Get a New Kitchen or Bath in Under One Month

FBC Updates is a way to renovate your kitchen or bath at an unbeatable timeline and our easiest process yet — all with the same FBC Remodel quality you know and love.

Renovating has never been easier. All you have to do with an FBC designer to choose the style, color scheme, and finishes for your space. In under a month, our dedicated tradesman will have you enjoying your new space.

How does the “remove and replace” process work? We can sum it up in three easy steps:

Step 1 Meet Your Designer

Give your home a facelift without ever leaving it. Our virtual design consults allow you to collaborate with one of our award-winning interior designers to come up with the perfect palette, style, and finishes for the space of your choosing.

For your update, you’ll be working with Sam, our kitchen and bath expert! She’ll help you mix and match from our curated selection of beautiful finishes to get the space you’ve been wanting for years.

Get to know Sam here!

Virtual design consultations are a great opportunity to see if FBC is the right fit for your vision, ask any outstanding questions you may have, and learn more about our process.

Learn more about how virtual design consultations work here.

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling
Step 2 Design Your Space

Work with your designer to choose between numerous design combinations and palettes to get the look, feel, and style you’ve always wanted in your kitchen and bath.

You’ll also be able to see what the finished renovation would look like in real-time. Your designer helps you “try on” each look, applying finishes and colors to your existing space through a realistic 3D rendering.

In this step, we also help you finalize pricing. The quality and quantity of finishes you choose will directly impact cost. Our pricing ranges are:

  • Kitchen Update: Starting at $35k
  • Bathroom Update: Starting at $15k

Want to get a feel for how much your project would cost? Use our pricing calculator here for a ballpark estimate.

Step 3 Watch Your Space Transform

Now, it’s time to set your start date. Our dedicated tradesman will be able to transform your kitchen in under four weeks, and give your bathroom a face lift in under two weeks. You won’t have to worry about the hassle of multiple contractors working in your home — our guy can do the job single-handedly.

All you have to do is sit back and get ready to enjoy your new kitchen or bath.

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