Designing in Place with FBC: DIY Home Projects

These days, many homeowners are finding themselves with extra time on their hands. While staying at home can feel boring or frustating, now’s a great time to knock out those “nice to have” tasks that always get put off.

Our team is currently designing from home, and using this time as an opportunity to get creative in their own spaces. Even for the experts, there’s always a way to improve the function and flow of your home.

We asked our design team about their favorite DIY project to get you inspired — the less time and materials needed, the better.

Lyndsay B.

Have some fun with paint! It’s easy, requires little materials, and can make a huge difference in your space.

Some ways to get creative with paint:

  1. Update a bathroom vanity. All you need is one can of paint in a fun color and some cabinet knobs to beautifully transform your old vanity!
  2. Spray paint some standard terra cotta flower pots, in some fun colors or neutrals, to match your décor. You can also plant some flowers or herbs to sit in your kitchen window for a finishing touch!
  3. Paint a room! Just two gallons of paint and some painter’s tape and your space will feel light, bright, and refreshed.

Sam D.

Make a cute gallery wall! Easy, fun, personalizable, and made with things you already have around the house. I actually wrote a full piece on my personal design blog about this very project. Check it out here.

New Sconces from Home

Want to change up your lighting a bit? You can create sconces with battery-operated bulbs. There’s no electricity needed – and you can hang these babies wherever you want! This is great to add above a bedside table.

Get battery-operated bulbs here.

McKinley M.

One thing I love to do and have done in my own home is organize drawers! There are plenty of inexpensive drawer organizers available through e-commerce sites that arrive quickly and with no assembly. 

Another thing that works great are old shoe boxes or shipping boxes that can be disassembled or reshaped. Take a look at items that are out of sight, but chaotic. For example, take inventory of jewelry, makeup, bathroom products, kitchen utensils and even socks! Not only will you feel accomplished and be able to find your things easily, but these small projects will bring you a sense of ease during this uncertain time. 

Jean S. 

Feeling artistic? Make your interior design one of a kind. Take a Sharpie and get creative with patterns and designs to create a fun accent wall! 

Not big on drawing? Use a stencil to paint over the boring floor tile or patio pavers!

Amber G. 

DIY  your own geometric accent paint wall for a major upgrade! 

Adhere wood boards to your existing walls in linear or geometrical patterns and paint the entire wall a bold or contrasting color. 

Show Off Your Design Project!

Need more inspiration? Visit Redfin’s website to get more ideas for at-home improvement projects.

We hope you can take a few ideas from this list and use these projects to have fun and get creative with your family. Make sure to add photos of your project to your Pinterest account or inspiration board. 

Also, we want to see your masterpiece! Feel free to tag us at @FBCremodel on Instagram or Pinterest so we can see what you came up with.

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