A Stress-Free Guide to Whole Home Remodeling

Planning Your Whole Home Remodel

Remodeling your entire home is one of the biggest, if not the biggest home project you can take on. Whole-home remodeling is great for turning your family home into your forever home. Remodeling the entire interior will also guarantee that your entire home will have a consistent design, fit, and function throughout.

Remodeling your home can sound daunting — a lot goes into the project, from design to permits, materials, and construction. Don’t go about it alone! FBC Remodel has your back every step of the way. Here is our guide to stress-free home remodeling:


The most potentially stressful part of your remodel is working around a large construction process. Depending on the scope of work, you may have to prepare to not be able to use your home for three to four months. If you have a finished basement that isn’t a part of the project, we recommend moving into your basement through the duration of construction.

If you are remodeling all parts of the home, you can either temporarily move out of the home or consider doing your project in phases. You can start either with your kitchen, bath, or master suite and complete those remodels one area at a time. If you’re remodeling all bathrooms, start with one and rotate so you always have an available toilet. 

It’s very important to have your construction plan before moving forward with your project. Have your accommodations and game plan in place so you’re ready to go when construction begins. Discuss with your family what living situation would work best while your new space is being built, and let your remodel partner know what you’d prefer to do at the start of your project planning. 


“Whole-home” remodel can have a lot of definitions, since every project is different for each homeowner. You may just be remodeling your entire first floor, your first floor plus basement, or every single bit of your interior. As you can probably guess, the cost of your remodel will depend significantly on the scope of work (how much construction you’re doing) and how much space planning your design will need.

This means if you’re rearranging major features, tearing down walls to open up the layout, or completely gutting and rebuilding in certain areas, the cost will depend on how much of that you’ll be d


Your design consultation is a great time to tell your partner what your budget range is. You should also have your list of priorities — where do you want to spend the most? What room(s) will require the most construction work? Where are you willing to budget the most for, and what are your limits? Can anything wait for a “phase two” project?

Keeping open, honest communication with your remodeling partner will give you the greatest possible design and pricing in the end. Don’t hold back on your needs — your partner is there for you!

With a design-build firm like FBC Remodel, it’s incredibly important to know that we price out every project from scratch. Because all of our designs are custom-built, your price will really depend mostly on how much money you’re putting into six main categories.


  • Reconfiguration of layout and opening walls: As mentioned earlier, the amount of construction needed (redesigning the layout) will impact your cost.
  • Age of home: Your project may require plumbing, HVAC, or electrical updates depending on the year the home was built. Sometimes, unforeseen issues like the presence of lead and asbestos may need attention prior to construction. FBC will run tests during the design/contract finalization phase so there are no surprises during construction.
  • Square footage: How large is your home? How much of that home will need construction? Part of your estimate will involve your remodel partner measuring the space to give you a realistic ballpark for the size of the home, or how much of your home, you’re renovating.
  • Finishing details and materials: Finishes like plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, countertops, and cabinets can add up! Work with your designer to choose the look and quality you want without breaking the bank.
  • Electrical needs: Electrical will almost always play a part in whole home remodeling. Updates to old outlets, wiring, or electrical panels may be necessary depending on the age of the home. With FBC, we conduct a thorough inspection of your home’s current electricals to ensure your remodel meets all necessary code requirements.
  • Unforseen costs: Sometimes, there are unforeseen needs that are found during construction that add to your overall quoted price. Luckily, with FBC’s fixed pricing, you don’t have to worry about extra costs popping up after you sign your contract!

Because the price heavily depends on the above factors, the best way to get a solid ballpark range is to book a free design consultation and have a designer take a look at your space. With all that being said, here are our general price ranges for full home remodeling:

  • Lower end: $120k+
  • Higher end: $450k+

Take a look at our pricing page for whole home remodels to learn more about how to drive and affect your project cost.


If you choose to construct your whole home project in one phase, this means you’ll have multiple builds, tradesmen, and timelines going on all at once. This can seem overwhelming, but that’s where FBC Remodel is different from your standard contractor! Because we’re a design-build firm, you’ll have a designated designer every step of the way until your cost and design is completely finalized. From there, you’ll be assigned a dedicated project manager who oversees all elements of the construction process. 

How FBC Remodel Makes Home Remodeling Easy:

  • Our design process is incredibly collaborative and interactive. Our process allows for 3D visuals to be seen, tweaked, and perfected before any construction starts. Material selection, with your designer as your guide and consultant, ensures a cohesive palette.  We communicate the good, bad, and ugly of remodeling so our clients can be as prepared as possible for what to expect. 
  • Hiring a team of expert remodelers with over twenty years of experience means you’re getting a team of problem solvers — a passionate group of creative and knowledgeable individuals!
  • Your project manager is responsible for and works directly with our trusted FBC tradesmen who are building out your project. Rather than having the homeowner balance every specialist in your home, our project manager communicates and manages everything on your behalf. This gives you one point of contact who is dedicated to you — to handle all of your construction needs, questions, and concerns.
  • Our price guarantee will help you rest easy as we begin construction. If we didn’t scope out an unforeseen need prior to construction, FBC handles those, on us, at no cost. The only instance that would raise your cost is if you change the scope or add more construction. This is why we highly recommend having complete confidence final design before moving forward. Any big last-minute changes will set your timeline back.
  • We also utilize a construction timeline mobile app for our homeowners. The app shows you the progress of the project and who is in your home at any given time.

We’d love to be your partner on this exciting remodeling journey!

Rest assured, you will never feel alone in this project. At FBC, we seek to build joy in every home. We’ll do everything in our power to alleviate the stress of such a big project. All you have to do is get excited to live in your new forever space. 

Give us a call today to book a complimentary design consultation. We can’t wait to show you what’s truly possible in your home.

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