Do not attempt the home renovation process alone as it can be time consuming and difficult. Throughout your whole-home remodeling project, you will work with an award-winning designer, giving you and your family a more enjoyable experience.

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Remodel Your Home in Denver

We are here to help you transform your home to the way you want it! With a remodel that covers every room in your home, we want to help you create the house of your dreams. We can help you tackle your whole-home remodel with a custom design you’ll love.

Find out how to prepare for a fantastic design consultation with an award-winning designer if you’re ready to start a whole-home renovation.

What is a Whole-Home Remodel?

A whole-home remodel involves more than just your kitchen or bath. In general, a whole-home remodel involves renovating the entire floor of your house, if not the entire house. In terms of remodeling, we specialize in structural changes and space planning; a more cosmetic remodel focused on flooring or painting, with a lesser focus on overall design, may be better suited to a general contractor. If you are remodeling your main floor, you may want to update your kitchen, mudroom, bathrooms, living space, and more!

Home Remodeling Planning

Remodeling a space requires getting the most from it and creating a beautiful and functional space at the same time. If you are considering a whole-home remodel, we suggest taking the time to consider your needs and wants. Determine which aspects of your area are non-negotiable and where you are willing to be flexible. Prepare yourself for your remodel consultation by considering these topics before you meet with your designer.


What is the goal of the space? This should be the first thing to consider. Are you focusing more on restructuring the overall layout or updating all of your finishes? Do you have any problems with the layout or finishes at the moment? Are there any improvements you could make to improve the quality of your life?

In order to create an impactful home remodel, consider how you can better utilize your home and your lifestyle. If you don’t quite like something about your current home, think about what you like. Are you comfortable entertaining in your home? To make life easier, do you and your family need a mudroom or an office? Have you got all the space you need to live comfortably? By considering these factors, you can determine exactly what you want to achieve with your remodel.


In the case of a whole-house remodel, you may be required to move out during the remodeling process. If your family can temporarily move into another floor or the basement during your remodel, moving will not be a problem. The cost of a temporary living arrangement will need to be considered if you cannot live in your home during the remodel. 

Remodeling can be completed in phases. This option, however, will result in a higher overall cost, while completing the remodel all at once will be more economical. However, sometimes relocating isn’t possible. If you cannot move out during your entire home remodel, you may want to consider remodeling a floor at a time so that you can live in your home while it is being remodeled.


Your first thought may be to add more space to your home when you consider remodeling. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the best solution. Think of your current living space, are there areas that aren’t getting the use they deserve? 

Your home’s current structure shouldn’t stop you from imagining what it could be. There is generally no restriction on moving walls, which can result in more open (or closed off) spaces. If your home is currently not functional for you and your family, consider how the rooms are currently used. As you walk through your home with your designer, they will help you identify the potential of your space, but having an idea of what you are hoping for is a good starting point. 

Specialty Spaces for Your Home Remodel

Your home can be more functional with specialty spaces. If you and your family are struggling to get through the day, consider what you can add to help. Among the most common specialty rooms are:

Consider what you don’t have yet that would make your daily life more functional to help you decide on a specialty space. Do you need something that would make the entire house more functional? Is there any way to transform unused rooms or areas into a specialty room?

DENVER Home Remodel Construction Timeline

Each remodel is unique, and since every project is customized, we cannot make any guarantees without first seeing your home. The average construction time for a whole-house remodel is three to three and a half months. Your project will take less time to complete if there are fewer structural changes.

COLORADO Whole Home Remodel Cost

The scope of work and design of every remodeling project at FBC Remodel are custom. The pricing for such projects is not fixed. In contrast, whole home remodels typically start at $120,000 and can go up to $450,000. Pricing depends on the scope of the work, the amount of restructuring required, and the types of finishes you select. To learn more about whole home remodel pricing, please visit our pricing page.

What You Get with FBC Remodel as Your Colorado Whole Home Remodeling Company

The joy we create for our clients comes from creating their dream spaces. Find out how we can take your Colorado whole-home renovation to the next level! Take the first step toward your dream home by contacting us today by phone or online.