What Are Your Options When Building a New Home

You’ve weighed your options and have decided on building a new home, now what? You will have to make several more decisions to get started on your new build, such as whether you will be tearing down your current home and building in the same lot or going through the new build process with a home builder in a new location. There are pros and cons to each approach, and the final decision ultimately comes down to your preferences and comfort level with each process. This decision will determine your next steps for the remainder of the process towards getting into your new home.

Deciding on how to approach building a new home

If you own your current home, you may have the option to tear down your home and build a brand new one on your lot. Building a new home will require quite a bit of work on your end, but the outcome can generally be tailored more specifically to you and what you want out of a home. Opting to move into a newly built home instead will require dramatically less work for you, but you are limited by the options available through the home builder. There are pros and cons to each approach; let’s go over them together.

Tear-Down New Build
Pros Cons Pros Cons
You have complete control over the interior (and to some extent, the exterior) blueprint and can create a space that is uniquely yours

You can stay in a location that you love

If you are in an HOA or Covenant community you must get full approval on your build plans before starting

The permitting process can be complex and timely

You are responsible for all decisions down to the door hinges

You will be responsible for monitoring the build and keeping it on track

You must move out of your current home into temporary lodging

Your building partner will do all of the heavy lifting, all you have to do is pick the home, lot, and your design features

You are not responsible for keeping track of the build process

You can remain in your existing home until your new home is built

You are limited on the interior and exterior look and feel of your home based on what the home builder offers

You have to move to a new location outside of your current home

Your control over the process after designing your home is limited

Designing your new home

Once you have determined which approach is right for you, you’re ready for the fun part! Designing a new home will look different based on your choice, but in each case, this is where you get to make the home yours.

Designing Your Tear-Down

designing a new home - 3d renderingIf you opt for a tear-down, this process will be lengthy and require quite a few steps before construction begins. You will work with an architect to get plans drawn, then get them approved before you can start deciding on design elements and finishes for the interior of your home. Once your project is approved, you get to pick out all the interior details that will bring your new home to life. After all is said and done and your home design is complete, you can move on to construction!

Designing Your New Build

When you work with a home builder, this process is much shorter, and you will have fewer options to choose from. Typically, home builders will offer you either a pre-planned home where the layout and finishes are already chosen or one that you can select the layout and finishes on. If you find a home you love with the features pre-planned, your work is done for design. When you find a home builder that gives you the option to design the home, you will work with your seller to pick and choose the layout, exterior features, and interior design elements and finishes. Once this step is complete, construction can begin.

How to Cut Down on Costs

In both instances, you will have the ability (most often) to make the home your own, and each option provides you with ways to cut down on costs. You can likely save cost during the design phase by:

  • Opting for an unfinished basement over a finished one
  • Budgeting cost for finishes for each area in your home and sticking to or under that budget
  • Looking at all finish options and selecting a few “wow” elements while keeping the rest scaled back

There are a few more ways to save when you tear-down your home and rebuild that aren’t available when you build with a home builder:

  • Shopping around for finishes and looking for budget options that work with your vision
  • Leaving spaces unfinished when you can and take on the finishing work yourself or with an outside company at a later date
  • Taking on small projects where you are able

The Construction Phase of building a new home

This phase will look hugely different depending on which path you take. The construction phase will be an incredibly involved process if you tear your current home down and build a new one. However, if you are going with an established home builder, once you make your design decisions, the construction phase is hands-off for you.

Construction During a Tear-Down

During a tear-down rebuild, the process will start with demo of your home and continue through any foundation fixes necessary, framing, drywall, adding internal elements such as flooring, cabinetry, and design elements, to completion of the rebuild. Each step comes with its own set of difficulties but will ultimately lead you to a beautifully finished home. Depending on who you work with during the rebuild, you could be responsible for keeping track of timelines, all trades involved, and managing the entire process. If you enjoy the hands-on approach, this can be an excellent option for you!

Construction During a New Build

Choosing to build a new home with a home builder makes this process much less involved. Being more hands-off can be a selling point to many, but consider the level of involvement you will want during this time when making your decision. Since you will not be responsible for planning, managing, or anything involved with construction, it can sometimes feel like things are happening without being clear on what those things are. This hands-off construction is excellent for those ready to purchase and design their home then step back until it is complete.

Getting into your new home

While these options can seem vastly different, each will result in a beautifully built new home for you and your family. Going with a tear-down rebuild will provide you with more options to build your dream home but comes with its own difficulties and obstacles to overcome.

On the other hand, building a new home with a home builder means you will be limited on layout and design elements in your home but have a much smoother process that you don’t have to manage. Both options will get you into a new home within 12-18 months or less. Remember that building a new home doesn’t mean you can’t work with a premier design-build firm like FBC Remodel. If you leave unfinished areas in your home, we can help turn those into dream spaces. Unfinished areas are a great way to take a new home from a home builder and take the extra mile to make it your own. It is also a perfect option when you are considering a tear-down. By leaving unfinished space, you can save money by finishing it later when you’re ready.

If you have questions, we are here to help! Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.

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