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FBC Remodel is a design-build firm with processes that put you first. We want to be your trusted remodel partner for your whole home, from kitchens to baths, even the basement!

Explore our FAQ page for answers to some of your most commonly asked questions about the remodeling process. Have a question that’s not answered here? Contact FBC Remodel to learn more about our remodeling process today.

A design-build firm handles every step of your project remodel from design all the way through construction completion. Whereas a general contractor may come in and build off pre-exiting designs or plans, a design-build firm is involved in every step of the remodeling process and designs and builds your new space along with you.

A design-build firm allows you input on your project from beginning to end, with a cohesive team that means you don’t have to worry about being the go-between for design and construction. Your dedicated team will take the time to get to know you and how you and your family function in your home so we can design the best space for you.

Design-build means the firm you’re working with has not only an excellent team of designers but an experienced team of project managers all under one roof. Plus, all of our contracted tradesmen are vetted and hired by us, so you never have to worry about sourcing out your work or managing the subcontractors for your project. We pull the permits, build the space to code, and work with only licensed tradespeople so construction is a breeze.

In comparison to a general contractor, you may find that a design-build is more expensive. This is because you’re not only getting your project built, but you’re getting a custom design too. You’ll also pay a little more for the convenience of having your designer and construction team in-house, and the efficient communication that comes with that collaboration. A design-build firm offers you a remodel from start to finish, with less of the stress and self-management you may find with a general contractor.

Interior design encompasses space planning and architectural design for a holistic look at remodeling your space. Interior decorating takes an already planned and remodeled space and furnishes it to tie it all together. Our designers are interior designers and are focused on space planning and reconfiguration to transform your room.

Our designers are the creative powerhouses behind all of our projects. They take all of our clients from an initial idea to a fully fleshed out, construction-ready plan. The designers you’ll work with are experts in space planning and interior architecture, and can reimagine your space in ways you’ve never considered. They walk you through not only the design but the selection of finishes for your project, electrical and plumbing plans, and construction details. They are the creative vision and the detail behind your project.

You don’t pay at any point during our design process until the final design meeting – the Plan Review. Here, you’ll put down a deposit to reserve your construction start date. Every step of our design process, from the initial consultation, to first plans, to a finished design is part of our process that is crafted to ensure you’ve had a chance to explore your design options and choose the correct partner for you. With our process, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting before you ever put money down.

Our remodel process consists of a few design appointments to help you identify your goals for the space and nail down your vision before you move into construction. 

We’ll start with a design consultation, where you’ll meet your designer and talk about your existing space and your goals for your newly finished space. Then, your designer will measure your space before your next meeting, where you’ll come into our office to see two 3D renderings of proposed designs for your project. You’ll collaborate with the designer to pick what you love from each idea until you’ve settled on one design that’s your dream space. 

After your Ideas Meeting, your project manager will come to your home for a production walk so they, along with the tradesmen, can see your space and identify potential construction obstacles before we begin work.

With all of this information, your designer will prepare your final design plan and construction documents for you to review at a final meeting in our office. This final meeting is where you’ll put down a deposit to secure your construction start date. 

Once construction starts, you’ll be working with a Project Manager who will check in construction daily, and manage all of the tradesmen for you. You’ll also have access to an app, BuilderTrend, where you can monitor the detailed construction schedule and progress, with daily update photos of your space.

The remodeling process ranges based on the scope of work. Typically, our projects take anywhere from 6 to 16 weeks from construction start to end. The initial design process, including your consultation, ideas meeting, and plan review, is typically a 2-3 week process.

You’ll discuss the budget throughout the entire design process, starting with a ballpark at your first meeting, and narrowing that estimate as you move through the process. At the final step of the design process, the plan review, you’ll be presented with your final design and construction documents. At this meeting you’ll work through the menu of options to select or change features to get to a final number. When you leave this meeting, you’ll have a guaranteed price and timeline for your project, so there are no surprises.

Our design process is entirely focused on making sure you know exactly what you’re getting before you commit to partnering with us for your remodel. At your final design meeting, the Plan Review, you’ll get to see final design plans and construction documents, and get a guaranteed timeline and price. At this meeting, you’ll decide whether or not to put a deposit down in order to secure your construction start date and move forward with FBC Remodel as your remodeling partner.

The pre-sale timeline is the culmination of our entire design process. This series of meetings, including your initial design consultation, measure, production walk, ideas meeting, and the final plan review, typically take 3 to 4 weeks for completion. The final meeting, the plan review, is where you’ll receive final plans and choose to put down a deposit to secure your construction start date.

A kitchen remodel can vary greatly in price, due to the range in scope of work with a kitchen remodel and space reconfiguration. On average, a kitchen remodel with FBC Remodel, ranges from $85,000 – $100,000. Due to the custom nature of our work, we don’t offer cost per square foot or estimates without a design consultation to first see your space. Visit our pricing page for full details about scope of work and kitchen remodel pricing.


Depending on the size of the bathroom you’re remodeling, from half bath to master bath, and the scope of work included (plumbing, shower or bath install, etc.) your bathroom remodel price can vary. Typically, a master bathroom remodel with FBC Remodel ranges from $50,000 – $70,000. As FBC Remodel is a custom design-build firm, we don’t offer any quotes or estimates without first holding a design consultation to see your space and understand your scope of work. Visit our pricing page for full details about scope of work and bathroom remodel pricing.

A remodel project timeline will vary based on the scope of work. Typically, our remodels take anywhere from 6 to 16 weeks. Smaller spaces, like bathrooms or bedrooms, may move faster, while larger projects like basements or kitchens, may take longer.

Your kitchen can be the center of your home for gathering and entertaining, so ensuring that it is the best use of space, and designed in a way that you love is important. Kitchen remodeling can allow you to open up your kitchen with a new layout or replace old finishes with a modern update that adds value to your home. The goal of kitchen remodeling is not only to give you a more beautiful space but to give you a more functional space too.

Your bathroom can truly be an oasis inside your home. With a great design and layout, it can become a place meant for your relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether your bathroom needs to be fully redone with a new layout or just needs an update to old finishes, a bathroom remodel can provide you with a refreshed bathroom you’ll love. For those truly invested in relaxation, we also offer sauna additions in the home.

Yes, and no. 

Our design-process features 3D renderings like what you might be used to seeing on HGTV. These renderings give you a complete visual as to what your finished space will look like so you can get a feel for your remodel before we ever start construction. 

A common show feature of HGTV is the expensive surprise during construction, like the discovery of a load-bearing wall, or the need to reroute plumbing that can add thousands to the project. Unlike HGTV, our process ensures that we find all of these potential construction obstacles prior to the start of construction, and with our price-guarantee, even if a surprise does come up that we didn’t catch during our pre-work, you won’t be hit with surprise costs.

The best time to remodel is when you are ready to commit financially and have the time for a construction process in your home. We recommend beginning the design process when you are ready to start construction in 1-2 months to allow time for designing and securing a construction start date.

Remodel and renovate are used pretty interchangeably within the remodel and contracting industry. Typically, a remodel refers to turning the space into something new, and renovation refers to restoring something to a previous state. Think remake vs. revive. These are similar terms and in this industry, are often used in place of each other.

Typically, a remodel will be a cheaper option than a full build. Because you have the ability to remodel the existing structure, instead of starting from scratch, the cost is often less. Remodeling also allows you to work in smaller more manageable sections, for example starting with a bathroom or the kitchen, instead of a new build which requires a much larger up-front cost.

A remodel project timeline will vary based on the scope of work. Typically, our remodels take anywhere from 6 to 16 weeks. Smaller spaces, like bathrooms or bedrooms, may move faster, while larger projects like basements or kitchens, may take longer.

The need to move out depends both on the scope of work for your project and your level of comfort with living in the home during construction. We do our best to make sure construction is as unobtrusive as possible. We work during business hours in your home and take several precautions to make sure that you can continue to enjoy your home even throughout construction. Typically, basement projects do not see an issue with clients living in the home, but kitchen and bathroom remodels may be more intrusive.

Renovating your home can offer a multitude of benefits including increased home value, new functional spaces, and enhanced designs. You can transform high-usage rooms in your house like the kitchen or bathroom, turn an unfinished basement into a brand new basement with a home gym or an office, or give your entire house a brand new look and feel. The options for remodeling your home are endless, and the benefits are just as plentiful!

Yes. Permits are typically required for any remodeling project that involves changes to the building’s existing blueprint, including electrical systems or plumbing. Your project manager will take charge of getting all of the permits you’ll need for your project so you don’t have to worry about that coordination.

The design phase takes place before we begin construction. This series of meetings, including your initial design consultation, measure, production walk, ideas meeting, and the final plan review, typically take 2 to 3 weeks for completion. The final meeting, the plan review, is where you’ll receive final plans and choose to put down a deposit to secure your construction start date. From there, the time between your deposit and construction start date varies based on our current project load but is typically 8 weeks.

If you have materials you’d like for us to use in your project, let your designer and project manager know ahead of time. We’ve incorporated client materials into several projects, like refurbished wood or custom-made furniture. While we typically source and provide all of the materials for your project as part of our design-build process, you can work with your designer or project manager to discuss what options there may be for you to provide materials like a vanity, lights or mirrors. Keep in mind that all materials must be present by job start. 

A remodel project will always come with some amount of dust. Our goal is to take precautionary measures to alleviate as much of this dust spreading throughout your home as possible. For example, we’ll put up dust walls and turn off the furnace, but there will always be dust with a remodel.

All of the trades that work on FBC Remodel projects are trusted subcontractors that have been vetted and hired by FBC team. We stand by the quality of work produced by our subcontractors and handle all of the construction communication and management with trades on your behalf.

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