3 Questions to Ask Before Your Next Remodel

Prep for Your Next Remodel

As a homeowner, you’re always thinking about the next project.

Perhaps you had concentrated on finishing a basement, updating a kitchen, or making the most of your living room space for your first remodel adventure. You love the finished product and have been dreaming about “phase two” ever since.

How do you know if you’re ready for your next project? What space do you invest in? Is now the right time?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when preparing for a second (or third, or fourth!) remodel in your home:

1) What is the Goal or Intention Behind the Remodel?

A question our designers always ask at the start of our design process is, “do you plan on living in your home for a while?”. This helps us get an idea of the motivation behind wanting to remodel — for personal/functional reasons or to improve the resale value of the home. Both are great reasons to remodel, but we simply encourage you to give extra thought behind your intention to create a proper vision of how you want to utilize that space.

For instance, if you are remodeling for increased resale value, our design team would recommend trendy features that would be most likely to appeal to the average buyer. If you are remodeling for functional reasons, like a designated workout area to accommodate a busy lifestyle, our suggestions will be more geared towards function and problem-solving rather than the resale value being the primary focus.

This question will also help you figure out the when of your next project –whether or not this project can wait.

2) How Do You Want the Space to Function?

When function and flow don’t fit your lifestyle, it’s time to remodel.

Perhaps you finished your basement to create a playspace for your young children but you find a lot of time is still spent in the less-spacious living room. Maybe you love to entertain guests in the kitchen, but it’s closed off spacially from the rest of your common areas and your pantry door hits the island when you open it.

Ask yourself — what are the hangups of your space that can be remedied with a remodel? How would a remodel change the way you use that space? The area with the most foot traffic and functional issues would likely end up being your main focus for the next project.

3) Are You as Excited About This Project as the Last?

Think about what inspired you most during your last project. Did you love entertaining friends in your new space? Was the best part creating a cozier space? Did the remodel create more space and functionality?

Be cognizant of those values and make sure you are just as motivated about this project as you were the last. If you are remodeling “just because”, it could still be a great time to remodel, we just encourage you to work with your design team to create a space that truly makes you feel inspired. That’s what we’re here for!

Inspired Renovations with FBC Remodel

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Whether it’s your first adventure into remodeling or you have worked with us in the past, you’re in good hands. Contact our team for a free design consultation.

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