10 Ways to Finish Your Basement

An unfinished basement is a blank canvas. With a basement remodeling company, you can create any custom design with virtually any feature you want. When you’re working with that much square footage, it’s easy to get creative with features like wet bars, kitchenettes, in-law suites, home gyms, and more.

FBC Remodel is here to provide a little inspiration! Here are ten ways you can creatively finish your basement:

1. Home Gyms

It’s too common to take an existing bedroom in a basement, throw in some equipment, and use it as a home gym. With carpeting and limited airflow, it can be difficult to get that workout area feel in such a closed-off room. With a basement finish, you have an opportunity to add proper flooring, a more open concept, and any other features you may need to give it a true studio feel.

The possibilities are endless. In this project, this client utilized glass doors, durable flooring, and even a rock wall feature to bring the gym home.

2. Bars and Entertainment Spaces

Your finished basement should reflect your lifestyle and day-to-day. Are you the party host of your friends? Do you have extended family visiting often? If so, a custom home bar may be a great option!

Custom bars create a space to host get-togethers, relax, and mingle with friends. Design-wise, your options are unlimited. From a warm cabin feel to speakeasy themes, you can bring your favorite bar aesthetic home to you.

3. Home Theaters

A home theater is an incredible feature that will make your basement stand out from your neighbors’ basements. If you’re a movie watching family who bonds over TV time in the evenings, a home theater can take your favorite pastime to the next level.

Your remodeling partner can replicate the feel of a movie theater, complete with luxury seating and light-blocking features. They can also help you get the sound system and screen size and quality you need.

4. Creative Storage

A lot of our clients like to leave some basement space for storage, but storage can often look unsightly, unorganized, or out of place in a finished basement.

Use creative storage options like a hidden bookcase to keep the convenience of a storage area while still having a complete, finished design in your basement. Also — the bookcase itself serves as a little extra room for miscellaneous items! You can also create more storage through custom-built entertainment centers like the one here.

5. Add an In-Law Suite

If you have family visit often, or family moving in, creating an in-law suite is a great option. In your basement, you can add a new bathroom, bedroom, and even a kitchenette/dining area for your loved ones. Apartment living just below your feet!

6. A Playspace for the Kids

We find many of our basement finish clients need to create a space for their kids to hang out and play as they grow. Dedicating a room in your basement for playtime, toys, games, or having friends over helps separate the “grown up” parts of the home from where the kids can play.

7. Wine Cellars

Wine cellars are a great way to complete a bar/entertainment area. If you’re a wine connoisseur, a custom wine cellar adds luxury, class, and a unique touch to your basement. Your storage opinions for your favorite wines are unlimited, and your home is bound to be the hotspot for many wine tastings to come!

8. Get Creative with Your Design Style

You aren’t married to traditional design! With a design-build partner, you’ll work with an interior designer who has done it all and seen it all. Figure out your ideal design style by getting inspiration on Pinterest, Houzz, and Yelp. Ask yourself – what finishes, colors, styles, and materials do you gravitate toward?

Pro tip: Send your favorite photos to your designer before starting your project!

9. Crafting Room

You don’t have to store your crafts in a plastic bin in your kitchen! Make space to create with a crafting room that’s suited for your favorite hobbies. Leverage your designer to build in storage and organizational features to make your creative outlet a breeze.

10. Design a Basement That Fits Your Life

The most important thing about your basement finish is to make sure that the completed space brings you joy. Your basement should be an extension of your home, your lifestyle, and your day to day.

Ask yourself what you’d like to improve in your life through a basement remodel. What benefits would remodeling add to the flow of your home? No matter what you decide, remember that your design is yours — custom-tailored to the needs of you and your family.Basement Finishing with FBC Remodel

Here at FBC, we have a proven design process that allows homeowners to custom-build their dream basement with an award-winning designer. If you’re ready to start your project, contact us today to chat about your basement! We’d love to help bring your dream to life.

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