4 Steps to Plan a Perfect Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodels are a great way to give the main floor of your home a facelift! It’s easy for kitchens to look more and more outdated over the years, and a remodel can make affect the look and flow of the whole home.

If you’re remodeling, renovating, or updating your kitchen, it’s important to thoroughly prepare for your project before jumping in. Setting a budget, getting a feel for your design style, and considering how your kitchen brings you joy are just a few ways you can go into your design consultation feeling confident.

Here are some points to consider as your begin planning your kitchen remodel:

1. Consider the Scope of Work

At FBC, we offer both kitchen remodeling and a remove-and-replace option called FBC Updates. Whether a remodel or update is your best choice depends upon whether or not you want to reconfigure your space.

Reconfiguring your space can include:

  • Removing walls
  • Opening up the layout
  • Removing or adding an island
  • Expanding counter space
  • Adding features to your existing layout

Updating your space includes:

  • Replacing cabinets
  • Replacing countertops
  • Getting new fixtures

You should first identify if you simply want to update the finishes in your kitchen, or if you’d like to also gut and renovate the entire space. Prioritize what’s most important to you, and move forward with the service you feel works best.

2. Plan Your Kitchen Budget

You should already have a budget range in mind when going into design consultations. It’s best to be upfront with the budget you’re working with and to let your designer know what your high and low ranges are. From there, your designer will work with you to come up with a design you love within that price range.

When browsing remodel partners, look for a pricing page or estimating calculator on their website. You can check out our general price ranges for kitchen remodels and updates here.

3. Research Potential Kitchen Remodeling Partners

There are several remodeling partners available to you, all with different specialties and services they offer. For instance, if you need a company to design and construct your kitchen from start to finish, a design-build firm like FBC would be your best choice. If you already have a design and only need construction, you should look at general contractors in your area.

Construct a list of your top 3 – 5 potential partners and book design consultations with each. Make sure to browse their work through their website, Houzz, and Yelp to get a feel for the quality of work and design styles. You should also look at local reviews on Google, Yelp, Houzz, and Facebook. Local reputation goes a long way.

4. Find Your Favorite Kitchen Design Style

If you don’t already have a Pinterest account, it’s time to make one! Pinterest is a free visual platform that’s a virtual treasure trove of home design inspiration. Many design-build firms and interior designer post their work on Pinterest, so there’s no shortage of trendy ideas. Create a “board” of your favorite designs to show your designer during your consult. This will help your designer bring your dream kitchen to life.

You can also get design inspiration through Instagram, Houzz, and on our website!

Start Your Kitchen Remodel Today

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