Top 2022 Kitchen Design Trends

(Updated May 2022)

There are many popular kitchen design styles today, and creating your custom kitchen from scratch can seem like an intimidating task! Luckily, our team is here to help you every step of the way.

2022 kitchen design trends are all about breaking the norm and inserting statement pieces into the kitchen. It is easier than ever to find inspiration for creative colors, finishes, and storage options with photos flooding the web. But this year, we have also seen a good mix of traditional, minimal, and transitional styles as well!

Here, we’ll outline our top seven 2022 kitchen design trends this year.

1. Greens and Blues

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We love a little adventure with our kitchen design! Pops of color have been making their appearance more and more over the last several years. We see a lot of bold colors, specifically blues and greens, against an otherwise neutral palette. Color can be used anywhere in your kitchen! Depending on how permanent you want your color to be, you can choose to install colorful cabinets or simply paint a wall in your kitchen. Your options are limitless!

2. Waterfall edge countertops

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Like many of the 2022 kitchen design trends, waterfall countertops are among the top statement pieces in the kitchen. We are particularly excited about including new materials in this trend, like wood and concrete! Waterfall countertops have been an up-and-coming trend over the last few years, and we don’t see them letting up any time soon.

3. Two-tone palettes

Immediately upon entering a two-tone kitchen, you are drawn to the colors, the distinct separation of the upper and lower cabinetry, and the breaking points scattered throughout the kitchen. There is something to be said about the height and drama that a two-tone kitchen elicits, and it is no wonder that they are continuing with their popularity in 2022!

4. Statement Range Hoods

The kitchen range is a central piece of every remodel we do. In homes filled with amazing smells of home-cooked meals, the range is an essential part of the kitchen, and this year we see an increased desire to create a statement around it. There has been a shift from housing a microwave above the range to building unique range hoods that draw attention to the space. Some of the trending hood ideas we’ve seen have been metal, wood, plaster, and even tile!

5. Herringbone Backsplashes

2022 kitchen design trends

Backsplashes are the perfect avenue to add depth, interest, and color to your kitchen. One of the most beautiful trends we are encountering this year is intricately laid herringbone backsplashes. While the pattern alone elicits a warm and cozy feeling in the kitchen, the chosen color palette can add another level of depth. We have seen this pattern utilized with tiles of all sizes and appreciate its uniqueness with each!

6. unique cabinetry details

2022 kitchen design trends

This year, a fun trend so far has been introducing unique cabinet details into the kitchen. We’ve seen these details in styled cabinet doors, bottom cabinets with feet, and glass additions to cabinet doors. Another area we have seen more interest in is built-in cabinet inserts for ready-to-use storage options in the kitchen.

7. Statement Pantry

2022 kitchen design trends

Extending the statement trend to the pantry has been popping up more frequently in our design consultations this year. We are excited to see this trend and explore the many options for unique pantry entries, built-in storage for your go-to’s in the pantry, and pantry placement!

How FBC’s Designers Partner With You For Your Perfect Kitchen

So, how do you take these design style options and choose what you love most for your kitchen? We’re here to help.

The FBC process supports you in your kitchen remodel every step of the way. Our design process allows you to flex your creativity in partnership with a designer who’s an expert in virtually every style. You can feel confident that our team puts you, the homeowner, first, and we’re here to bring your vision to life before anything else.

Our design process first starts with a complimentary design consultation, where we’ll meet with you and preview your space. The design consult is where we get to know you, your day-to-day lifestyle, and your design tastes. We’ll then come out to your home and take measurements of your kitchen.

The next step is the ideas meeting, where we bring your new kitchen to life! Using live 3D renderings, we’ll show you two versions of your dream kitchen. Typically, one version is what you envision verbatim, and the other is a creative take on your design. Most of our clients draw elements from both versions to get that final product.

If you’d like to move forward with our process, we’ll move on to the final plan review and material selections for your new space. In this meeting, we’ll finalize the design, go over every element of your remodel, and present you with a final, guaranteed, itemized cost for the project’s entirety. From there, our project management team will take over and build your new kitchen! All you have to do is sit back, relax, and get excited about your new space. Remodeling your kitchen has never been this easy.

Bring Your Kitchen Up to Date with a Kitchen Remodel

We’d love to partner with you to build your new kitchen. Book a design consultation to speak with one of our award-winning designers and see if we’re the right fit for you!

Not ready to remodel yet? We’d love to help you get inspired in the meantime! Take a look at our kitchen design gallery and Pinterest page to start building your ideal style.

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