Remodeling with a Low Basement Ceiling

basement remodel with traditional wood accents | Low basement ceilings

Updated May 4, 2022. All basements are not created equal—even the unfinished ones! If you are currently scoping out the possibilities in your unfinished basement, you may notice irregularities like missing mechanicals or a lower-than-normal ceiling height. When discussing your basement finish, one of the first questions is how high your basement ceiling is. We … Read more

The Value of Finishing Your Basement

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We’ve gone over the cost of your basement finish project in previous blogs — design pricing, materials, the scope of work, construction — but what about costs and other financials that occur after the project is complete? What happens to your home value, taxes, and monthly bills after your newly finished basement is ready to … Read more

How Much Does Basement Remodeling Cost?

Cost of Basement Finishing | FBC Remodel

It won’t come as any surprise that one of the first questions we get asked from homeowners is, “how much will my basement remodel cost?”. The answer is far more complicated than a price per square foot. This is because, at FBC, we create completely customized basement designs based on a number of factors. Depending … Read more