Remodeling Through Construction Supply Chain Issues

Farmhouse Whole Home Remodel | Kitchen | FBC RemodelIn 2020 Covid-19 threw us for a loop. After two years of dealing with an ever-evolving workforce, the construction and remodeling industries are still struggling with supply chain issues, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. If you plan to remodel your home in 2022 or within the next year, knowing what the current industry issues are and preparing for them will help alleviate the stress that can come up during a remodel.

Current supply chain issues in the industry

With supply chain issues inevitably come completion delays, constantly changing dates and frustration. FBC Remodel has offices in three cities Denver, CO, Minneapolis, MN, and Naperville, IL. While the most common supply chain issues are currently stemming from back-ordered materials, we occasionally see delays due to products lost in transit. Lost material isn’t prevalent, but when it does happen, the clock resets, and we have to reorder the lost material. Each market is experiencing varying supply chain issues, but top commonalities are essential to note.

Common Issues Between our Markets

Each market is experiencing delays in windows, doors, and cabinets, with an even longer delay time if there are custom elements. Essentially, any design element in your project can be delayed, but these are the ones we are seeing across the board as the most common. Each market is experiencing additional issues that can lead to project delays as well.

Denver, CO

In the Denver area, if something is not locally in stock, we can see delays in any chosen design element. These delays can include light fixtures, lighting elements, vanities, flooring, etc. and can range from a few weeks to a few months.

Naperville, IL

In the Chicago area we are seeing delays in elements containing black finishes on metal, any aluminum extrusion creating tracks and astragals for pocket door frames, bi-pass doors, and double doors, as well as certain types of B-Label fire doors. We also anticipate a shortage in certain types of electrical circuit breakers on the horizon.

Minneapolis, MN

In Minneapolis, the most significant supply chain issues we are working with are black framed shower doors and saunas. Our team is looking into other options for both of these; however, they are currently our biggest hold-up on projects that include them.

how to continue working with supply chain issues on the rise

Communicate, communicate, communicate…did we mention communicate? Communication is critical in our current remodeling market. Our goal is to set clear expectations upfront to limit surprises when delays inevitably arise due to material. Our internal team also works closely together to ensure that material ordering has multiple checkpoints and is extremely accurate. This helps us avoid delays due to missed or overlooked steps.

If you plan on remodeling soon, your best bet is to plan as far ahead as possible. Advanced planning will allow for ample time to order materials and make sure they are ready to go when you are.

We have worked hard to create a process that catches issues such as these before they arise, but when you’re navigating unexpected market shortages, anything can happen. Flexibility during your remodel is vital to keeping things moving smoothly. Remember that your remodeling team works diligently to create a seamless and joyful experience for you through any unforeseen circumstances!

is it possible to complete a remodel without running into supply chain issues?

It all depends on what is in stock when your remodel starts and when you need the specific items. We have seen simple basement and bathroom remodels not affected by these issues because all materials are locally in stock. However, completing basement and bathroom remodels without running into problems cannot be guaranteed in any market.

When you meet with your designer and production team, talk through all options. If you are set on a specific style or element in your design that is out of stock, it can sometimes help to look at all the in-stock options and select something comparable. While it doesn’t seem like it, there are options to work around supply chain issues if you can be flexible in some style and design elements.

Remodel with a team you can trust

The best way to ensure a smooth remodeling process is to work with a team you can trust. Do your homework before choosing a remodeling partner, and make sure you feel comfortable with their process every step of the way. Check out our guide to choosing the best remodeling partner to help get you started in the right direction to creating the home of your dreams.

When you’re ready to start your next remodel, we are here to help! Contact us to learn more about our process and what we can do for you and your home.

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