find and compare competitive bids, and then move into construction. This separation between the designer and builder can result in bids far over budget, leading to re-designing and re-bidding.


Traditionally, you would become the middle-person between the designer and contractor(s), and can even become engaged in disputes between the two. With design-build, you have one contract. One designer. One construction manager. One company. And you’ll always know who to hold accountable.

We choose to work with FBC Remodel because we liked the process they have with being able to see the design before committing to the project. Some of the other companies we looked at required committing to the design without envisioning what the results could look like. This was essential to know who we would be able to do the project with. Around the second time, it was such a great experience, particularly with the people involved with the project the first time. I think they were great communicators and excellent to work with.

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Understanding Your Colorado, Minnesota, or Illinois Design-Build Home Remodeling Project

Everyone’s needs are different, and a renovation project—whether it’s a single bathroom renovation or a whole-house remodel—should take your specific needs into account with each element of the redesign. FBC Remodel offers unique and personalized design plans for homeowners seeking to renovate their living spaces. We’re able to achieve this through our thorough design-build process. After you contact us about your remodeling project, we’ll provide you with a complimentary consultation to better assess the scope of the project.

From there, we’ll schedule a series of follow-up visits to continue planning for your renovation. Each visit helps our team fully understand the goals of your design. Once we start to gain an understanding of your dream design, we’ll take the necessary steps to bring it to life from start to finish, from design to construction.

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Visualizing & Constructing Your Colorado, Minnesota, or Illinois Home Renovation

During our follow-up visits, our design team will take detailed measurements of your living space and create an “as-built” CAD drawing of your home. This drawing serves as a reference for you to more easily visualize the existing space and how it will be transformed. Using 3D renderings, our team will present you with possible design options, allowing you to see a realistic picture of what the result of your renovation will be.

As we present our design options to you, you’ll have the opportunity to make any necessary changes to the plan. This collaborative effort ensures the final result will be exactly what you envisioned for continued satisfaction. Once you’re completely happy with the final design, construction can begin.

Our team will give you a detailed timeline for your remodeling project, showing you what to expect at each stage of construction. Within 7 to 16 weeks, depending on the scope of the project, your remodel will be complete and you can finally enjoy life in your newly designed space!

Your home renovation starts with the collaborative design services offered by FBC Remodel. Schedule your complimentary design consultation with our award-winning designers today!

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FBC Remodel for Your Home Renovation in Colorado, Minnesota, or Illinois

Your basement, kitchen, bathroom, or whole-house remodel deserves the detailed design that only a design-build company like FBC Remodel can offer. From concept and design to final construction, our team will guide you through every step of the renovation process to guarantee satisfaction.

Make your dream Colorado, Minnesota, or Illinois home a reality by contacting FBC Remodel for your home renovation project.

“We are very happy with our finished product and look forward to enjoying it for years to come.  We had a a pretty good idea of what we wanted to include in the basement and they helped us make it happen.  When we got down to the punch list items, they picked up on some stuff that we had not identified, and we really appreciated that and felt like they were looking out for us.”

Patrick G. / Golden, CO

“Design Process an Project Management was top notch! Couldn’t have been more pleased with the communication throughout! The final design was incredible! Seeing the project come to life was a lot of fun. We spend all our time in the basement now. Favorite space in the house!”

Tim G. / Lemont, IL

“McKinley was amazing to work with during the first part of the process. She listened to all of our ideas and made a design plan that fit perfectly with how we envisioned our space. She was very helpful with suggestions and making sure we understood the pros and cons of our decisions. She helped us figure out what exactly we wanted and made the dream we had a reality. Our Project Manager, Dominic, was wonderful to work with as well. He picked up right where McKinley left off and made sure we understood the process of construction and what was going on with the schedule. There was a slight delay in our cabinets, which wasn’t expected, but he immediately put it on our radar and kept us updated on the progress. We really appreciated that he didn’t hide from the bad news and that he brought it to our attention. Both of them were great to work with during this entire process and we would highly recommend them and FBC to anyone!”

Nicole R. / Naperville, IL

“We choose to work with FBC Remodel because we liked the process they have with being able to see the design before committing to the project. Some of the other companies we looked at required committing to the design without envisioning what the results could look like. This was essential to know who we would be able to do the project with. Around the second time, it was such a great experience, particularly with the people involved with the project the first time. I think they were great communicators and excellent to work with.”

Mike F. / Denver Homeowner
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