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What is the Difference Between Basement Finish and Basement Remodel?

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Basement Remodeling vs. Basement Finishing in Naperville IL

If you’re wanting to remodel your Naperville basement, it’s important to note to your designer whether or not you’re working with a finished or unfinished basement. Depending on the current state of your basement, your designer will work with you and your budget to create the space of your dreams.

First, it’s important to know if your basement is finished or unfinished, and what options you have for remodeling.

Basement Finishing Defined

An unfinished basement is a space that’s not currently livable and habitable. When you’re in need of a basement finish, your current space typically lacks drywall, insulation, plumbing, and completed flooring. 

Partially finished basements may have some aspects scoped out, like electricity or basic drywall, but still need significant work to be fully finished. When planning your remodel, you’ll need to account for finishing your basement in your scope of work. Rest assured, your design-build partner will be there every step of the way.

It’s also worth noting that if you need a basement finish, and want to DIY some of the work, you can opt for a nearly finished basement with FBC. 

Nearly finished basements include:

  • Custom design and construction documents
  • All new walls, ceilings, and architectural features
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Fireplace installations
  • Fully finished electrical
  • Rough-in plumbing
  • Ceiling insulation per current construction codes
  • Wall insulation as wanted or needed
  • Fully finished drywall
  • Painted ceiling and prime coats on walls with ceiling color
  • Inspections for all rough-in, electrical and HVAC

From there, you can opt to finish your remodel with FBC, or DIY the rest of your basement!

Basement Remodeling Defined

Finished basements are move-in ready, and look as complete as the rest of your home. From there, many homeowners decide they’d like to modify or reconfigure the space. That’s what we call a basement remodel. A basement remodel is a gut and renovation of a previously finished basement. Basement remodels are great for older basements, spaces that aren’t up to code, or where no permit was pulled.

Gutting and remodeling a space allows your design-build partner to bring your basement up to code, giving you the best layout and design for your space and adding value to your home. This is an opportunity to move walls, add or move plumbing, create new rooms, and design a space to fit your family’s needs.

Some popular remodels include:

  • Adding a bar to an already finished basement
  • Finishing an unfinished area of a previously finished and permitted basement
  • Adding bedrooms, bathrooms, or specialty areas like a home gym or theater

Our Basement Finishing and Basement Remodeling Process

When finding the right remodeling partner, it’s important to ask about their basement design and construction process.

Here at FBC, we have a proven process that guarantees your project will finish on-time and on-budget:

Step 1: Contact Us

First, you’ll get in touch with our design coordinator, who will find out more about what you need for your basement remodel. They’ll ask the square footage of your basement, what rooms you’d like to build, and what you’re envisioning for your design. From there, our design coordinator will match you with an expert designer for a design consultation.

Step 2: Your Design Consultation

The design consultation is your first appointment with your dedicated interior designer. They will visit your home (in person or virtually) to get to know you, your family, and your day-to-day routine. They’ll not only ask about your basement ideas and design style, but also how the finished design will help improve your life.

Step 3: Design/Measure

From there, your designer will measure the space and provide a rough ballpark for how much they expect the project to cost. They’ll create an “as-built” drawing from those measurements, and that drawing will eventually become your custom design.

Step 4: Ideas Meeting

This is where collaboration happens. In your ideas meeting, your designer will present two 3D versions of your completed design. During the ideas meeting, you’ll point out what you like and don’t like about the two designs. We find that many of our clients combine elements from both options to get their final design!

Step 5: Final Design Meeting & Plan Review

It’s time to lock in your design! In your final plan review meeting, we’ll go over the exact price of your project, including construction notes and the details and finishes you want to see in the finished space. Until this step, you haven’t spent a dime. This is where you decide if you’d like to move forward with construction, and you’ll provide a deposit to lock in your start date.

Step 6: Construction

Your basement can take anywhere from 7-16 weeks, depending on the scope of work and size of your basement. You’ll be assigned a dedicated Project Manager who will be your point of contact for all of your construction needs. Your PM manages all of the trades that are working in your home and ensures your project stays on track and finishes on time.

All you have to do is sit back, relax, and get excited for your new basement!

Basement Finish and Remodeling Services in Naperville IL

What basement finishing and basement remodeling have in common are the possibilities. Chicagoland basements are often a blank slate with a lot of square footage to work with. Think of a basement remodel as an opportunity to design an entire floor of your home!

With a design-build firm, you have the opportunity to reconfigure the layout of your basement to craft a custom space with the specific fit and function your household needs. We can guarantee no other basement design will look like yours.

Ready to see what’s possible? Contact FBC Remodel today to speak with our Design Coordinator about your vision for your basement.

How Much Does a Naperville Basement Remodel Cost? | FBC Remodel

How Much Does a Naperville Basement Remodel Cost?

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How Much Does a Naperville Basement Remodel Cost?

It won’t come as any surprise that one of the first questions we get asked from Naperville homeowners is, “how much will my basement remodel cost?”. The answer is far more complicated than a price per square foot. This is because, at FBC, we create completely customized basement designs based on a number of factors.

Depending on the size of your basement, whether it’s currently finished or unfinished, and what you’re looking to do with the space, the cost can vary significantly. That’s why it’s important to talk to your designer about the budget you’re working with — they’ll help you come up with a design you love built around your price point.

Take a look at our pricing guide to get a better idea of basement project ranges.


Top Six Factors that Drive Basement Remodel Price


Layout and Age of Home

Are you happy with the current layout of your basement, or are you looking to completely reconfigure the space? In some cases, you may need your remodel partner to move plumbing or structural elements to get the fit and function you want. The more reconfiguring you need, the more the cost is affected. 

Is your basement currently finished or unfinished? If you need to finish your basement and add other specialty rooms and features, expect some extra cost. Some other factors that can drive project pricing include water intrusion, age of home, radon, and fixing uneven concrete.

Basement Features

Cost is also affected by any custom features you’re adding to your remodel. For instance, many of our clients love installing custom bars to turn a basement into an entertainment space for friends. Features like cabinets, wet bars, backsplashes, and new appliances will affect your price as well. You’ll also want to consider budgeting for stone, mantels, a gas line, and power when assessing your budget.

Specialty Rooms

If you want it in your home, we can do it! Unique rooms such as home gyms, offices, crafting areas, wine cellars, and home theaters will be custom-designed to you and your vision. The price depends on the level of customization needed, including materials, equipment, plumbing, quality of finishes, and electrical needs.


Adding a bathroom to your basement gives a sense of convenience and completion in your space. It’s worth noting that bathrooms require water and electricity. If you don’t currently have plumbing or electricity in your basement, the cost will be affected. You should also take into consideration whether or not you’re looking to move your current plumbing set-up to another area of the basement.

Electrical and Appliances

An often-overlooked element of cost is the hidden mechanical update required to power new appliances. This includes kegerators, kitchenette features, pizza ovens, and more. Make sure to mention what appliances you plan on having in your space when working with your designer and budget.

Egress Windows & Code Compliance

In all basements, having two points of egress is a code requirement. Egress windows are operable windows in your basement that provide an easy exit in case of an emergency. They also provide ventilation and natural light, adding a more comfortable feel to your basement. If your home doesn’t already have these, getting them built will drive the price.


Price of Basement Remodeling in Naperville


Pricing out your basement remodel can seem overwhelming, but that’s where FBC Remodel can help! Throughout our process, we design around your budget the best we can — keeping you in the loop should pricing change. We also promise to keep you in the loop of what may raise the price of your project.

Ready to get started? Give us a call today to chat with our design coordinator about your basement remodel project. From there, we’ll match you with an award-winning designer that works with your budget to come up with a design you’ll love. 

Naperville At-Home Remodeling with FBC

Designing in Place with FBC: Budget Tips for Your Remodel

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How Can I Stay Within My Remodel Budget?

Establishing your budget is one of the first steps in planning a remodel project, and an important one at that!

Here at FBC, our designers work with you to craft a stunning design that fits your vision with a cost you’re comfortable with.

Our design team are experts in helping you find a number of ways to pare down the cost of your project to fit your desired price. In this blog, Amber, one of our designers, notes some ways you can hit your budget goals while still getting the remodel of your dreams.

Set Your Priorities

Why are you doing this project? What value is your remodel adding to your life?

For example, are you remodeling your basement for a little extra room, or do you have specific functions in mind for the entire space? Is it more important for you to have higher-end finishes, or to create more space in your home? Knowing your priorities and timeline will help your designer guide you to the best decisions for what you’re desiring in the end. It’s also important to figure out your “must-haves” versus your “nice-to-haves” so it’s easier to cut costs.

Choose the Right Service for You

If you’re remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, do you need space planning (e.g. knocking down walls, reconfiguring the space) or are you looking to simply change out cabinets, fixtures, and finishes? If you can go without space planning and are mostly focused on your finishes, you could opt for an FBC Update rather than a remodel — which can cut the cost and timeline of your project significantly.

If you’re planning to complete your project in phases, or do the finishing end yourself, take a look at our Nearly Finished Basements option to learn more.

Naperville At-Home Remodeling with FBC

Can You DIY?

We find many of our clients are handy and prefer to do some parts of their project themselves to help stick to their budget. It’s easy to cut costs by taking on some of those final touches of your project yourself. Some examples of ways our clients often save money include:

  • Installing carpet after the project is completed
  • Putting in your decorative touches yourself — like shiplap, reclaimed wood, beams, or wallpaper
  • Choose a freestanding table for your island vs a custom built-in island
  • Buying and installing shower rods or doors
  • Purchasing the TV wall cabinet as a furniture piece
  • Picking out and installing your own barn doors
  • Purchasing an electric (vs. gas) unit for the fireplace
  • Applying your own accent paint
Naperville Designing in Place with FBC: Budget Tips for Your Remodel

Use Your Designer as Your Consultant

A huge part of your designer’s job is making sure you can get a stunning remodel within your set budget. Use your designer as your advisor — we have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge around your available options.

The more information you give us about your preferences, the better! As you’re considering your selections, send over any inspiration you may find online. This gives your designer a better idea of what you’re looking to achieve. From there, we can advise you on what selections work and look good while still being cost-friendly.

At-Home Design with Your Naperville Design-Builder

Every remodeling partner in the Naperville area is different. FBC’s design process works in three major phases — the virtual design consultation, ideas meeting, and final plan review — where we work with your budget every step of the way. Whether you choose us or another partner for your project, we invite you to be up-front with your designer or contractor about the budget you’re working with. That way, they can make this remodel work for you.

Do you have more questions about designing on a budget? We’re happy to chat with you! Give us a call today to tell us all about your project.

At Home Interior Design in Naperville IL | FBC Remodel

Designing in Place with FBC: Easy DIY Home Projects

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Designing in Place with FBC:

Easy DIY Interior Design Projects

These days, many Naperville area homeowners are finding themselves with extra time on their hands. While staying at home can feel boring or frustating, now’s a great time to knock out those “nice to have” tasks that always get put off.

Our team is currently designing from home, and using this time as an opportunity to get creative in their own spaces. Even for the experts, there’s always a way to improve the function and flow of your home.

We asked our design team about their favorite DIY project to get you inspired — the less time and materials needed, the better. 

Lyndsay B.

Have some fun with paint! It’s easy, requires little materials, and can make a huge difference in your space.

Some ways to get creative with paint:

  1. Update a bathroom vanity. All you need is one can of paint in a fun color and some cabinet knobs to beautifully transform your old vanity!
  2. Spray paint some standard terra cotta flower pots, in some fun colors or neutrals, to match your décor. You can also plant some flowers or herbs to sit in your kitchen window for a finishing touch!
  3. Paint a room! Just two gallons of paint and some painters tape and your space will feel light, bright, and refreshed.
At-Home Interior Design in Naperville IL | FBC Remodel

Sam D.

Make a cute gallery wall! Easy, fun, personalizable, and made with things you already have around the house. I actually wrote a full piece on my personal design blog about this very project. Check it out here.

At-Home Interior Design in Naperville IL | FBC Remodel

New Sconces from Home

Want to change up your lighting a bit? You can create sconces with battery operated bulbs. There’s no electricity needed – and you can hang these babies wherever you want! This is great to add above a bedside table.

Get battery-operated bulbs here.

McKinley M.

One thing I love to do and have done in my own home is organize drawers! There are plenty of inexpensive drawer organizers available through e-commerce sites that arrive quickly and with no assembly. 

Another thing that works great are old shoe boxes or shipping boxes that can be disassembled or reshaped. Take a look at items that are out of sight, but chaotic. For example, take inventory of jewelry, makeup, bathroom products, kitchen utensils and even socks! Not only will you feel accomplished and be able to find your things easily, but these small projects will bring you a sense of ease during this uncertain time.

At-Home Interior Design in Naperville IL | FBC Remodel

Jean S. 

Feeling artistic? Make your interior design one of a kind. Take a Sharpie and get creative with patterns and designs to create a fun accent wall! 

Not big on drawing? Use a stencil to paint over the boring floor tile or patio pavers!

Amber G. 

DIY  your own geometric accent paint wall for a major upgrade! 

Adhere wood boards to your existing walls in linear or geometrical patterns and paint the entire wall a bold or contrasting color. 

At-Home Interior Design in Naperville IL | FBC Remodel

Show Off Your Design Project!

Need more inspiration? Visit Redfin’s website to get more ideas for at-home improvement projects.

We hope you can take a few ideas from this list and use these projects to have fun and get creative with your family. Make sure to add photos of your project to your Pinterest account or inspiration board for other Naperville homeowners to see. 

Also, we want to see your masterpiece! Feel free to tag us at @FBCremodel on Instagram or Pinterest so we can see what you came up with.

Ready to take your inspo one step further? Get in touch with a designer to schedule your free virtual design consultation, and we’ll show you what’s possible.

Virtual Design in Naperville IL | FBC Remodel

Designing in Place with FBC Remodel: How Does Virtual Interior Design Work?

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Virtual Design with FBC

While FBC is operating as an essential business throughout the COVID-19 shelter in place order, our design process has gone completely virtual. This helps us to put safety first and reduce direct person-to-person contact as much as possible during our remodeling process. 

Going virtual with our design appointments was new territory for us, but we were up to the challenge! We put our heads together and created a digital design process that’s just as seamless, interactive, and creative as our in-person consultations.

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about how virtual design works. Sam, one of our wonderful designers, is here to walk you through the process and get you inspired!

1. Virtual Design Consultations

Design consultations are a complimentary introduction to the FBC Remodel process.

We take time in our design consults to get to know you, your family, your values, and what you’d like to get out of your remodel. Design consults are an easy way to see if FBC is the right fit for you — no pressure or strings attached. We also take time to get familiar with your space and take measurements to start the design process.

Our virtual design consultations are built to be nearly the same as having a designer physically visit your home. The only difference is we walk you through measuring your own space. Once those dimensions are turned in, we get going on your custom design.

2. Virtual Ideas Meeting

The ideas meeting is where collaboration happens!

Your designer presents two 3-D renderings of your completed space. One design is what you envisioned your remodel to look like at the design consultation. The other design is a reimagined version of your project, where your designer can really show you what’s possible

(Note: We find most of our clients draw inspiration from both designs!).

From the ideas meeting, you work with your designer in real-time to make tweaks and changes until you come up with a design that works best for you.

Virtually, we’re able to show you the “as-built” drawing from your measurements, and bring the space to life through interactive walkthroughs of the 3-D model.

3. Virtual Production Walk

Now that you’ve started to work with your designer, it’s time to meet your project manager!

Your PM will be your point of contact for all constuction needs, and you’ll be working with them exclusively once you move forward with building your project.

Your project manager will have you virtually walk them through your space, taking notes of your space’s specific needs to ensure a smooth build. They’ll also explain how construction works at FBC, as well as how you’ll track your project’s process via app.

The virtual production walk is also a great time to get all of your questions and concerns answered about construction.

4. Plan Review

This virtual plan review is just like the in-person version of your final design meeting. We present you with a noted plan and go over every detail of your remodel. We make sure that the plan and price is up to your liking, and give you the final project cost and timeline.

Up until the plan review meeting, you haven’t spent a dime. If you choose to move forward with building your design, you put down a deposit and choose your construction start date.

Online Virtual Design in Naperville with FBC Remodel

Booking a virtual design consultation with FBC Remodel is easier than ever. Simply give us a call at (303) 227-3636 to talk to our Design Coordinator, Jenny, about your project. From there, we line you up with one of our designers!

Questions about how we’re remodeling under COVID-19 regulations? Visit our FAQ page here to learn more.

Top Basement Finishing Company in Naperville IL | FBC Remodel

Featured Project: An Eclectic Finished Basement with Rosenthal Interiors

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FBC Remodel x Rosenthal Interiors

Here at FBC, we live for collaboration —not just between client and designer but collaboration with other creatives in the area. For this unique basement design project, FBC Remodel’s Minneapolis office (we’re also located in Denver, CO and Naperville, IL!) had the pleasure of working with Rosenthal Interiors, a modern furniture showroom offering interior design services. The result was a unique, contemporary basement unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Fun Fact: This project won a 2019 NARI CotY Gold Award! One of the judges for this award had this to say about our project:

“LOVE LOVE LOVE this project. Super creative, and what an incredible way of bringing all [of] the different materials together. The radius ceiling details are absolutely incredible. This is an award-winning basement finish — one hundred percent”

An Unfinished Basement Gets a Funky, Contemporary Makeover

These Inver Grove Heights, MN, homeowners already had a beautiful, unique home! In fact, their space was featured at a Luxury Home Tour back in 2015. Our team remembered touring the home back then, and our designer, Amber, instantly recognized the space when she arrived for the family’s design consultation.

These homeowners have a funky, contemporary design style, favoring pops of color and texture. They love featuring unique finishes and drywall details in other areas of their home and wanted to bring that energy into the unfinished basement as well. The goal was to expand their entertainment areas in the summer months, and keep the party going throughout the winter!

Home Renovation in Naperville IL Basement Remodeling in Naperville IL

Our designer, Amber, loved the creative challenge of this project. Here’s what she had to say about the fit and function of their new basement:

“This unfinished basement needed to transform into a fun and unique gathering space for large-group get-togethers. From pool parties in the summer to warm cozy movie nights in the winter, this basement was going to provide a much-needed space for all seasons!”

Collaborating with Rosenthal Interiors

Rosenthal Interiors was enlisted by the homeowners previously in some of their upstairs work, and loved the result. This time, they added FBC to the mix to collaborate and pull together the final look!

Rosenthal Interiors is a Minnesota-based furniture showroom offering interior design services in the Twin Cities. Rosenthal, a family company, first opened its doors in 1895, and specializes in high-quality, luxury furnishings and interior design for any part of the home.

“Rosenthal was a big part of putting it all together,” said Amber.

The FBC team fully welcomed the collaboration, and Rosenthal was there to support every step of the way.

“Deanna [from Rosenthal] joined us during our selections meeting and brought materials to match her vision for wallpaper, murals, and furniture. This helped give our team direction in picking out selections, as we wanted everything to flow nicely together.”

Basement Remodeling in Naperville IL Naperville IL Basement Remodeling | FBC Remodel

“We don’t specialize in furniture, wall murals, or textures, so it was great working with Deanna to have her include these unique features. It really enhanced the design and architecture for the space”.

An Eclectic Space Made to Entertain

The finished product was stunning, to say the least.

The overall layout flows from one area to the next with sweeping architectural curves. Pops of color and texture bring excitement and bold enhancements to the layers of architecture.

From the two-sided island seating to the game table and convenient snack ledge — the gathering areas ensure no one is left without a seat. The layout not only provides additional seating for more people to enjoy the “the big game” or an episode of Bachelor in Paradise, it provides visual separation from the living room.

Basement Finishing in Naperville IL | FBC Remodel Home Remodeling Company in Naperville | FBC Remodel

Interior Design & Remodeling in Minneapolis with FBC & Rosenthal

Designing a new space for your home can be one of the most exciting, creatively challenging projects you’ll ever do! If you have a specific vision for your space from start to finish, we’d recommend hiring both a design-build firm and interior decorating partners. Using companies like FBC Remodel and Rosenthal Interiors will give you a seamless, complete, and polished finish that’s ready to entertain right away.

FBC is a design-build firm specializing in basement, kitchen, bathroom, and whole home remodeling. With a proven design-construction process and 23 years in the business, we make remodeling easy, fun, and low-stress. We create every design from scratch, customizing your space to fit your style and design goals. From our collaborative design process to our streamlined construction schedules, all you have to do is sit back and get ready to enjoy your new space.

If you’re ready to book a design consultation with FBC Remodel, or you just have questions about your project, contact our Design Coordinator to learn more!

Looking for beautiful, high-quality modern furniture for your home or interior design services? You can contact Rosenthal Interiors here to learn more about what they can do to upgrade your space. We’re sure you’ll love them as much as we do.

design pallettes in naperville il

Your Design Consultation Checklist

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You’ve begun your remodel journey, and you can’t wait to get started. Finding the right design partner to craft your dream space is the first step. You’ve booked a few design consultations to compare quotes and company processes. You’re looking for a collaborative partner that can bring your dreams to life and take your home to the next level.

Read More