What’s a Design-Build Firm, Anyway?

“Design-build” is a term you’ve likely come across during your project research. You may have seen design-build grouped with other remodeling options, like general contractors and designers.

But, what does that mean for you, the homeowner? Is a design-build firm the right direction to go for your project? What’s the difference between a design-build firm like FBC Remodel and other partners?

Let’s take a look at design-build, and how it compares to other partner options.

As a homeowner using design-build, you will have one central point of contact from design to construction. Design-build requires only one contract between the homeowner and all parties involved. Unlike independent contractors, design-build firms house all remodel phases under one roof.

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With a design-build firm, you work with a dedicated designer and project manager to create a dream space inside your home. The designer helps you build and clarify your vision to create a look and function you’ll love.

Your designer and project manager begin collaborating early in the design phase so that construction and costs are considered early in the process. Once the plan and budget are finalized, construction begins.

Your designer and project manager continue to collaborate with you throughout construction. Your project manager communicates with you daily to share project updates, and your designer is available for changes to the design and to consult through the construction process. This model of service provides direct support for homeowners to help reduce stress during the process.

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Other Remodeling Partners

  • A general contractor is ideal for specifically defined projects — such as updating flooring or finishes. A contractor handles the construction piece of the project, providing the labor and materials.
  • An architect plans and designs your project. Architects differ from interior decorators, as they are experts in space planning. An architect helps homeowners conceptualize and rearrange their space. It’s important to note, though, architects cannot carry out the construction phase of your project.
  • Builders and custom builders often outsource the design phase of the remodel. Builders handle the project management and construction piece of the project, working off of a design that’s already provided.
  • Design studios or showrooms sell finishes and materials directly to the homeowner. Showrooms often have designers on staff as consultants, to provide design recommendations to clients. They tend to have less expertise in space planning and extensive renovations.
  • An interior designer crafts the aesthetic of your space. They create a functional, fitting design based on your needs. Interior designers often specialize in the decoration of the home.

To sum up, the right partner for your project is directly determined by your needs. If you simply need to swap out a few finishes, an interior designer or showroom may be the best fit. If your project is intended to improve the fit, function, and lifestyle of the home, then design-build is likely to meet your needs.

Benefits of Using a Design-Build Firm Like FBC

FBC Remodel has been using the design-build model since its conception in 1997. Fluidity between design and construction is what makes for the greatest spaces.

Here’s why:

  • A tried and true process: Design-build firms have a proven, streamlined process. This kind of process allows you, as the homeowner, to have a clear picture of what your experience will look like.
  • An efficient timeline: With a firm like FBC, your designer and builder are on the same team. Engineers and/or project managers work with the designers early on in the process. This helps our team establish a game plan to catch issues early and build a timeline that’s efficient. Timelines are shorter and change orders are fewer.
  • A mindful budget: The design-build process allows you to set a clear and reliable budget. Design-build teams plan projects early on to create innovative plans within the budget you have. Each plan is custom, allowing your budget to capture more of what you want than a “per square foot” model of pricing.
  • High-quality results: Design-build firms are responsible for quality control — from start to finish. At FBC, the homeowner’s happiness is our focus throughout the entire process. We take this promise very seriously!

Free Design-Build Remodel Consultations in Denver, Minneapolis, and Naperville.

If you’re looking for a collaborative design-build firm that can improve your lifestyle through award-winning design and a proven construction process, it’s time to contact a design-build firm like FBC.

We encourage you to experience the first phase of the design process yourself. A design consultation is a great time to ask questions and get to know the process.

You can find a list of questions and talking points to find the right partner here.

Call today for a free design consult and feel the difference for yourself.

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