Our talented designers, project managers, and construction team are at the center of our process. We take the responsibility of making your life better by making your home better very seriously. Our award-winning design and construction teams are talented, ambitious, collaborative professionals who delight in partnering with you to create the spaces you want to live in.


Home Remodeling and Interior Design in Denver CO


Camey S.

I see each project as an opportunity to provide my clients with practical, creative solutions that will improve the quality of their lives.

Sarah T.

I love design because it’s way for me to be creative as well as provide a space that is beautiful and functional.

Shannon A.

My love for creative, inspiring design comes from watching TLC’s Trading Spaces growing up.

Cheri B.

I enjoy getting to know each client and I am passionate about thinking through how their space will function for years to come.

Emma H.

I am inspired by the serenity of nature, it’s architectural forms and palette.

Brittany P.

From chopping the hair off every doll I could get my hands on, to painting my brother’s bedroom walls with crayon, my family always knew I was going to be an “artist”.

Sara H.

I approach design as a collaboration. Together, we will bring your unique vision to life! I believe in planning ahead, clear and concise communication, organization, and making the process enjoyable!


Rachael T.

Interior design is my obsession! I love to see the look on my homeowner’s faces when I show them ideas they had never thought of before. Our clear and concise process allows me to create the perfect space for them while maximizing their time & making their decisions easy!

Matt H.

I enjoy the process of working with homeowners to help them uncover the greatest possibility for their space.

Dominic B.

I’m driven every day by the thought of forging great relationships and helping to create beautiful spaces.


Jessie S.

The FBC process is all about collaborating and building together. We benefit the families we work with by giving them a space that allows them to live and grow in their home.

Brittany B.

Making other people happy brings me joy.

Brittany V.

Good design is all about the experience within the space. I love helping others find their joy by creating a space for those moments at home.

Nicole H.

I enjoy taking the time to build friendships with my clients. Getting to know each of them helps me design a space that is perfect for their needs.

Jean S.

It is rewarding to find great solutions that fit each of my client’s unique needs. I pay close attention to the details and create clear communication to ensure my clients end with a space that is perfect for them.

Mckenna H.

I am inspired by the connection I make with my clients. Those connections allow me to design one-of-a-kind spaces that will fit their needs for years to come.

Jill B

There’s something magical about the journey. From watching my clients light up as we review the designs, to final walk through in their space, I enjoy bringing projects to life.

Amber G.

Interior Design is more than merely creating a space; it’s about generating emotions. Through design, you can completely change the way one feels.