“Joy is always in process. It’s under construction. It is in constant approach. Alive and well in the doing of what we’re fashioned to do and enjoy.”

Matthew McConnaughey

The Build Joy formula

THE BUILD JOY FORMULA | success plus wellbeing times purpose = joy

Success plus Wellbeing to the power of Purpose equals Joy.

We believe our Joy is a product of our success and wellbeing in life. Joy is magnified when we are in relentless pursuit of our life’s purpose. With that, we are able to maximize success throughout our journey. We can live in a place of Joy when we have conviction in who we are becoming and where we are headed.


Success is playing the game, whatever game you choose to play. A game played with a big team, a small team, or a game you play alone. Success can be winning the game or even just playing the game. When you stretch yourself and achieve something worthwhile, you experience success. Success lives in the realm of the marketplace and is quantifiable.


Wellbeing, by contrast, is not a place to be or a goal to reach and may be difficult to quantify. It can be defined as the health you experience mentally, psychologically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. The internal is just as important as the external and must be balanced in order to maximize your Joy.


Your purpose is why you get up in the morning. It guides your path, helps you create meaning in your life, shapes who you are, what you do, and defines your goals. Purpose is the force multiplier when it comes to your Joy. When success and wellbeing are pursued in the direction of one’s purpose, their Joy grows exponentially. 


Joy is the internal satisfaction we feel when we pursue well-being and success, even through great difficulty. Possessing true joy in your life brings a sense of happiness and peace that is present even during difficult times. Unlike happiness, Joy is a constant. It is a grounding and guiding force for your life’s purpose. When we possess true Joy in our lives, we are given a compass to ensure that no matter what we do or where we go, we are on track, because we may still feel our Joy. Because stress and challenges are everywhere we turn today, we must make Joy a discipline.

To me, Joy means developing one’s convictions through compassion and courage.

- FBC Remodel Team Member


To build joy in your life you must first focus on your wellbeing. Begin with defining what your vision is:

  • What do you want to accomplish?
  • Who do you want to be?
  • What does your ideal version of you look like?

You must devote time into developing the skills and character you need to accomplish your goals and vision. Once you define a vision for yourself and you begin to work on your well being, you will start accomplishing your goals and moving closer to your vision in life. That is what success looks like. Together, with a focus on well being and the advancement of your life’s vision, you will begin to experience more and more joy in everything you do.

When we know what game to play, and have some victories along the way all while taking care of our needs inside and out…that is how we Build Joy!

What Build Joy Means to the FBC Remodel Team

Build Joy means that we care deeply for our people and their lives. We ae dedicating to making sure that each person on our team find their success and wellbeing and is constantly striving towards building Joy in their lives. If anyone on our team doesn’t have Joy then we aren’t doing our jobs. When you aim to build Joy the goal is to make sure that the main focus is always revolved around creating joy for yourself and others around you. We want each team member to uncover their full potential in work and in life.

Build Joy is the formula for life. It is how we raise our families, how we show up everyday not only for ourselves but for the world around us. It gives us a place to understand when we are in or out of alignment with our personal values and ultimately our purpose. When Build Joy is present in our lives we are allowed to be in our sweet spot and to be passionate in every aspect of our selves. Build Joy creates endless opportunities to continue to grow into the best version of ourselves. 

Build Joy has been instrumental in allowing me to see my vision and propelling me to take action towards manifesting my dreams. I’ve already manifested two really wonderful dreams in 2021 alone.

- FBC Remodel Team Member