Month: October 2018

How To Handle Water Issues in Your Basement

Some homeowners interested in remodeling their basement are concerned with existing water issues in the space. Finished Basement Company has the knowledge and expertise to help our clients through water issues ranging from simple to the more complicated. Ideally, the goal is to find the best solution to help achieve the end goal of creating an amazing space for our clients. Some steps to evaluating these concerns are listed here.

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Project of the Month: The Miles Family

Like many homeowners, the Miles family used to use their basement space for storage. After partnering with Finished Basement company, we were able to help turn that storage space into an additional living area that maximized an under 1000 foot space. Our talented designers work hard to be sure that our homeowners can make the most of any space, and for the Miles family, the result was a beautiful, open, and unified with the style of their home.

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Project of the Month: The Peters Family

It all starts with an idea. We contemplate the look and feel we want our space to have. But usually, we aren’t sure how to bring that idea to life. Every client comes to us with a unique design idea. Our designers use their training and talents to bring those ideas to fruition. The Peters family recently had that very experience. From small details and personal touches, their designer not only met the Peters’ space needs, but blew them away with more than they could imagine.

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Radiant Floor Heating: Pros and Cons

Radiant floor heating is NOT a fancy new trend. This method of climate control has been used for centuries, dating back as early as Early Roman times. As with any construction method, there are pros and cons. In many applications, the pros will outweigh the cons. If a homeowner is considering radiant floor heating, they should research their options and obtain the professional opinion of a designer, project manager and installer.

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