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Not quite ready for a full basement remodel? We can work with you to design the basement of your dreams and complete it when you’re ready. 

Remodel my basement

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Pay as you Go Phased Basement Remodel

Get your finished basement design from our award-winning designers! Complete half of your remodel now, then when you’re ready, we will finish it for you. Our phased basement remodel is the perfect option for breaking down the cost of your finished basement into smaller, more manageable payments.

How does a basement in Phases remodel work?

1. Complete finished design

During the first phase our designers will work with you to create a finished basement design that you truly love.


2. Nearly Finished Basement

The second phase of our process is fluid and depends on your goals for the space. There are two main options when it comes to completing this phase; nearly finishing the entire basement, or fully finishing specific areas.

Do your kids need a space to play? Finish the main living area of the basement and save the wet bar and bedroom for later. Or do you want the entire basement prepared for finishing? In that case, nearly finish the entire thing! When we nearly finish a space we will take it all the way to the drywall stage complete with mechanicals so it is ready to finish when you are.


3. fully Finished Basement

When you’re ready, we will complete the final phase of your remodel and finish your brand new basement!



The timeline for a phased basement remodel genuinely depends on you, which makes it so appealing. You, your designer, and our production team will work together to determine when we start the two construction phases of your remodel to provide you with your fully finished basement. Each step will take roughly six weeks from the start of construction to completion.  

We recommend setting up a free design consultation with one of our amazing, in-house designers to get a more accurate timeline estimate based on your home. 

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How much is a phased basement remodel?

There are quite a few factors that will affect the overall cost of your remodel including the scope of your project, any specialty areas you are adding to your basement (wet bar, wine cellar, etc.), the size of your basement, and your design selections. 

The perk of doing your basement remodel in phases is that you will have the opportunity to break the total cost into two main chunks in line with each construction phase. Initially, your price will be for a nearly finished basement which ranges from $60k-$90k+. When you are ready to finish your basement the cost will be an additional $100k-$200k+ depending on your remodel specifications.

The prices listed above can vary greatly, so take them lightly. Our designers will work with you to create the perfect basement for your design style, personality, and wallet. As you go through our remodeling process, our designers will have the opportunity to get to know you, your likes, dislikes, and create a basement that perfectly fits what you envision for the space.

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Remodel my basement

FIll out this form and we will reach out to you to schedule your design consultation.

  • We utilize SMS for appointment reminders, surveys, and the occasional marketing message. Standard messaging and data rates apply.
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What our FBC remodel clients are saying..

As people that know nothing about design, nor care to, it was essential to have people that not only knew design but figured out our aesthetic as well. We were impressed with the constant communication with the team. All of the people that came into our home were respectful and kind. We always felt respected, which is huge with 3 small children and a dog. I will recommend FBC to everyone I know!
Erikka F.
Erikka F.Minneapolis, MN
We are so thankful for our experience with FBC. We felt from our first interaction that our project was in great hands. Everyone we interacted with was professional, and demonstrated competency and confidence in their ability to execute on our project. I was really impressed with how our team worked together.
Meagan O.
Meagan O.Golden, CO
We have used FBC 11 yrs ago for a remodel of our basement, and we were pleased with the work, so we just used them again. They have the process down from start to finish and are a great company to work with. Communication was great the entire time.
Carole S.
Carole S.Lafayette, CO

Customer Reviews

FBC Remodel is proud to Build Joy® for homeowners. See what our customers have to say about working with us.

“We can't say enough about the design team at FBC. We had multiple companies bid on our project and everyone else came back with the same basic design (a good but not spectacular layout). But FBC looked at the space from a completely different angle and in the process was able to create everything on our wishlist including an extra room. The design was elegant and functional and our family now benefits from it every day.”

Michael S.

“The design/construction approach by FBC produced an excellent finished product for us. We added a large recreation room for pool, TV and games along with a bedroom and bathroom. Ceiling soffits, arched entries and angled walls created a unique and inviting space. The project team and trade partners did fine work and we are very happy with our new basement. All work was completed on schedule and within budget. The best part was having all construction access through the basement window. Our only advice is to carefully review all design details to assure that everything you want is clearly specified in the drawings. Then be part of the team by doing quality control as the project moves along.”

Darrel H.

“FBC did an amazing job with our 1600 sq ft basement. The sales team listened to our vision, offered several options and helped us stay within budget. Our PM was fantastic! We received daily communication with minimal life interruption, realistic expectations and partnered with us to ensure every aspect was covered. They even finished early!!! We had met with 2 other contractors and are so happy about our choice! They accommodated our quirky requests for a brewery room, rerouting our laundry dryer vent, closeting our water piping for access and exterior window well changes. Best choice ever!!!”

Heather R.
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