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We put your needs, your aspirations, and your lifestyle at the center of our design-build remodeling process.

Our award-winning interior designers work closely with our production and construction teams to create a space that suits your needs and budget. Before making any monetary commitment, you will see a 3D rendering of your completed designs. This is our way of gaining your trust and getting you excited about your project.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about unforeseen construction costs. Our prices will always remain fixed, no matter what.


As part of our collaborative design process, we constantly communicate with you, so there are no surprises and you’re always in the loop. An expert construction project manager will communicate with you daily throughout the construction process. Once you have reviewed and approved your plan, you can leave the rest to us. Your space will turn out exactly the way you envisioned it with the help of our team.


How important is it to you that your kitchen is beautiful? What about the flow of your basement? If you want a truly remarkable space, follow these simple steps during our design/build process. We start by making sure the homeowner is comfortable with our team, process, and design before spending a dime:


Step 1

Contact Us

Ready to get started? You can contact us here on our site or via phone. You’ll get to speak with our design coordinator, Jenny, who will schedule you for your free design consultation at a time and date that is convenient for you.

Contact Us

Step 2


We’re excited to listen and understand how your home is and isn’t working for you. Our number one priority for this visit is to learn what your needs are. How do you currently use the space? What do you wish it was like? How should it evolve with family in the future? Your dedicated designer will share our philosophy and explain our design-build process further. If we seem like a good match, we’ll move on to the design process.

Step 3


Your designer will come to your home and measure out the space to create an “as-built” drawing.  Over the next week or two, your designer will create two 3D renderings of your completed design to present in your next meeting!

Step 4


Your design team will have worked out several plans that turn your needs into beautiful, smart designs. Our clients are amazed by the way our experienced designers bring their plans to life. We’ll walk through 3D renderings to help you visualize your new space. You’re an important part of this meeting and an integral member of the design team, so be ready to collaborate. Your engagement is essential for creating a space that changes not just your home, but the way you live in it.

Step 5


It’s time to select the materials for your space! In this meeting, you and your designer will meet at a design center, where you’ll choose the perfect materials, colors, and style to complete the look and feel of your home remodel.

Step 6


Now, it’s time to meet your Project Manager (PM)! Your PM will be your point of contact throughout construction, and will manage your production schedule as well as all of the trades working in your home. In this meeting, your PM will walk the areas you’re remodeling to jot down anything of note for the construction team. They’ll also look to get ahead of any potential challenges that may affect the timeline of your project so that we can give you the most accurate schedule for your remodel.

Step 7


In this meeting, we will review final construction drawings and the menu of pricing options. Within the construction drawings you will see all detailed elements of your project. Full elevations and construction notes are completed. Within the pricing menu you will see how and which design elements impact the cost of the project. In this meeting, we bring the design and budget together, select a construction start date for your project and sign construction contracts.

Step 8


It’s finally time to bring your new home to life! Construction of your space will take between 7 and 16 weeks, depending upon the scope, size, and complexity of your design. You will receive a detailed construction calendar and weekly updates throughout the project via the Buildertrend mobile app, and your PM will handle everything else (scheduling, material needs, trades) on your behalf. If you have any questions or concerns throughout this stage, your PM will either be on-site or a quick phone call away.

Step 9


Your new space is ready for you to move back in and share it with the people you love! At this stage we have successfully build joy in your home. Your vision has been brought to life and we have gone above and beyond all your expectations for your remodel. Now it is time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your new space!




You’ve cleared out your space. The dumpster has been placed. Your floor protection and dust  protection are installed. The lumber has arrived and been “dropped” at your home. Let’s begin!


During the demo stage our team will be busy clearing out your space to prepare for the build stage.


This stage is exciting as you can quickly see the layout the blue tape/chalk hinted at: ceiling details, rooms, and that cool feature you’ve been dreaming about!


HVAC is also planned for during the framing stage to account for duct runs and soffits. This stage typically goes unnoticed as part of the process.


You’ll see a lot of changes at this stage. The water in your home may need to be shut off intermittently to run lines or a drain may not be usable. If you are providing any fixtures, they may need to be delivered before this stage. The concrete may be broken open at this stage to move drains if it wasn’t done earlier. Keep in mind that this is an imperfect repair done to the best of our ability. You may see standing water under the slab, which is normal. Pipes are installed, inspected and then the concrete is poured to patch up the area.


This stage also requires direct involvement on your part. The boxes and light switch locations will all be placed. All of this is done before drywall is installed to make sure you are happy with where the lights will turn on and off.


Insulation, when installed properly, will reduce heating and cooling costs by keeping cool weather inside the home and reducing heat losses.


Your project will slow down at this stage while inspectors come in to approve the construction up to this point.


After the project passes the rough inspections you will be invoiced for the 2nd payment and we will be ready to start the next phase. At this point, you will also be contacted by GuildQuality to complete your mid-project survey and provide feedback on your project experience thus far.



Now the space will really start taking shape. The drywall brings depth to the rooms and makes them feel like they were designed to feel. Rock is first hung by one crew.


During this stage the walls and ceiling are primed. A light check will be done to allow imperfections in the drywall to stand out more noticeably. The walls will be patched and the  final coats of paint applied at a later stage.


The flooring, including tile, wood, linoleum, etc will be installed now or directly after drywall. The trade partner will prep the floors in accordance with manufacturer specifications for your flooring which may include adding floor leveling products or grinding down concrete.


Cabinets are now installed and/or placed. The cabinets you purchase may be  manufactured or custom and may need additional trim details installed to complete them which will be finished at a later stage of the remodel.


Your trim package, including baseboards, doors, casing and other trim details, will now be installed. This is exciting – the finishes will now start to come together!


The stain and/or paint will be applied to the cabinets and trim first and run past the edge onto the wall surface. It will then be followed up by paint on the walls. Two coats of paint will be rolled out or sprayed on the walls. This phase requires touch ups, staining, putty, and caulking.


Things are really starting to come together now! Countertops are set in place and caulk is added.


On certain projects homeowners may select items that they must have in their project. These items could include lighting, bath hardware, or appliances sourced outside of our list of vendors. It is our recommendation that you reduce these items as much as possible in order to keep your project on track and on time. If you do choose to provide items for the project make sure that you order them early so they are ready to be installed when the time comes. 


This is the stage where final touches to the plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and trim will occur. Light fixtures, faucets and any additional appliances will be installed during this time as well.


If your project includes carpet or specialty flooring, it will be installed at this stage.


This stage will cover any items that have come up throughout the process that have not yet been addressed. This is an exciting stage and your space will look complete or nearly complete!


This stage is where an inspector will walk through your space to ensure that all changes are up to code and specifications. They will also complete a thorough check of your home as they did initially to complete the inspection.


Your space will be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for you!


This is the last step before getting you 100% into your dream space!

FBC Remodel is committed to providing a design and remodel experience like no other. We are confident you’ll love the FBC process. We recognize that you can’t wait to enjoy your finished space with your family and friends. Our team takes pride in our work and stands behind our promise to you that your project will be on time and on budget… guaranteed


“We are really happy with how the overall project was managed from coordination with the trades, keeping things clean and minimizing impact on the rest of the house. We are still amazed that all this got done in the time that it did.”
-Anton Family

“The team had price in their jobs and wanted us to be happy with the project. Our PM would many time clean up after the tradesmen for a couple hours. It was always clean, and even our neighbors would comment on it when they came over to see the progress.”
-The Wagners

“I have so much love for the entire team and my “new” house. Everything is so much better than I ever could have dreamed. Everyone should go with these people who I now call friends. Extra mile every time. Love for everyone!”
-The Shanika Family

” We absolutely love our new space. Everyone involved in it’s design and creation have been wonderful, communicative, helpful, and have shown up and done the job they said they would do.”
-The Shanika Family

Customer Reviews

FBC Remodel is proud to Build Joy® for homeowners. See what our customers have to say about working with us.

“FBC did an amazing job with our 1600 sq ft basement. The sales team listened to our vision, offered several options and helped us stay within budget. Our PM was fantastic! We received daily communication with minimal life interruption, realistic expectations and partnered with us to ensure every aspect was covered. They even finished early!!! We had met with 2 other contractors and are so happy about our choice! They accommodated our quirky requests for a brewery room, rerouting our laundry dryer vent, closeting our water piping for access and exterior window well changes. Best choice ever!!!”

Heather R.

“We can't say enough about the design team at FBC. We had multiple companies bid on our project and everyone else came back with the same basic design (a good but not spectacular layout). But FBC looked at the space from a completely different angle and in the process was able to create everything on our wishlist including an extra room. The design was elegant and functional and our family now benefits from it every day.”

Michael S.

“The design/construction approach by FBC produced an excellent finished product for us. We added a large recreation room for pool, TV and games along with a bedroom and bathroom. Ceiling soffits, arched entries and angled walls created a unique and inviting space. The project team and trade partners did fine work and we are very happy with our new basement. All work was completed on schedule and within budget. The best part was having all construction access through the basement window. Our only advice is to carefully review all design details to assure that everything you want is clearly specified in the drawings. Then be part of the team by doing quality control as the project moves along.”

Darrel H.
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