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Home Renovation Mistakes To Avoid

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Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

A home remodel is one of the biggest renovation projects you can take on! There are a lot of moving parts, and planning your project well is essential to preventing mistakes with your finished project.

Here are some avoidable mistakes to take note of as you plan your next remodel:

Incorrect Space Planning

Space planning (reconfiguring the layout of your finished space) is an integral part of a home remodel. Homeowners often think space planning is a simple, easy process — after all, you know how you want the space to look, right?

While you may have the aesthetic vision for your project, there are other considerations to think about.

Planning for Furniture and Appliances

Have you ever moved into a new home and think, “How am I supposed to fit my sofa in here? Where is my pool table going to go”?

At FBC, we help plan your space with existing and future furniture and appliances in mind. After reviewing your project in-depth, your designer takes the time to visualize the completed, lived-in space.

How much space/seating do want in your family room? How could we work your game table into the layout? Questions like these play a factor in how you construct walls, where rooms go, and more.

Plan for How the Space Will Function in The Future

Many of our clients invest in their space because it’s their forever home. If that’s the case with your home, you must consider how your remodel can continue to benefit you for years to come. Will the fit and function of your current design still work when your young children become teenagers? Will you need “aging-in-place” accessibility modifications for family members as time passes?

Avoid focusing your remodel on a temporary phase in life and, instead, create a flexible space that will grow alongside you and your family.

Spending Too Much in One Place

It’s easy to reach for the highest-end finishes, fixtures, and appliances for your dream space. However, if it compromises your budget for your architectural layout, space planning, and overall remodel quality, we recommend you reconsider how you’re budgeting for your finishes.

It’s important to have consistency in quality across all aspects of your remodel. Working with an expert designer will help you find that balance of high-quality and affordability!

Pro tip: When attending design consults to find your remodel partner, be up-front about your budget! That way, your designer can craft a design that fits both your style preferences and your budget.

reading nook in whole home remodel

Comparing Proposals on Price Alone

Comparing companies and proposals on price alone can keep you from seeing the full scope of what matters in your remodel.  Your project is so much more than just the dollars you’re putting into it. In addition to price, you should be considering if that company has the experience, a forward-thinking approach, the proper preparation in place, and a truly thought-through design. Ask your remodeling partner what you’re getting with your cost beyond the materials and labor of the project itself.

We also caution you from hiring anyone other than a tried and true professional for your project. Codes change all of the time, and you can end up having a space that’s not up to code.

Prioritizing Your “Wants” Over “Needs”

Sometimes, homeowners can get caught up in the “ideal lifestyle” they envision for themselves and their families. While a remodel should enhance your life and day-to-day routine, it’s important to stay realistic and design your project around your current lifestyle and how you can realistically use the space every day.

If you plan on transforming your basement into a bar and entertainment area, think about how often you’ll be having friends and family over for gatherings. If you want a theater room, consider how often you already watch TV and movies with the family.

It’s also important to know your priorities from the very beginning. Don’t waste your budget on unnecessary architectural elements. Figure out what your “must-haves” and “nice to have’s” are, and make sure your project fits in every “must-have” before moving on to that second list.

Remodeling is an opportunity to customize your home to fit your lifestyle — don’t let a single square foot go to waste!

Creating a Design That Doesn’t Match the Home

Let’s say you’re remodeling a kitchen that feels outdated. You’re most likely working with bathrooms, flooring, and finishes throughout the rest of the home that’re the same age.

If you’re only remodeling part of the home, it’s important that your upgraded space still flows well with the rest of the home. If you’re using a completely different design style and color scheme in your kitchen, it could end up looking disconnected from everything else. Consider a full first-floor remodel when exploring a massive overhaul in style.

Avoid These Remodeling Mistakes by Working With an Interior Designer

Home Theater | Custom Basement Finishing with FBC Remodel

You’re not alone in your remodeling journey! Renovating your home can seem overwhelming, but with a help of an expert architectural designer, you can avoid many of these common remodeling mistakes. That’s because your designer will ask questions around:

  • How your space currently functions
  • The day-to-day within your home
  • How the space brings you joy
  • How this remodel will flow with the rest of your home
  • How you see yourself using the new space in your day-to-day

Questions like these will help you prioritize and plan for a space that you’ll love for years to come.

Design and Build with FBC Remodel

FBC Remodel has a tried and true remodel process that supports homeowners in every step on their remodel. From planning to design and construction, our team is there to ensure your space that enhances your life, brings you joy, and is loved for years to come.

We’d love to hear all about your home remodeling project. Get in touch with FBC Remodel today to book a design consultation.

Bathroom Ideas | FBC Remodel

Bathroom Remodel Planning Guide: Design Guide and Tips

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Tips for Planning Your Bathroom Remodel

Are you struggling to find a starting point for your bathroom remodel?

We get it — bathrooms may be the smallest room in your home, but your remodel options are virtually endless. You can reconfigure the layout, expand the space, improve the storage, and add special features like vanities and luxury tubs to get your dream bath.

So, let’s start planning! Here are our tips on getting prepared for your next bathroom remodel:

Establish Your Bathroom’s Scope of Work

First, write down a list of priorities for your project. Ask yourself:

  • What do I want to change about my bathroom? Countertops, lighting, flooring, or layout?
  • What would I like to keep in my bathroom?
  • What is the goal of my remodel? Am I updating my finishes or wanting to completely gut and rebuild my bath?
  • What are the “must-haves” and what are the “nice to haves”?

It’s important to physically list out your priorities because your scope of work will impact the project cost. With FBC, for instance, we offer both bathroom remodels and bathroom updates based upon our client’s priorities.

Bathroom Remodels

A bath remodel is an extremely flexible service that allows you to design your bathroom in virtually any way your home allows. Full remodels are ideal for those who are looking for:

  • A full gut and reconstruction
  • Space planning
  • Moving or adding plumbing and lighting
  • Moving or eliminating walls
  • Expansions
  • Luxury renovations
  • Custom vanities
  • Speciality showers and tubs

While you, of course, get new finishes and an amazing update with a remodel, it’s worth noting a full remodel will be a higher cost than a simple remove and replace service. With a full remodel service, you’ll work with a designer who is an expert in space planning. You’ll then get to see your designs through a 3D rendering in real-time, collaborating with your designer and tweaking your design until it’s just right.

Bathroom Updates

Bathroom updates are a remove and replace option that focuses solely on the finishes and look of your bathroom. With an update, you’ll get beautiful new:

  • Vanity and countertop
  • Mirror
  • Flooring
  • Tub and shower updates
  • Trim and paint
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Lighting fixtures

Updates are great for giving that full remodel “look” to a bathroom that’s feeling old or outdated. With updates, you’ll work with a bathroom expert who helps you choose your finishes from our hand-picked list of high-quality materials to come up with your perfect design. From there, our dedicated tradesman will single-handedly swap out your finishes and complete your new bathroom in under two weeks.

Find the Right Bath Remodel Partner

Now that you have an idea of your scope of work, it’s time to choose a remodeling partner. It’s important to choose your partner based on the work you need and how hands-on or hands-off you’d like to be with your project.

Some popular options for renovations include:

  • General contractors: GC’s are great for homeowners who already have a bath design in-hand or plan to purchase and provide all of the materials.
  • Design only: If you plan on DIYing your bathroom remodel but need a design to work off of, you can purchase a plan from an architectural designer.
  • Design-build firms: Design-build firms like FBC Remodel are great for homeowners that want design and construction under one roof. Design-builds allow homeowners to be collaborative and creative during the design process, and hands-off and stress-free during construction.

Pro tip: Start researching local partners online now! Make sure to explore their website, portfolio, and online reviews to get a feel for their reputation and quality of work. Choose your top three favorites and book design consultations with them before coming to your decision!

After booking your design consultation, it’s important to properly prepare! After all, you’re essentially interviewing the person or team who will be designing your forever space. Use our design consultation checklist to get the most from your appointment.

Bathroom Remodel | Whole Home Renovation
Bathroom Remodel | Whole Home Renovation

Prepare for What Your Remodel Will Entail

What other aspects of remodeling should you be considering as you plan your project? We asked our Minneapolis Design Leader, Lyndsay, what she’d recommend you consider, plan for, and discuss with your remodeling partner:

Understand the cost drivers: Bathroom remodels are basically all finishes and plumbing work, and we find our clients often underestimate how much such a small space can cost. Take a look at our pricing page to get our ranges for both remodels and updates. You can also get a bathroom update instant quote using our tool here.

Consider accessibility: Will you need accessibility features like grab bars, wheelchair clearance space, or zero threshold showers?

Consider temporarily having one less bathroom: Is there another full bath that your family can share comfortably during construction?

Get to know your design style: Use resources like Houzz, Pinterest, and our design gallery to take note of what styles you love, and send your inspiration to your designer! From there, they will help you navigate the design process based on your preferences.

Think about your day-to-day experience in your space: At FBC, we make sure to have “personalized conversations” during design consults. This helps us get a feel for how your home flows, what your family’s day-to-day is, what issues your bathroom may be causing, and how your new space can create a sense of joy and convenience.

bathroom renovation | fbc remodel

Start Your Bathroom Remodel Today

Your bathroom has endless possibilities. Would you like to expand a master bath? Are you trying to turn an outdated bathroom into a trendy, modern space? No matter the vision, FBC Remodel has your back from start to finish.

We’d love to partner with you on your next project! Contact FBC Remodel to get in touch with our design coordinator, Jenny. She’ll help you scope out your project and match you with an amazing designer.

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Budgeting For Your Kitchen Remodel

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Budgeting for Your Kitchen Remodel

One of the very first things you think about when planning a kitchen remodel is how much your project will cost. Kitchen renovations bring up a million possibilities for how you can update, modernize, and reconfigure the space. With these endless options, remodeling can seem overwhelming and difficult to scope out.

That’s why we’re here to help! Here are some tips to help you plan your remodel with budget in mind:

How Much Work Does Your Kitchen Need?

Make a list of priorities for your project. Are the top items on your list more focused on updating finishes and the look of your kitchen, or is your project more focused on space planning (reconfiguration of the space)? Depending on the scope of work, you’ll either fall into the category of kitchen remodel and kitchen update.

Kitchen Remodels

Space planning is common in many kitchen projects. It’s important to ask yourself if you need to reconfigure your space to get your dream result (e.g. removing walls, changing the kitchen layout, gutting and starting over). While space planning helps you to use every square inch of your kitchen, reconfiguration can get pricey.

Kitchen Updates

If you’re happy with your kitchen layout, but want to replace outdated finishes, an FBC Update may be more up your alley. Updates are a “remove and replace” option for all of your finishes that don’t require gutting or rearranging the space. Updates have a lower cost and timeline of a full remodel and allow you to work with an expert designer to pick out your new countertops, fixtures, and cabinets.

In short, the depth and complexity of space planning and your scope of work will impact your cost. Make sure to discuss your budget prior to designing your new kitchen — price can be impacted by plumbing, electrical, and sub-flooring needs. 

kitchen remodel | dark wood accents | fbc remodel
kitchen remodel with white cabinets and island

What’s Included in Your Cost Beyond the Project?

Unless you’re DIYing your project, your kitchen cost will also include labor costs for your remodeling partner. When interviewing potential partners at design consultations, make sure to ask what services they provide and what to expect from them as a partner.

Kitchen Island | Kitchen Remodel | Whole Home Renovation
kitchen remodel | white finishes and open wood shelving

Some great questions to ask:

  • Can you show me where my money is going?
  • Do you order materials on my behalf?
  • Do you include both design and construction?
  • Do I need to worry about my project finishing late?
  • Is my contract price guaranteed to not change?
  • Do you personally manage any additional tradesmen and contractors coming in and out of my home?

For instance, with FBC Remodel, we offer one price that covers design, construction, and an organized, proven build process that creates a sense of ease and low-stress for every homeowner.

At FBC, your guaranteed project cost includes:

  • A complimentary virtual or in-home design consultation
  • A dedicated designer to custom-design your bath
  • An interactive “ideas meeting” to see and adjust your design in real-time through 3D renderings
  • No fee or deposit until designs are finalized
  • A guaranteed price without hidden costs
  • A dedicated project manager to keep your project on schedule
  • A singular point of contact during construction who manage the tradesmen in your home for you
  • Dedicated expert FBC trade partners
  • A user-friendly app to stay in the know as to who is in your home and what phase your project is in
  • An optional “wrap party” on us to celebrate your finished space

Explore Kitchen Remodeling Cost Ranges

It’s worth noting that the price of any kitchen remodel will vary. Every kitchen is different, from size to finishes to how it currently functions. With FBC, we don’t offer a “price per square foot” because all of our kitchens are custom-designed to each homeowner. This is why it’s important to meet with a designer about your particular project to get a proper ballpark.

For kitchen remodeling, our general price ranges are:

  • Low-range: $40k
  • Mid-range: $85 – 100k
  • High-range: $200k+

For kitchen updates, our ranges are:

  • Low-range: $35k
  • Mid-range: $45k
  • High-range: $55k

See our other project ranges here.

Once you have an idea of what your project might cost, create a “low to high” budget and share your ideal range during your design consultation. Your designer will then work with you to design your dream kitchen without breaking the bank.

Learn About Unforeens and Other Cost Drivers

It’s easy to reach for the highest-end cabinets, flooring, countertops, and appliances when designing your kitchen. You may also be considering your “nice to have” list that includes upgrades, special appliances, and a new island. However, every upgrade you make will affect your cost. Always take a peek into some lower-cost options — just because they are lower cost, doesn’t mean they don’t look high-end and beautiful!

Take your priority list from earlier and divide it into your “must-haves” and “nice to haves”. Can the “nice to haves” wait for a “phase two” project? Can you DIY some of the work?

It’s also important to consider unforeseen elements (always ask your remodel partner how they handle these!) and read up on project aspects you may not have thought of.  View our top six factors that affect a kitchen project cost here.

kitchen remodel with smart storage solutions | fbc remodel

Remodel Your Kitchen with FBC Today!

Ready to get started with your remodel? FBC would love to partner with you on your next project. With FBC Remodel, you’ll create and construct your new kitchen all under one roof. We take the stress of out of remodeling — all you have to do is get excited to live in your new space.

Give us a call or fill out our online form today to get in touch with our Design Coordinator and get matched with a designer!

Bathroom Remodeling Cost | Bathroom Remodeling with FBC

How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

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How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

Bathroom remodels add joy to the home in a number of ways. From updating finishes to achieve a more modern look to expanding your space into a master suite, there are a lot of options (and with that, price ranges) for your next remodel.

When figuring out how much your bath remodel may cost, first, you’ll need to figure out the scope of work. From there, you’ll gauge what bath renovation service works best for your needs.

To help you get started, we’ll use our own bath services as an example:

How Much Work Does Your Bathroom Need?

Here at FBC, we offer both bathroom remodels and bathroom updates. There are differences in timeline and price with both of these services because the scope of work is generally different. When looking for a remodeling partner, you’ll find multiple services available, all with different specialties — it’s important to first establish what’s most important to you.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling is an incredibly flexible service, allowing you to replace major elements, tear down walls, and completely reconfigure your space. Bathroom remodeling is great for:

  • Expanding an area into a larger bathroom
  • Converting a standard bathroom into a master suite
  • Completely gutting and renovating your bath or shower
  • A full gut and remodel
  • Reconfiguring the space — moving plumbing fixtures, vanities, etc.

Bathroom Updates

Bathroom updates are great for remodelers who are currently happy with the layout but would like to update finishes and the “look” of the bathroom. Bath updates include:

  • Replacing cabinets and countertops
  • Installing new plumbing and lighting fixtures
  • Replacing a tub or shower
  • New flooring

From there, jot down your priorities and decide which service is best suited for your project’s needs. Your budget will really depend upon that scope of work.

Cost of Bathroom Renovations

bathroom remodel with white vanity and features
bathroom remodel | white finishes and standalone tub

As we mentioned before, the price of bathroom remodeling can vary. With FBC, we don’t offer a “price per square foot” because all of our designs are created from scratch, and are custom-designed to each homeowner. This is why it’s important to meet with a designer about your particular project to get a proper ballpark.

For bathroom remodeling, our general price ranges are:

  • Low-end: $25,000
  • Mid-range: $50 – $70,000
  • High-range: $90,000+

For bathroom updates, our ranges are:

  • Low-end: $15,000
  • Mid-range: $25,000
  • High-range: $35,000

You can learn more about our project ranges here.

Once you have a general idea of what your project might cost, create a “low to high” budget of your own and share your ideal range during your design consultation. Your designer will then provide you their ballpark range and work with you throughout the design process to get a design you’ll love within your budget.

What Affects the Cost of a Bath Remodel?

Now that you have an idea of what the project may cost, it’s time to dig a little deeper into what specific elements drive the cost of your bath remodel.

Here are our top five factors that affect your bathroom price:

  1. Reconfiguration of layout: A great remodel will often involve space planning, or reconfiguration of how your bathroom lays out, to create the right fit and flow. Your designer will work with you to ensure every square foot is being used, and that will sometimes require space planning. Your cost will be affected by the complexity of that reconfiguration.
  2. Fixtures, tile, and finishes: Beautiful finishes are what bring that “wow” factor to your new bathroom. Consider the quality and individual pricing of finishes like bath tile, cabinetry, faucets, and sinks when budgeting.
  3. Vanities: If you plan on using your bathroom for your beauty routine, a vanity offers a lot of features to keep your products organized. You can choose from hamper pull-outs, storage space for linens, sliding towel bars, and more. However, it’s worth noting this will raise the project cost.
  4. Electrical needs: We all hate bathrooms with unflattering lighting. That’s why it’s important to consider how you want to light your new bathroom. You may have to consider electrical updates to accommodate the type of lighting you want, so be sure to talk to the FBC team about what costs can occur here.
  5. Code compliance: Residental codes are constantly changing, but FBC has your back! We’re always on top of any changes in code compliance, and we will ensure your bathroom meets all the necessary code requirements. If needed, updates to your home’s mechanical specs may impact the cost of your project.

You’ll also want to consider what kind of bathroom you have. For instance, a hall or half-bath will cost significantly less to remodel than a larger, full bath or a master suite.

What Do You Get With Your Project?

Bathroom Remodel | Whole Home Renovation
bathroom remodel | open cabinet space | fbc remodel

We can’t speak for other partners, but with a design-build firm, you get more than a beautiful bathroom design. A design-build firm brings your basement to life from concept to construction, keeping the entirety of your project under one roof.

At FBC, your guaranteed project cost includes:

  • A complimentary virtual or in-home design consultation
  • A dedicated designer to custom-design your bath
  • An interactive “ideas meeting” to see and adjust your design in real-time through 3D renderings
  • No fee or deposit until designs are finalized
  • A guaranteed price without hidden costs
  • A dedicated project manager to keep your project on schedule
  • A singular point of contact during construction who manage the tradesmen in your home for you
  • A user-friendly app to stay in the know as to who is in your home and what phase your project is in
  • An optional “wrap party” on us to celebrate your finished space

Our tried and true design-build process is structured to take the pressure off of the homeowner and concentrate on the fun, creative parts of remodeling. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and get excited about the joy your new bathroom will bring.

You can learn more about the FBC Remodel process here.

Start Your Bathroom Remodel Today

Now that you know a little bit about how bathroom remodels are priced, are you ready to get started?

We’d love to be your partner for your next bath project! Get in touch with FBC Remodel today to chat with our Design Coordinator about your project. From there, we’ll match you with an expert interior designer for your complimentary design consultation.

Renovating for Home Value | Bathroom Remodel | FBC Remodel

How Can Renovations Increase Home Value?

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What Renovations Increase Home Value?

Here at FBC, we talk a lot about “building joy” in each and every remodel. Renovating your home should, of course, improve and add ease to your everyday life, but it’s also important to note how remodeling your basement, kitchen, or bathroom can add monetary value to your home. If you plan to sell in the future, you should be taking stock of what improvements can raise the asking price of your home.

If you’re purely remodeling to sell at a higher price point, your design approach will be much different than if you’re renovating for yourself. When remodeling your forever home, you’d be assessing your lifestyle, needs, and hobbies to customize a design to your day-to-day. For resale value, you’ll instead want to design spaces that appeal to the average homeowner. Your design style and renovation choices will work for a wider pool of tastes and general interests.

To get you started, here are some best practices and steps homeowners take to ensure their home renovation project adds resale value:

Rule Out Renovations That Don’t Add Resale Value

Contrary to popular belief, not all renovations add resale value to the property. Some projects may actually make it harder to sell if that feature potentially adds inconvenience to a buyer. Others are simply high-investment, low-return projects. According to Moneycrashers, these types of projects can include:

In-ground pools: Families with small children may see a pool as a health risk. Other homeowners may simply prefer a full backyard over a pool and pass on your home.

Over-customization: We love luxury products for remodels, and there’s nothing wrong with customizing your project to your liking. In fact, we encourage it! However, if you’re remodeling a space purely for the resale value, it’s important to choose finishes that appeal to a wide range of tastes.

Sunrooms: Coming in at about 50% ROI, sunrooms yield some of the lowest returns. Sunrooms also lack insulation, driving the energy cost for the entire home.

Specialty spaces: If you design a niche space for specific personal hobbies, like a crafting room or golf simulator, you may see a low return on investment when you sell.

Again, while custom rooms are a fantastic investment in day-to-day function for you and your family, it may not be a must-have for the budget-friendly buyer. We recommend committing to living in your home in the long-term when building custom spaces like these.

sauna | bathroom renovation

Make Sure No Square Foot Goes Unused

Custom Basement Remodeling with FBC Remodel
basement remodel with mixed color wood accents

A nearly foolproof way to add value to your home is by remodeling an unfinished basement. While basement finishing is quite the investment, if you do it right you can see a 90% return on investment, on average, when you sell.

Unfinished basements are, more or less, an entire extra floor of your home that’s going unused. If there’s a home identical to yours whose basement is finished, that home would have a significantly higher asking price than yours. When renovating to sell, the rule of thumb is to make sure there is usefulness and value in every square foot of your home.

According to HGTV, to get the most from a basement finish, you should:

  • Add a bathroom to the basement
  • Keep the layout open, and avoid cramping
  • Appeal to the average homeowner — avoid off-the-wall design and over-personalized areas
  • Choose a trendy but neutral palette for your paint colors and finishes
  • Make sure the design flows well with the rest of your home and alongside any other renovations
  • Add an extra bedroom or a home office
  • Create an open entertainment space, and consider adding a wet bar (a very popular feature)

Renovate Your Most Outdated Rooms

In most homes, the living room and kitchen form the first impression of your space. If your kitchen hasn’t been touched in decades, it likely looks outdated and can influence the rest of your home’s layout. Kitchen remodels, when done correctly, will “wow” the buyers walking through your home.

First and foremost, it’s important to compare the cost of materials against the value it adds. Homeadvisor suggests looking at your current home value and installing finishes that make sense for that value.

If the kitchen is far more high-end than other rooms of the home, buyers may pass on paying extra for that luxury feel. You want your kitchen to feel modern and updated, but you also want to see consistency in quality throughout the entire home.

Some ways to raise the price of your home include:

  • Updating appliances
  • Updating finishes, like cabinets, fixtures, and countertops
  • Replacing flooring
  • Adding a window above the sink
  • Opening up the space/reconfiguring the layout

Pro Tip: If you’re looking to only replace your finishes, consider a kitchen update instead of a full remodel! Updates save on both cost and time, while still maintaining the quality you want in your kitchen.

kitchen remodel with dark wood accents | fbc remodel
Kitchen Island | Kitchen Remodel | Whole Home Renovation

Don’t Forget About Bathroom Renovations!

bathroom remodeling with fbc remodel
bathroom remodel | white finishes and wood cabinets

Bathrooms are the smallest rooms in the home, but don’t gloss over their potential! According to HGTV, adding a bathroom to your home can result in an 80-130% ROI. Even a minor bathroom remodel can yield over a 100% return!

Could your home benefit from an extra bathroom? For instance, if you live in a three-bedroom, one-bathroom home, buyers could pass on your property for not having that second bathroom.

First, see if there is space for a new bathroom. Measure any unused pockets of space, like closets and storage areas. Half-baths require about eighteen square feet, while full baths with a stand-up shower require thirty-five square feet. Are there walls in smaller rooms you’d like to get rid of? How else can you open up space in your home?

You can also choose to renovate your existing bathrooms. Like kitchens, the finishes and fixtures in bathrooms easily give away the age of the home. Opt for a bathroom remodel to reconfigure your space or expand a master bath. Bathroom updates through FBC allow you to simply remove and replace your finishes, giving it a beautiful modern feel.

Pro Tip: If you’re finishing your basement, consider adding a bathroom to give your space a feeling of completion and convenience!

Sell Your Home at the Right Time

Let’s say you’ve remodeled your basement, kitchen, and bathroom and are ready to sell your home. That’s great! However, while you’ve taken the right steps to add value for the next buyer, it’s important to gauge if now is the right time to sell.

Timing is everything. Get a feel for the current seller and buyer market in your area and thoroughly do your research before making any quick decisions. Should you continue to make renovations and live comfortably in your space until the time is right, or is now the best time to sell?

Basement, Kitchen, and Bathroom Renovations with FBC Remodel

Feeling inspired yet? FBC Remodel would love to be your partner on your next home project! Book a complimentary design consultation by contacting our Design Coordinator, Jenny. We’ll chat about your project, get you matched with one of our expert interior designers, and show you what’s possible.

Cost of Basement Finishing | FBC Remodel

How Much Does Basement Finishing Cost?

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How Much Does Basement Finishing Cost?

Finishing or remodeling your basement includes a lot of elements that can drive the cost of your project. FBC creates completely custom designs with every client, so there isn’t one “price per square foot” that works for all homeowners. Instead, it’s important to understand what elements can drive your cost.

Oftentimes, our clients may not be aware of “hidden” ways to save money or to make your basement more luxurious. Make sure to be up-front with your designer about the budget you’re working with, so they can craft a design you’ll love that won’t break the bank.

Pricing for Basement Finishing

As mentioned before, every basement design is going to have a range of costs depending on a number of factors — square footage of your basement, what you want in your remodel, and the finishes you choose — to name a few. With FBC, we provide a general range for basement finish projects to help clients get an idea of what’s typically invested.

  • Bottom range: $55,000
  • Middle range: $85,000 – $100,000
  • High range: $200,000+

You can see more project ranges on our pricing price here. For FBC in particular, we don’t provide a “per square foot” cost. Project price is driven by the features and customizations you choose for your basement. Because of this, the best way to know your particular basement’s price range is to book a design consultation.

Scoping Out The Work You Need

Looking for a remodeling partner is your first step to planning your basement finish. First, it’s important to understand what you need out of your partner. Second, it’s important to understand your scope of work because that scope will directly impact the budget you’re working with.

  • Do you already have your designs on-hand? A general contractor may be best to carry out the construction piece. If you already have your blueprint ready to go, you’ll cut down on the cost for design services.
  • Are you looking to DIY part of the project? You can consider a nearly finished basement to get your layout and walls up. In the future, you can paint, install features, and put in flooring on your own time.
  • Do you need a partner to design and build your project from start to end? A design-build firm like FBC would be your best bet. Design-build firms streamline the remodel from design to construction, making the process easier on the homeowner.

Lastly, search for remodel partners in your area that have a great portfolio of projects and glowing reviews online. From there, compile a list of your top five candidates, and book design consultations with them.

6 Ways to Control Your Basement Cost

It goes without saying that basement finishing is a sizable investment, so let’s dive deeper into what can drive the cost of your project.

Here are six features of your basement finish that can drastically affect basement price:

1. Layout and Age of Basement

With unfinished basements, it’s important to tell your designer how you would like to configure the space. Sometimes, it may be necessary to move plumbing and other structural elements to fit the function you want. The age of your home can also impact cost based on anything that may need fixing. This can include water intrusion, uneven concrete, digging down to achieve a certain ceiling height, and more.

basement remodel with orange accents and colorful design | rosenthal design | fbc remodel
basement remodel with wet bar | fbc remodel

2. Your Desired Basement Features

Your overall cost will depend on what special features you’d like to see in your basement. Many of our clients opt for custom bars, wine cellars, and kitchenettes which increases the price. For instance, if you’d like to install a fireplace, you’d have to account for the cost of stone, a mantel, a gas line, and power when budgeting.

Ask yourself — how do you want your space to fit and function? What feature(s) can benefit you and your family the most? What aspects do you feel would “grow” with your household? Prioritize those details first, and consider saving your “nice to have’s” for later on.

3. Specialty Rooms

If your basement is unfinished, your space is likely completely open. Adding walls for extra bedrooms and bathrooms will affect your project price. Speciality rooms, in particular, will drive the price. Specialty rooms are spaces that are built specifically for an activity or function in mind.

Some examples of specialty rooms include home gyms, theaters, and wine cellars. All of the custom AV work and additional remodeling needed will certainly drive the overall cost.

Specialty rooms may significantly impact your budget, but having that unique space to gather the family and bring your hobbies home is priceless! Take a moment to think about what specialty room brings you the most joy. What favorite activities would you like to bring home to your basement? Is family movie night huge in your household? Do you like to entertain guests? Always plan around your lifestyle.

Wine Cellar Basement Remodel with FBC Remodel
bathroom renovation | fbc remodel

4. Bathrooms

If you plan to have anyone living in your basement, it may make sense to add a bathroom for convenience and ease of access. Bathrooms require both electricity and plumbing, adding more cost to your basement.

Note the current extent of your plumbing set-up, if any, when planning your remodel. Ask your designer how much a bathroom install would cost in particular, and decide from there if it’s worth including in your basement.

5. Electrical and Appliances

Appliances, such as kegerators, pizza ovens, and microwaves — are sure to impress your guests and create a sense of convenience in your basement space. Knowing how these appliances will affect your cost is key when planning your basement finish. Consider saving any new appliances that you can set up on your own for later, or work with your designer to prioritize the most important appliance to install.

An often-overlooked cost driver is the hidden mechanical updates that may be needed to power larger appliances. Be sure to ask your designer about any potential hidden costs — we are here to help!

Basement Finish | Basement Remodel | FBC Remodel
bedroom remodel | lofted bedroom design | fbc remodel

6. Egress Windows

Egress windows are operable window wells that provide a safe exit in the case of an emergency. Egress windows also provide much-needed natural light and ventilation in a basement, making it feel less dark and more comfortable.

Two points of egress is a code requirement in all basements — if your basement doesn’t have two egress windows, they will have to be built.

On-Time and On-Budget Basement Finishing with FBC Remodel

At FBC, our award-winning designers work with you and your budget to create a basement design to last a lifetime. At your FBC design consultation, your designer will provide a general ballpark of what your project may cost. From there, we work transparently with you to get your dream design as close to your budget as possible.

Ready to get started? Contact our Design Coordinator, Jenny, to chat about your upcoming basement project!

Kitchen Remodeling with FBC Remodel

4 Steps to Plan a Perfect Kitchen Remodel

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4 Steps to Plan a Perfect Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodels are a great way to give the main floor of your home a facelift! It’s easy for kitchens to look more and more outdated over the years, and a remodel can make affect the look and flow of the whole home.

If you’re remodeling, renovating, or updating your kitchen, it’s important to thoroughly prepare for your project before jumping in. Setting a budget, getting a feel for your design style, and considering how your kitchen brings you joy are just a few ways you can go into your design consultation feeling confident.

Here are some points to consider as your begin planning your kitchen remodel:

1. Consider the Scope of Work

At FBC, we offer both kitchen remodeling and a remove-and-replace option called FBC Updates. Whether a remodel or update is your best choice depends upon whether or not you want to reconfigure your space.

Reconfiguring your space can include:

  • Removing walls
  • Opening up the layout
  • Removing or adding an island
  • Expanding counter space
  • Adding features to your existing layout

Updating your space includes:

  • Replacing cabinets
  • Replacing countertops
  • Getting new fixtures

You should first identify if you simply want to update the finishes in your kitchen, or if you’d like to also gut and renovate the entire space. Prioritize what’s most important to you, and move forward with the service you feel works best.

2. Plan Your Kitchen Budget

You should already have a budget range in mind when going into design consultations. It’s best to be upfront with the budget you’re working with and to let your designer know what your high and low ranges are. From there, your designer will work with you to come up with a design you love within that price range.

When browsing remodel partners, look for a pricing page or estimating calculator on their website. You can check out our general price ranges for kitchen remodels and updates here.

Kitchen Renovation | White Finishes and Stainless Steel Aplliances

3. Research Potential Kitchen Remodeling Partners

There are several remodeling partners available to you, all with different specialties and services they offer. For instance, if you need a company to design and construct your kitchen from start to finish, a design-build firm like FBC would be your best choice. If you already have a design and only need construction, you should look at general contractors in your area.

Construct a list of your top 3 – 5 potential partners and book design consultations with each. Make sure to browse their work through their website, Houzz, and Yelp to get a feel for the quality of work and design styles. You should also look at local reviews on Google, Yelp, Houzz, and Facebook. Local reputation goes a long way.

4. Find Your Favorite Kitchen Design Style

If you don’t already have a Pinterest account, it’s time to make one! Pinterest is a free visual platform that’s a virtual treasure trove of home design inspiration. Many design-build firms and interior designer post their work on Pinterest, so there’s no shortage of trendy ideas. Create a “board” of your favorite designs to show your designer during your consult. This will help your designer bring your dream kitchen to life.

You can also get design inspiration through Instagram, Houzz, and on our website!

Start Your Kitchen Remodel Today

If you’re ready to chat about your project, we’re ready to help! Contact our Design Coordinator, Jenny, by filling out a quick online form, and we’ll get you matched with one of our award-winning designers for a complimentary design consult. We can’t wait to hear all about your kitchen!

Basement Finish | Basement Renovation | FBC Remodel

What is the Basement Remodel Process?

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The Basement Remodel Process

Basement remodels are a great way to add value to your home, create a custom space for your family, and utilize all of the square footage of your home. Unfinished or outdated basements often get used as storage or “extra space”, when, in reality, your basement has limitless potential.

So, how do you get started with designing a new basement? Here at FBC, we have a proven design-build process to make remodeling easy, collaborative, fun, and convenient.

Here’s a quick overview of the basement remodel process:

Step 1: Get in Touch With Your Design-Build Partner

Ready to chat about your basement? The first step is to reach out to our Design Coordinator, Jenny. She’ll ask about the basics of your basement — if it’s finished or unfinished, square footage, and what rooms and features you want in your space. From there, Jenny will match you with one of our expert interior designers to set up a free design consultation.

Between your chat with Jenny and your design consult date, it’s important to do some research on basement remodeling. Here are some FBC blogs to get you inspired:

Step 2: Your Design Consultation & Measure

Your design consultation is your time to get to know your designer, tell them all about your remodeling vision, and learn about how FBC will collaborate with you to bring your dream to life!

Your designer will not only talk design, but ask about you, your day-to-day lifestyle, and how this remodel will add to your life. We’re here to build joy, so it’s important to know the “why” behind your basement renovation.

Some questions may include:

  • How do you use the space now?
  • How will your new basement bring joy, convenience, and value to your everyday life?
  • How will the space evolve with your family as time passes?

From there, you decide if FBC is a good fit to proceed with designing your basement. We’ll measure the space following your design consultation and create an “as-built” sketch. You’ll then see your basement designs, live in 3D, in our collaborative ideas meeting before you even spend a dime.

basement remodel with wet bar | fbc remodel

3. Ideas Meeting

This is where collaboration and creativity happens!

In your ideas meeting, your designer will present two 3D renderings of your completed basement. The first design will be verbatim what you were looking for in your design consultation. The second design is a creative take on how you can reconfigure the space in your basement — sometimes far and beyond what you thought was possible.

In this meeting, you’ll adjust, mix and match, and contribute your thoughts to settle on your final design. We find many of our clients pull from both designs!

4. Production Walk

This is the meeting where you’ll meet your dedicated Project Manager! Should you move forward with construction, your PM will be your point of contact throughout the basement build. They manage your construction schedule as well as the tradesmen that will be working on your basement.

During the production walk, your PM will check out your basement and take down any notes that our trade partners will need to know during construction. The production walk helps catch potential unforeseens that may pop up during construction. This helps us stay on-budget and on-time with your project!

basement renovation | fbc remodel

5. Final Plan Review

Now, it’s time to finalize your construction plan and project price! Until this point, you haven’t paid any fees or put down a deposit.

In the final plan review, we’ll review final construction drawings as well as the menu of pricing options for your materials and finishes. You’ll see what impacts the cost of your basement remodel, and your designer will work with you to finalize a design that fits your budget and your preferences.

After bringing the design, pricing, and construction together, you’ll sign your project contract, put down a deposit, and set a date for construction to start!

6. Pre-Construction Meeting

At your pre-construction meeting, your designer, PM, and tradesmen will walk the space for a final look before construction. Your designer will then pull your construction plan and go over every detail with you and get your approval to begin construction.

No question is too specific at your pre-con meeting. We want to ensure you know every detail of your project and how the construction process will work during your basement build.

7. Construction

We’re finally at the final step — building your dream basement! Depending on the complexity of your project your basement can take between 7 – 16 weeks. Your PM will be consistently on-site to manage the trade partners in your space and to continually update you on construction progress.  You’ll also be able to view your construction schedule on an easy-to-use app so you’re always in the know.

All you have to do is sit back and get excited for your new basement!

Start Your Basement Remodel with FBC Today

Feeling inspired yet? Let FBC Remodel show you just how easy it is to remodel or finish your basement with a design-build partner. Get in touch with Jenny today to learn more about FBC and see if we’re the best fit for your remodeling dreams!

Bathroom Remodel Ideas | Bathroom Renovation with FBC

Bathroom Remodel Trends & Ideas

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Bathroom Remodel Ideas and Trends

Bathroom remodels may be smaller projects compared to other rooms in the home, but it’s still important to get a feel for your favorite design style and nail down what elements you’d like featured in your new bathroom. Turn a boring, outdated bathroom into an oasis with a remodel design you’ll love for years to come!

In this blog, FBC designers Jean and Sam share some design ideas and trends that are sure to get you inspired.

Be Bold with Your Redesign

Shower doors with bold, black frames are all the rage in 2020. We also see clients gravitate towards shaped and patterned tiles — scallops, hex, marble, and herringbone to name a few!  

Wallpaper is back! Utilize wallpaper to add your favorite pattern, design, or bold color to a wall in your bathroom. 

Bold paint is also trending this year, particularly emerald green accent paint. Matte black and brushed brass fixtures are also popular choices with our 2020 projects.

bathroom remodeling with fbc remodel
Bathroom Remodeling | FBC Remodel

Natural-Looking Palettes and Wood Features

Are you looking to transform your bathroom into a relaxing oasis? If you’re using your remodel to craft a place to unwind, this design style is for you. 

Give your bathroom a zen, spa-like, and woodsy feel by filling your design elements with soft neutral colors and pops of wood. 

Our clients gravitate toward whites and greys, in particular. Another popular design choice is utlizing a neutral palette with one pop of color.

Bathroom Lighting

Overhead bathroom lighting often creates discoloration and shadows when looking in the mirror. That’s where your remodel partner comes in — to help you achieve the perfect lighting to accommodate all of your beauty needs. 

We recommend utilizing side sconces instead of overhead lighting! They not only look beautiful and luxurious, side sconces are quite functional. They allow front lighting (as opposed to overhead), which prevents those not-so-great shadows when getting ready. 

We also recommend integrated lighting for optimal makeup and nighttime lighting. This consists of backlighting behind the mirror and/or at the toe kick.

Bathroom Remodel | FBC Remodel
Bathroom Ideas | FBC Remodel

Furniture Piece Vanities

Have you considered including a vanity in your bathroom? A vanity provides a pleasant organizational space to easily store your essentials and stay on top of your morning and night beauty routine.

Currently, clients are opting for furniture piece vanities, rather than built-in vanities. This option allows you to make your vanity your own! Don’t be afraid to get creative — you can change out the hardware, paint it, or purchase a special feature like a faucet!

Two other major benefits of furniture piece vanities are generally lower cost and better-quality storage options.

Trendy Yet Timeless Bathroom Remodeling with FBC

We’d love to help you find the perfect “vibe” for your new bathroom. Here at FBC, we’ve mastered the art of listening. We ask about your lifestyle, day-to-day, and your design preferences to craft the perfect space to unwind at the end of a long day. 

Call FBC Remodel today to set up a complimentary design consultation. We can’t wait to help you build joy in your space!

craft room | basement finishing with fbc remodel

10 Ways to Finish Your Basement

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Creative Ways to Finish Your Basement

An unfinished basement is a blank canvas. With a basement remodeling company, you can create any custom design with virtually any feature you want. When you’re working with that much square footage, it’s easy to get creative with features like wet bars, kitchenettes, in-law suites, home gyms, and more.

FBC Remodel is here to provide a little inspiration! Here are ten ways you can creatively finish your basement:

1. Home Gyms

It’s too common to take an existing bedroom in a basement, throw in some equipment, and use it as a home gym. With carpeting and limited airflow, it can be difficult to get that workout area feel in such a closed-off room. With a basement finish, you have an opportunity to add proper flooring, a more open concept, and any other features you may need to give it a true studio feel.

The possibilities are endless. In this project, this client utilized glass doors, durable flooring, and even a rock wall feature to bring the gym home.

Custom Basement Remodeling with FBC Remodel

2. Bars and Entertainment Spaces

Your finished basement should reflect your lifestyle and day-to-day. Are you the party host of your friends? Do you have extended family visiting often? If so, a custom home bar may be a great option!

Custom bars create a space to host get-togethers, relax, and mingle with friends. Design-wise, your options are unlimited. From a warm cabin feel to speakeasy themes, you can bring your favorite bar aesthetic home to you.

basement remodel with modern design and wooden accents | fbc remodel

3. Home Theaters

A home theater is an incredible feature that will make your basement stand out from your neighbors’ basements. If you’re a movie watching family who bonds over TV time in the evenings, a home theater can take your favorite pastime to the next level.

Your remodeling partner can replicate the feel of a movie theater, complete with luxury seating and light-blocking features. They can also help you get the sound system and screen size and quality you need.

4. Creative Storage

A lot of our clients like to leave some basement space for storage, but storage can often look unsightly, unorganized, or out of place in a finished basement.

Use creative storage options like a hidden bookcase to keep the convenience of a storage area while still having a complete, finished design in your basement. Also — the bookcase itself serves as a little extra room for miscellaneous items! You can also create more storage through custom-built entertainment centers like the one here.

dark finish entertainment console | basement remodel| fbc remodel

5. Add an In-Law Suite

If you have family visit often, or family moving in, creating an in-law suite is a great option. In your basement, you can add a new bathroom, bedroom, and even a kitchenette/dining area for your loved ones. Apartment living just below your feet!

bathroom renovation | fbc remodel

6. A Playspace for the Kids

We find many of our basement finish clients need to create a space for their kids to hang out and play as they grow. Dedicating a room in your basement for playtime, toys, games, or having friends over helps separate the “grown up” parts of the home from where the kids can play.

playroom | bedroom remodel | fbc remodel

7. Wine Cellars

Wine cellars are a great way to complete a bar/entertainment area. If you’re a wine connoisseur, a custom wine cellar adds luxury, class, and a unique touch to your basement. Your storage opinions for your favorite wines are unlimited, and your home is bound to be the hotspot for many wine tastings to come!

Wine Cellar Basement Remodel with FBC Remodel

8. Get Creative with Your Design Style

You aren’t married to traditional design! With a design-build partner, you’ll work with an interior designer who has done it all and seen it all. Figure out your ideal design style by getting inspiration on Pinterest, Houzz, and Yelp. Ask yourself – what finishes, colors, styles, and materials do you gravitate toward?

Pro tip: Send your favorite photos to your designer before starting your project!

basement remodel | bright orange accents | fbc remodel

9. Crafting Room

You don’t have to store your crafts in a plastic bin in your kitchen! Make space to create with a crafting room that’s suited for your favorite hobbies. Leverage your designer to build in storage and organizational features to make your creative outlet a breeze.

sewing storage door | craft room remodel | fbc remodel

10. Design a Basement That Fits Your Life

The most important thing about your basement finish is to make sure that the completed space brings you joy. Your basement should be an extension of your home, your lifestyle, and your day to day.

Ask yourself what you’d like to improve in your life through a basement remodel. What benefits would remodeling add to the flow of your home? No matter what you decide, remember that your design is yours — custom-tailored to the needs of you and your family.

Basement Finishing with FBC Remodel

Here at FBC, we have a proven design process that allows homeowners to custom-build their dream basement with an award-winning designer. If you’re ready to start your project, contact us today to chat about your basement! We’d love to help bring your dream to life.