How Much Does a Naperville Basement Remodel Cost?

It won’t come as any surprise that one of the first questions we get asked from Naperville homeowners is, “how much will my basement remodel cost?”. The answer is far more complicated than a price per square foot. This is because, at FBC, we create completely customized basement designs based on a number of factors.

Depending on the size of your basement, whether it’s currently finished or unfinished, and what you’re looking to do with the space, the cost can vary significantly. That’s why it’s important to talk to your designer about the budget you’re working with — they’ll help you come up with a design you love built around your price point.

Take a look at our pricing guide to get a better idea of basement project ranges.


Top Six Factors that Drive Basement Remodel Price


Layout and Age of Home

Are you happy with the current layout of your basement, or are you looking to completely reconfigure the space? In some cases, you may need your remodel partner to move plumbing or structural elements to get the fit and function you want. The more reconfiguring you need, the more the cost is affected. 

Is your basement currently finished or unfinished? If you need to finish your basement and add other specialty rooms and features, expect some extra cost. Some other factors that can drive project pricing include water intrusion, age of home, radon, and fixing uneven concrete.

Basement Features

Cost is also affected by any custom features you’re adding to your remodel. For instance, many of our clients love installing custom bars to turn a basement into an entertainment space for friends. Features like cabinets, wet bars, backsplashes, and new appliances will affect your price as well. You’ll also want to consider budgeting for stone, mantels, a gas line, and power when assessing your budget.

Specialty Rooms

If you want it in your home, we can do it! Unique rooms such as home gyms, offices, crafting areas, wine cellars, and home theaters will be custom-designed to you and your vision. The price depends on the level of customization needed, including materials, equipment, plumbing, quality of finishes, and electrical needs.


Adding a bathroom to your basement gives a sense of convenience and completion in your space. It’s worth noting that bathrooms require water and electricity. If you don’t currently have plumbing or electricity in your basement, the cost will be affected. You should also take into consideration whether or not you’re looking to move your current plumbing set-up to another area of the basement.

Electrical and Appliances

An often-overlooked element of cost is the hidden mechanical update required to power new appliances. This includes kegerators, kitchenette features, pizza ovens, and more. Make sure to mention what appliances you plan on having in your space when working with your designer and budget.

Egress Windows & Code Compliance

In all basements, having two points of egress is a code requirement. Egress windows are operable windows in your basement that provide an easy exit in case of an emergency. They also provide ventilation and natural light, adding a more comfortable feel to your basement. If your home doesn’t already have these, getting them built will drive the price.


Price of Basement Remodeling in Naperville


Pricing out your basement remodel can seem overwhelming, but that’s where FBC Remodel can help! Throughout our process, we design around your budget the best we can — keeping you in the loop should pricing change. We also promise to keep you in the loop of what may raise the price of your project.

Ready to get started? Give us a call today to chat with our design coordinator about your basement remodel project. From there, we’ll match you with an award-winning designer that works with your budget to come up with a design you’ll love.