What to Expect With a Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodels allow you to completely change the main floor and heart of your home, and give an outdated space a modern, clean look.

Often, homeowners think about the fun of design and how great the end product will be. It’s worth noting, however, the preparation needed for the construction portion of the project. Without a working kitchen for several weeks, you’ll have to make certain accommodations to replace the function of the kitchen. You’ll also be dealing with the main floor of your home as a construction site.

So, how do you effectively prepare for your kitchen remodel construction?

Preparing for A Kitchen Remodel

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Leading up to your construction start date, your PM will go over what to expect during construction. Remodeling isn’t what you see on HGTV — it can be loud, messy, and inconvenient. At FBC, we find it important to keep you completely aware of what to expect with your kitchen remodel.

Here’s what you should know going into construction:

  • The kitchen, whether you realize it or not, is a place you spend a lot of time in the home. It will be difficult not having it in use!
  • You will most likely have plastic “walls” set up in your space to separate the construction site from the rest of your home
  • Understand that a kitchen remodel is generally a very intrusive project that will affect your family’s day to day until it’s complete
  • At times, construction will be dirty and inconvenient, and it will be hard to avoid since your kitchen is on your main floor
  • Prepare for the placement of a dumpster and porta-potty outside your home
  • Be aware of “scope creep” when dealing with open floor plans. There may be more painting, drywall, or flooring needs than expected, and could affect the entire first floor.

With a design-build like FBC, your project manager and construction team will do their best to minimize mess and noise as much as they can. Your FBC team is committed to keeping your construction site as clean and organized as possible. We’ll also keep you informed on how your project is progressing each and every day.

Getting Through a Remodel Without a Kitchen

So, how do you survive without a kitchen? Luckily, there are a number of tips to help replace your kitchen functions throughout your construction.

Utilize Smaller Kitchen Appliances for Cooking

As you are packing your kitchen to prep the space for construction, set aside your smaller appliances that can help you continue to cook while your kitchen is out of service.

Some great smaller appliances to embrace include:

  • Crockpot
  • Pressure cooker
  • Air fryer
  • Toaster oven
  • Kettle
  • Blender
  • Electric cooktop

When imagining your “temporary kitchen”, also consider dishes that will need to be washed. Because you’re likely using a smaller bathroom sink in place of a kitchen sink, we’d recommend switching to recyclable dishes and utensils to minimize dirty dishes.

Remodel Your Kitchen in the Warmer Months

The timing of your kitchen remodel can also make construction easier for the family. If you remodel your kitchen in the summer, you’ll have the opportunity to grill outside or embrace family picnics in the park! Dining space will likely be limited as well, so the more you can comfortably move your meals outside, the better!

Make a Temporary Kitchen in Other Areas of the Home

While we don’t set them up for you, we recommend finding a space to set up a temporary kitchen. With a temporary kitchen, you can create the storage, seating, and space for cooking that you’ll need for the family. Temporary kitchens work best in garages that have a utility sink, or in some extra room in your basement.

To keep you comfortable, try your best to create a cooking area, a place to plug in your small appliances, and storage for non-perishables. Some great extra features, if you have them, include a mini-fridge, a freezer, or a dining area.

Here is a great guide to setting up a temp kitchen!

Prep Meals and Order Out!

Take advantage of the days leading up to construction!! If you have a working freezer during your remodel, take time to prep your family’s favorite meals to freeze and warm up in the coming weeks. This will help you miss your regular kitchen a little less, and will keep you from eating the same easy meal over and over.

Don’t feel like cooking on certain nights? You can also support your local restaurants! Explore new local eateries in your area by ordering take-out.

How FBC Remodel Makes Construction Easy

Like we mentioned before, construction is messy, loud, and inconvenient. However, with a design-build firm like FBC, you’ll have a team of kitchen experts at the ready to take as much stress off of the homeowner as possible.

Here’s how we help make remodeling a breeze, and work to reduce construction inconveniences:

  • We use a mobile app called Buildertrend that keeps a day-to-day schedule of what’s going on with your remodel. You’ll know if your project is on-track, what part of the construction is happening that day, and who will be in your home.
  • Your project manager is your one-stop-shop for questions, comments, concerns and support. Your PM manages your project schedule and all associated trade partners on your behalf. If you have questions, an issue, or concerns with your kitchen, your PM is here to support and remedy the issue.
  • We are transparent with the good and the bad. Sometimes, unforeseen needs and issues may be uncovered in construction. While we handle extra cost, your timeline may change. We’ll make sure to be prompt and straightforward with any issues that may affect your project.

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