The HGTV Effect

Farmhouse Whole Home Remodel | Staircase | FBC RemodelRemodeling is a messy process. It can be hard to decipher what is remodeling reality versus showy TV staging with shows like Fixer Upper, Hometown, and Love It or List It on HGTV. We are here to break it down for you and bust through some uncertainties surrounding the remodeling process portrayed on tv.

Myth Busting the HGTV Effect

HGTV shows portray misconceptions about remodeling pretty consistently. We chose our top five to break down for you.

Myth 1: There are always structural surprises that create budget constraints after the remodeling starts.

There are almost always structural modifications needed when remodeling a space. Homes are laid out in specific ways to keep the structural integrity of the interior framework. Changing the internal structure can sometimes present challenges (moving a support beam to create an open concept, moving electrical or HVAC components, etc.). However, when you work with a reputable company, those challenges won’t be presented as a “surprise.” Instead, the team discovers these challenges early on, and the cost of altering them becomes part of the budget. Uncovering these challenges occurs when a superintendent or project manager walks your space and reviews the structural components of your home. This step allows us to catch most of these issues ahead of time.

We can’t always guarantee that there are no surprises along the way. We discuss the possibilities ahead of time, so you know what changes may be necessary to create the space you desire.

Myth 2: A whole-home remodel can be done in a month.

This one isn’t necessarily a “myth,” but more of an uncommon occurrence. A whole-home remodel time frame, or any remodel for that matter, will depend largely on the scope of the project, the team or company you’re working with, any structural changes that are needed, and the design elements you choose. The process can be relatively short if you work with a team whose sole focus is remodeling your home and who can work around the clock to complete it. However, that isn’t the norm in the remodeling industry. Typically, a team will be working on more than one project at a time, and multiple trades are needed to complete the remodel. Your team will also ensure that each remodel phase is done correctly before moving on to the next step, which takes time and patience.

One of the main reasons you see the remodels on tv wrapping up so quickly is because they are working around the clock to get everything done as fast as possible. Depending on the scope and other factors listed above, your project can take four weeks to four months (sometimes more), so be prepared to be patient and settle in.

Myth 3: You can complete most, or all, of a remodeling project yourself.

While this may be true if you have a strong background in construction or home building, this will not be the case for most homeowners. Learning how to successfully accomplish different parts of the remodel like completing a full demo, installing tile and flooring, and replacing or moving light fixtures (to name a few) takes years of practice and expertise. It isn’t as simple as deciding you want to do it, buying the supplies, and doing it as you see on HGTV shows. You aren’t aware of a lot behind the scenes during these shows, such as bringing in experts to help the homeowners, and the time it takes to complete each remodel piece.

You can easily take care of some things during the remodel, but if you work with a company that does it all, you won’t need to. Taking on some of the labor simply to reduce costs may be unnecessary and even hinder the progress of your remodel.

Myth 4: Remodeling is cheap.

Budget and cost may be one of the biggest misconceptions about remodeling caused by shows on HGTV. Let us help you out by stating that remodeling is not cheap. Even if you do some remodeling yourself, the costs far outweigh what you see on tv. Additional costs aren’t shown, such as permits, design plans, demolition, labor, necessary trades that have to come in, temporary living arrangements, and furnishings.

There is also the matter of the cost that HGTV covers during these shows. Typically HGTV will cover labor, demo, plans, and permitting, which eats up a large chunk of your budget in a real-world remodel. Since they have workers in constantly to complete the projects as quickly as possible, the overtime adds up, and keeping that out of the budget makes a huge difference in the overall cost.

Myth 5: The final unveiling is what the homeowners get to keep.

When you see the finished product, it looks gorgeous, right? Well, those furnishings and quaint finishing touches are not there to stay. The decorated spaces allow the homeowners and viewers to visualize the potential of the newly finished spaces, but to keep them is an additional cost that is not rolled into the final budget.

Don’t Let The HGTV Effect Happen to you

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