Basement Finishing

Basement Finishing in NAPERVILLE

Although unfinished basements are unsightly, they may also represent an opportunity to maximize the value of your home! By finishing an unfinished basement, you can create whatever space you like. Adding a finishing touch to your basement will enable you to create a functional and attractive space for your family.

For a successful basement finishing project, selecting the right basement contractor is essential. FBC Remodel has been offering basement finishing and remodeling services for over 20 years. Based on our close collaboration with you, we will develop elegant, sophisticated designs that suit your individual tastes.

By discussing your basement remodeling project with us today, FBC Remodel can help you create a unique space.


Incorporating a basement into a home can enhance its character and value. Basements are blank canvases that are just waiting for you to paint your own masterpiece. It is straightforward and cost-effective to finish your basement when you already have the framework in place, so you do not have to worry about a complete remodel or renovation.

It’s up to you how you finish your basement! Every step of the way, a designer from our award-winning company will ensure that your new basement is a delight for years to come.

When it comes to finishing your basement, you get to decide what you want to include in it. Is it a gym? How about a luxury wine cellar? Would you like to add a new bedroom to your growing family? Consider all of these factors when deciding how to use your finished basement.

In order to learn what is most important to each client, we listen carefully. With the addition of a finished basement, your home will become more comfortable and convenient


Unfinished basements allow you to design the basement of your dreams. You might be able to make your basement the favorite room in the house based on its features and functions. Below are some basement renovation projects our team has completed: 

The following list is not exhaustive, but it illustrates some possibilities for what our team may be able to achieve. When we conduct a basement design consultation, we will examine all aspects of your basement, so you can have the basement of your dreams! If the designers are not able to find the exact item you’re looking for in your basement, they can dig around until they do! 


The foundation and framework of your dream basement must be solid. By finishing your basement, you’ve already laid the foundation and can design a beautiful, functional space. A finished basement can enhance your home’s enjoyment and value. When designing your new space, think about your budget and select features that minimize your costs while still creating a functional and beautiful space. Some things to consider when calculating basement finishing costs include: 

The Top 6 Factors That Drive Cost

  • The layout of your current basement 
  • The age of your home
  • Any basement features that you choose
  • Whether you are adding specialty rooms to your basement
  • Adding a bathroom
  • Electrical work and adding in appliances
  • Egress windows and code compliance
Bottom Range: $70K – $90K
Mid Range: $85K – $140K
High Range: $200K+


In every home we enter, we hope to bring joy. As a result of the goals we created and the dedication of our passionate team, we have created processes that will facilitate our mission.

Design and build projects are our specialty. We work on your project from concept to completion based on your specifications. You don’t have to hire a contractor to design and lay out your basement yourself when you employ our basement finishing services; we will do the grunt work for you and ensure that your finished basement has everything you want. We believe that hiring a design/build firm is among the best ways to ensure you get everything you want, reduce your stress during the process, and come to the end with a space you love.

Let us help you bring joy into your home when you choose to work with us! You can start by contacting one of our award-winning designers for a free consultation. The design consultation allows us to learn more about our clients, their interest, needs, and wants, as well as their style in order to create a space to match their vision. 

Our 3D renderings help you visualize your finished basement and ensure every measurement is accurate.


Construction begins after the design phase is completed. An explanation of the renovation process will be provided to you during the basement construction schedule. The process of creating an elegant, beautiful, and customized basement will take about six weeks.


Don’t you think it’s about time you finished your unfinished basement? Let FBC Remodel finish the basement of your Illinois home.

As part of our design-build process, we ensure that we meet your needs and guide you during the entire project.

Getting a basement you’ve always wanted is possible when you work with us!