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Do you dream of having a beautiful bathroom? With FBC Remodel, we can remodel your bathroom to flow with the rest of your home. Our architectural designers are experts in remodeling and will work with you to make sure your bathroom renovation is everything you’ve ever wanted.

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Bathroom Design That Fits Your Home

When it’s done correctly, your bathroom can be your own oasis inside your home – a true getaway designed just for you. FBC Remodel has a team of expert designers and project managers to help remodel your bathroom into your spa-like getaway.

When you’re planning a bathroom remodel, it’s important to consider how to remodel your space into something that is not only beautiful but also into something that is functional for your everyday life. To get the best bathroom remodel for your home, consider the following important points.

Bathroom Remodel Planning

At FBC Remodel, we take pride in the fact that our designs are all custom and crafted specifically for each homeowner to get exactly what they need out of their space. Our interior designers spend a lot of time dedicated to getting to know you, to understanding your lifestyle and how you use your space so they can build a design that’s perfectly crafted for you. Before you meet with our designers, think about the following topics to ensure you know what you need from your bathroom design.

Do you like the current layout of your bathroom? Is it working for your daily use and needs? Do you find yourself wishing your shower was bigger or your vanity was in a different location? Take note of how you feel inside your bathroom on a daily basis, what you notice is or isn’t working for you. If you love your current layout and instead see a need for an update in the finishes of your space, you may want a bathroom update instead of a bathroom remodel. 

Consider who will be using your bathroom. If there is more than one person getting ready at a time you may need two sinks in your vanity or even a separate room for your toilet. 

If you’re ready to remodel a master bathroom, it’s important to consider if you need a bathtub or a shower in your space. Maybe you already have a shower and a bathtub, but instead want one big shower, or a standalone tub. The options are truly endless when it comes to deciding what’s the best fit for your daily usage! Talk to your design team about how to best fit either a bathtub or a shower into your space.

Bathroom storage can be hard to come by, but you can alleviate that with a bathroom remodel. Get creative with bathroom storage by adding open shelving, cabinets, or even expand your space to include a linen closet. Before you begin your remodel, think about what you need to store in your bathroom – maybe that’s medicine, makeup, towels, or other miscellaneous items. Your designer can help you add as much or as little storage as you need for your bathroom.

In the time leading up to your bathroom remodel, think about if the lighting and ventilation in your bathroom is working for you. Do you need better lighting over your vanity or maybe you need to add a window to create more natural light? Is your bathroom getting enough ventilation or do you need an exhaust fan upgrade?

If your bathroom simply isn’t big enough anymore, a space expansion may be part of your bathroom remodel. Maybe you need to convert your bathroom from a hall bath to a master bath, or maybe in addition to your bathroom remodel you’re in need of a bedroom suite upgrade as well.

Bathroom Remodel Cost Drivers

A bathroom remodel can vary greatly in scope and cost based on the size of a bathroom, the amount of remodeling needed, and the finishes you choose for your space. You can find more bathroom remodel cost information here. Due to the custom nature of our design projects, we can’t guarantee a price for your project without first seeing your space and discussing the scope of the work. However we can provide cost drivers that may impact your project:

  • Move plumbing or electricity – If you need to move electricity or plumbing within your bathroom remodel, this may seriously impact the cost of your project. A move of electricity or plumbing may result in the need to open up walls or floors throughout the rest of the space and add to the scope of work.
  • Mechanicals – If you need to add mechanincals like electrical for a jet tub, HVAC, or plumbing, this can quickly add up in the cost of your project. You may have to add or subtract from your scope of work based on the amount of mechanicals needed.
  • Finishes – The selections you choose for your finishes can greatly affect your cost. Things like tile selections, plumbing, fixtures and more allow you to choose within your budget and ultimately impact your bottom line.
  • Expansion – The choice to expand your bathroom or include a bedroom suite upgrade in your bathroom remodel can impact your final cost.

Bathroom Remodel Construction Timeline

Your bathroom remodel construction can vary depending on your scope of work and the size of your space. Typically, FBC Remodel bathroom remodel projects are constructed in approximately one to one and a half months, although that can be more or less based on the size of your project. A half bath may take closer to one month compared to a master bathroom which will be on the higher end of that scope.

If you’re looking for a faster construction timeline with a more flexible budget, a bathroom remove and replace may be perfect for you!


Why Choose FBC Remodel as Your Colorado Bathroom Remodeling Company?

We understand that choosing a bathroom remodeling contractor is a big deal. There are a lot of options in Colorado, Minnesota, and Illinois, but not all are created equally. With FBC Remodel, you get an experienced designer from start to finish. We are with your project from bathroom design to the permitting process and construction. If anything goes wrong at all, we handle it quickly and efficiently. Not only will you get the bathroom of your dreams, but you also get our “on-time, on-budget guarantee.” We look forward to discussing your home and working together to create the bathroom of your dreams.

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