Axe Throwing Room in a Basement Speakeasy

Axe throwing has become a popular Colorado pastime, and Aaron Staufer of Erie, CO, has taken his love of the hatchet to a whole new level. Rather than getting a group together, scheduling a time to go, and making a reservation, Aaron has opted to add an axe-throwing room to his basement to indulge whenever the mood strikes.

Why an Axe-Throwing Room?

The short answer is, why not? If you haven’t tried axe-throwing, adding a room designed explicitly around this particular hobby may seem outrageous. But to Aaron, it is the perfect addition to his already remodeled basement that features a bar and entertaining spaces.

If you’re an entertainer like Aaron, finding new ways to entertain and enjoy the company of friends and family is exciting and the perfect motivation behind remodeling his basement.

“Who has an axe-throwing speakeasy in their basement? Now I have another entertaining space that lets me get to know people on a different level than just drinking at the bar or playing pool.”

– Aaron Staufer

Surprising and thrilling guests with a hidden room

We added an axe-throwing room to Aaron’s basement and hid it out of sight for a little extra punch. The axe-throwing room, tucked behind a secret bookshelf door outside the bar, is not immediately visible when you enter the room. Keeping it out of sight capitalizes on the wow factor guests will get at its reveal and adds the speakeasy feel of the room.

Adding an Axe-Throwing Room to Your Basement Remodel

While carving out a spot in the basement to throw axes doesn’t sound overly complicated if you’ve got the space, this remodel came with its own specific set of challenges. Permitting, space planning, and meeting specific regulations within the room were hurdles we had to overcome in this unique space.


One of the biggest challenges we faced during this remodel was permitting. Because axe-throwing rooms typically reside in commercial spaces, it took quite a bit of work, and a great deal of back and forth with local jurisdiction, to meet the coding requirements to add one to a residential space.

Room Size

Another issue that we ran into was the size of the space. Aaron opted for two lanes to support multiple throwers at the same time. Axe-throwing lanes are required to be 8 feet wide, 12 feet long, and at least 10 feet high. With room for a path behind the lanes and another three layers of wood needed at the target end, the space’s overall area needs to be at least 16 feet wide and around 15 feet long. Adding an axe-throwing room will only be possible with enough space to support the lanes up to local regulations. Check local regulations, as they could be different than ours here in Colorado.

Meeting Local Codes

There were several particular items that this room needed to meet code requirements. The three components required to make this space functional are an exposed ceiling, caged-in lanes, and burn prevention. An exposed ceiling isn’t an issue everywhere, but certain jurisdictions do not allow it depending on the part of the code your space falls under when remodeling. The caged-in lanes are required for axe-throwing lanes to protect the area and individuals and will only be an issue if there is limited space. The biggest hurdle we encountered was burn prevention which regulations require on all joists and other areas clear of anything else. Adding the burn prevention spray and painting proved to be the most challenging since we previously remodeled the space.

Can I add an axe-throwing room to my basement remodel?

Adding an axe-throwing room can be a challenge, but one that will provide hours of endless excitement for you and your guests. If you have the space for it, then working with the right remodeling partner to help you bring your vision to life is the next step. When meeting with potential partners, ensure that you are explicitly clear on your expectations for the space. They will need to do plenty of research to determine if an axe-throwing room is possible in your area before signing a contract with you, don’t let them skip this step! Working with a remodeling partner you trust is essential to the remodeling process. Be sure to take this part very seriously and meet with as many potential partners as necessary until you find the right one.

We are always here to help! If you have questions about this remodel or are interested in finding out what we can do in your space, you can contact us here!

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