What Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

Although bathrooms are the smallest room in the home, there are still a lot of costs associated with remodeling your bath. Since there is potential space planning and plumbing work that may be needed, it’s important to set your priorities and your budget before you move forward with your remodeling partner. 

Here is FBC Remodel’s overview of bathroom remodeling pricing, as well as six factors that will influence the project cost. 

Bathroom Remodel Pricing

Before you get an estimate of your bathroom project, you first have to understand the scope of work that’s going into your remodel. What will be involved in achieving your perfect space? Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Am I replacing the finishes (cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, tile)?
  • Am I giving my tub or shower a facelift, or am I replacing it completely?
  • Will I be rearranging the layout of the bathroom?
  • Will this project require a gut and total remodel?

FBC Bathroom Remodel

A full bathroom remodel allows you to create virtually any design or layout within your existing square footage. With a bathroom remodel, you’ll have the option to:

  • Completely gut and reconstruct the space
  • Replace tubs and showers 
  • Add special features like vanities and other luxury features 
  • Choose high-end finishes and detail 
  • Reconfigure the layout of your bath 
  • Knock down walls and expand the square footage

With a bathroom remodel, you’ll work with an expert architectural designer that ensures no square inch goes unused. Following your complimentary design consultation, your designer will present you with two designs in a live 3D rendering — one that is verbatim your design concept and another that gets more creative with space planning. From there, you’ll collaborate with your designer and tweak the design until it’s just right. We find that many of our clients pull elements from both options to get their perfect design!

With a design-build firm like FBC, we don’t estimate bathroom projects off of a “price per square foot”. That’s because each design is completely customized to the preferences and needs of the individual homeowner. Each design, and therefore each cost, will differ between each and every project. 

With that being said, our general price ranges are:

  • Low-range: $25k
  • Mid-range: $50-75k
  • High-range: $90k

This cost covers everything — from your design to all of your materials, labor, and project management throughout construction. Learn more about the FBC design process here.

Six Factors That Impact Bathroom Remodel Cost

Here are FBC’s top six factors that influence the cost of a bathroom remodel. Visit our pricing page for more details on other projects we offer!

1. Reconfiguration of Layout

Great space planning is often part of a full remodeling project to ensure the best fit for the flow and function you want for your bath. The complexity and depth of the project, however, will impact the overall cost of your project. If you care less about reconfiguring the space and more about the finished look, we’d recommend allocating more budget to the finishes you choose rather than the layout.

2. Scope of Work

Like we mentioned before, every bathroom remodel is different. If your project requires plumbing work, there can be several factors that influence the scope of work once the bathroom is gutted and walls are taken out. These factors can include electrical, finishing, plumbing, HVAC, or any other element that may arise.

3. Fixtures, Tile, and Finishes

The quality of your finishes will also impact your project cost. Choosing beautiful features and fixtures like your bathtub, vanity, sinks, and faucets can transform your space and make it look timeless. The brand, style, and quality of your finishes are a significant cost-driving factor, so you should work with your designer to ensure your style matches your budget.

4, Electrical and Bathroom Lighting

Lighting is an essential component of your bathroom remodel. Good lighting can make or break a space, specifically lighting around mirrors. You can even opt for specialty options like vanity lighting. Because these updates affect your overall cost, talk to your designer about lighting when you’re in the planning stage.[vc_column_text]

5. Code Compliance

Residential codes for bathroom remodeling are constantly changing. At FBC Remodel, we have a proven design-build process that will guarantee any project is up to code. In some cases, getting up to code may require updates to your home’s mechanical specs, which will impact your cost.

6. Vanities

Vanities are a popular feature with many of our bathroom projects! They look beautiful, are convenient for your morning and night routine, and help you stay organized in style without compromising space. Custom vanities will certainly drive your cost, but you can always order your own vanity at the price you want and simply pay for the install!

Quality Bathroom Remodeling with FBC

When considering different remodel partners and getting designs from local builders in your area, it’s important to not choose your final design on dollars alone. While it’s important to stay within your set budget, consider if the quote you’re getting will guarantee you the final results and quality you want. 

We’d love to chat with you about your next project. With FBC, our designers work with you to craft your dream design that you’ll love for years to come — all within the budget you set. Book a complimentary design consultation today to learn more about our bathroom remodel process.

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