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With over one million basement finishes a year, the North American market is ripe for a company specializing in basement finish. We have been fortunate to surround ourselves with talented people who will help us revolutionize and own this national market.

Because our team does what they do so well, we have been featured in numerous local and national publications, including the History Channel show, Modern Marvels. We have offices in St. Louis Park, MN, Denver, CO and Naperville, IL.


  • Rough Carpenter/Carpentry Crews and Finish/Trim Carpenter/Carpentry Crews
  • Drywall Crews
  • HVAC Crews
  • Plumbing Crews
  • Electrician Crews
  • Residential Design/Build Firm


  1. Our jobs start and end on time – our schedules are reliable, and therefore you can plan the rest of your projects accordingly.
  2. We develop a customized-plan for every job, so you can build off of our blueprints!
  3. Our project managers are the best in the business, which means a smooth running job for you!
  4. Basements are warm and dry in the winter and cool and dry in the summer. Therefore, we can work with you year-round.
  5. We pay competitively and on time!


    1. Excellent results from Topgrading® interview process to ensure we’d be a great match.
    2. Evidence of $1M general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance or waiver if you are owner/operator.
    3. Excellent track record of finishing on time and with high quality.
    4. Good credit history with your current vendors.
    5. At least three projects that we can visit for a quality inspection.
    6. Outstanding communication skills. That is, if you return ALL of your calls promptly (like within the hour) and love doing what you say by when you said you would do it then you’ll love working with Finished Basement Company!

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*Important: The individual answering the main line has a role unrelated to this job posting and cannot assist you. While we appreciate “out-of-the-box” thinkers, we will contact you if we determine your background reflects a good fit for our company. Thank you for your consideration!