2022 Design Trends: Finding Joy in Design

home gym in a basement remodel | fbc remodel(Updated May 2022)

Whether you’ve read one of her books or watched the Netflix series, Marie Kondo’s “tidying up” method is a state of mind – and a way of life – that encourages cherishing the things that spark joy. If an object no longer brings you joy, she encourages you to part with it. We challenge you to think about this concept as you reflect on your home’s look and feel:

  • Does your home bring you joy?
  • Do the spaces/rooms within your home bring you joy?
  • Does it fit your family?
  • Does the space meet your entertaining needs?

If some or all of these answers are “no,” it may be time to ask yourself:

  • What needs to change to have a home where I feel comfortable?
  • How can I design a home that excites me?
  • What can transform my home into one where I love to entertain?
  • What kind of home design can I see myself making forever memories?

It’s time to figure out what you can change to finally make you wholeheartedly say: “My home brings me joy.”  

SUMMER 2022 DESIGN TRENDS for your home

Our team of expert designers is here to help whether or not you renovate your home with us! Helping homeowners create their dream space is what brings us joy, and we want to share all the insight we can with you.

Our Design Trends Guide highlights several trending design elements that are sure to inspire:

Grey walls and dark floors have been on-trend for some time, and we are now seeing a move towards darker tones in other areas of the home. Bold accent walls, contrasting wallpaper, and bright accents are making a comeback this summer as homeowners embrace the unique elements of their homes.

A fun trend we see popping up is structural accents through beams, textured and intricate ceiling designs, and beautifully placed tile arrangements. Herringbone tile is becoming increasingly popular not only in the kitchen but also in bathrooms. We have seen several arches utilized in upcoming designs and can’t wait to see the finished products! Beams and unique ceilings are making statements in this summer’s remodeling projects.

Greens, natural wood, and plants are popular trends this year. With more time spent inside, homeowners are itching to bring the outdoors in with uniquely placed plant stations, green accents, and natural wood tones throughout the home.


It can become overwhelming to figure out how best to utilize your space with larger, spacious homes. Large, open spaces often result in unused “staged” areas that are never truly used. Consider these underutilized spaces a thing of the past! We are seeing homeowners challenge themselves to turn spaces like formal dining rooms, sitting rooms, closed-in home theaters, and game areas into functional, livable, and most importantly, fun, spaces! Homes are meant to be lived in, so don’t be afraid to get creative and find what works!

SPeCIAL changes WE ARE SEEING IN 2022 design trends

Our team has noticed a wave, in recent years, of home gyms and designated workout spaces. Families are becoming more health-conscious every year, but many aren’t finding the time to drive to a gym to work out. Home gyms are a popular way families can prioritize health while making most of their time at home.

The kitchen remains the heart of the home, as it has been for some time, but we’ve noticed an evolution in the kitchen becoming a multi-use space. The kitchen is for preparing food (obviously), but other elements — like the island, dining table, or bar — are popular for entertaining guests and socializing. Take a moment to think about what your kitchen space can do for you!


Day after day, families come to us to help them solve a problem — their house doesn’t bring them joy.

Sometimes the home simply needs an aesthetic makeover, and other times it requires a significant renovation to utilize the space best. As much as we love and recommend current design trends, we always stress that none of that matters unless it aligns with the homeowner’s dream and vision.

At FBC Remodel, we partner with our incredible clients to create spaces that truly matter to them. We produce spaces they will make memories in, want to come home to, and, most importantly, brings them joy.


Design Trends for Your Home – Summer 2022 – Download Guide

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