Fall Must Haves for Your Home

This time of year is perfect for whipping out your fall decor, cozy clothes, and delicious fall-inspired dishes and drinks. There is no better excuse to wear oversized clothes and fluffy socks than in the fall!

Need some inspiration? Our designers put together a list of their must-haves for this time of year to keep you cozy, decorate your home, and feed your fall tastes. Read more to find out what they recommend!


caitlyn lake | designer | fbc remodel

Caitlyn Lake
This time of year is when I bring out my favorite fall decor and decorate my space with warmth and coziness! Here are some of my favorite fall things:

brooke seivers | designer | fbc remodel

Brooke Sievers
Fall always makes me think of Halloween. I love the oranges of pumpkins and mixing in greens and various glasses!

  • A splash of fall colors right at your doorstep with this festive doormat
  • This adorable neon pumpkin light. It is small in size but makes a big statement piece for a great price
  • I love the coloring on eucalyptus and use it to decorate this time of year. The green and orange on this one perfectly complement each other!
  • These ceramic pumpkins from Target are a beautiful addition to your home during the fall. And, bonus, they come in three different sizes to fit anywhere you need!
  • I love a holiday vase or candle holder, and the oranges in this one bring out the fall color tones.
  • Fluted glass is so popular right now, and combined with the amber color; these tea light candle holders are great for your home during fall.
  • Pampas grass is the perfect neutral that pairs well with any of the colors in your home, and this gorgeous pampas wreath is just the thing to add that fall touch.
  • Pillows are always excellent for adding a festive touch without going overboard. I love these pumpkin-shaped ones; they are so adorable and perfect.
  • These skull candles are spooky enough for Halloween but cute enough to keep out all fall!
  • More pillows! This dark, chunky knitted pillow goes with any existing color. Bonus, it is also perfect for your all-black Halloween color scheme.
  • And lastly, these velvet pillows! With all of the colors and sizes, there is something for everyone!

hailey bolkema | designer

Hailey Bolkema

A wreath for your front door! It welcomes everyone into your home with a taste of the season and adds a beautiful warmth to your entryway.

Lyndsay Bussler
I love all things cozy in the fall! Give me all the snuggly fall things, from slippers to candles and throws!

  • This beautiful, cozy hand-knit chunky throw
  • Poppy Mountain Candles are handmade by our very own designer, Sara Hugo! They smell amazing and make the best gifts, too!
  • Sophia Slippers keep you cozy inside and ready for those times you have to run outside after kiddos during the fall months quickly.
  • Harney and Sons cinnamon tea. It tastes and smells fantastic! No sweetener is needed!

ashley rawling | director of people and purpose | fbc remodel

Ashley Baron
Fall is a time to be cozy and warm! A few of my fall must-haves are:

  • Cozy oversized flannels
  • Blankets with a fun texture
  • Yoga mat for stretching outside in the cool crisp air
  • Fun fuzzy socks to keep your feet warm
  • Caramel popcorn
  • Hot toddy (if you know, you know 😉)
  • Homemade Chili

Have some fun and get creative with fall decor

From the beautiful oranges and ambers to the deep greens and golds, this season is full of color and texture. Fall is a fantastic time to play around with the gorgeous colors of the season and find what suits your style and preferences. Decorating with pillows, chunky blankets, and warm candles are some of our teams’ favorite ways to approach the season.

Pro Tip: Find ways to create focal points and pops of color throughout your space with fresh decor. Pumpkins, gourds, grasses, and live plants abound this time of year and add a natural element and warmth to your home. Think of combining brights with fall neutrals to build the perfect fall color palette. Don’t forget to add height and body to round it out and have a truly “Instagrammable” moment in your home.

How do you transform your home for fall?


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