Building Joy in Denver with Sleep in Heavenly Peace

building joy

FBC Remodel was founded on building joy for as many people as possible. We don’t only aim to build joy for our clients but our internal team and our communities as well. Fundamentally, our team is committed to bringing joy to every person we encounter, and we seek out opportunities to spread happiness in our communities whenever we can.

As a way to build joy in our communities we find groups to partner with who are doing amazing things! When we found Sleep in Heavenly Peace we knew that partnering with them was a no brainer.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SIHP) is a group of volunteers dedicated to building bunk beds for children and families in need. With over 250 chapters nationwide, including one in Bermuda, they spread their mission of “No kid sleeps on the floor in our town” worldwide. To date, SIHP has made and gifted over 100,000 bunk beds nationwide with the help of SIHP and community volunteers.

SIHP partners with volunteers and companies to hold build days where everyone comes together and builds beds for children in need. Currently, 2-3% of children in Denver are living without their own beds. That is roughly 50,000-75,000. In our eyes, even one single child living without a bed is too many.

FBC Remodel and Sleep in Heavenly Peace

We connected with SIHP through Social Media. Their vision and passion aligned with ours perfectly, so we jumped at the opportunity to get involved to help and spread joy for children in our community.

From the FBC Remodel Team

We asked our amazing Denver team a few questions about the event and the responses we received were overwhelming! We truly believe that participating in events such as these helps not only bring our team closer together, but allows them to experience another aspect of joy for themselves.

How did the SIHP event elicit joy in you?

Jamie Saer, Production Leader – This was a great event that makes you feel good. Kids without beds is a comfort we often overlook and don’t think is an issue. Felt good to contribute to an organization that’s so passionate about addressing this issue.
Debbie Killam, Accountant – Helping those that are less fortunate, and especially children is very rewarding and certainly brings JOY to my heart.

How do you anticipate SIHP eliciting joy in the community or for the direct recipients of the product?

Brian Dare, Talent Manager – It seems there is a huge need here. I presented the opportunity to Buildstrong Academy in one of their classes, and one of the students said, “I wish there were something like this when I was a kid. I slept on the couch or floor for most of my childhood.” I loved that we were team-building to meet such a tangible need in our town.
Ariel Smith, Designer – I mean, kids get beds! That is amazing. I only imagine a kid’s joy when they know they get their own bed/little sanctuary to relax and be themselves.

What do you like most about participating in community events such as SIHP?

Jenny Gonzales, Design Coordinator – For me, it’s the idea of making a difference in the community and, more importantly, the kids receiving the beds. Maybe it’s because I have a kiddo myself, but the concept is inspiring to help out!

Kyle Shamaun, Project Manager – I believe being able to help people that may not be able to help themselves is just such a fantastic thing. I am lucky to be able to do these events, and I am fortunate to work with a company willing to seek out these opportunities.

Future Community Projects

The SIHP event and those we have done like it won’t be the last! We will continue to build partnerships with those doing incredible things in our community and spread joy however we can. If you know of a group doing amazing things, let us know! We are always looking to meet new partners and expand our reach.

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