Nearly Finished Basements

DIY BASEMENT Services in Colorado

When you are not quite ready to remodel your entire basement, but are prepared to begin the process, you might consider DIY basement remodeling, also called a nearly finished basement. Choose a nearly finished basement so that you can select the perfect finish and expand your options. After we provide the framework, it will be your responsibility (or ours, if you are just waiting a while for your basement to be finished) to make your new space a reality. If you plan to move, or want to increase the value of your home by completing your basement remodel, a nearly finished basement remodel is the perfect option. 

If you plan to remodel your home, you should hire the right remodeling agency for the job. In light of our experience (and a number of awards), we consider ourselves to be the best design-build remodeling company in Denver. We would love to discuss the possibility of working together and bringing your basement to life if you are interested in a nearly finished basement remodel. Please contact us so we can discuss the possibilities!


With a nearly finished basement remodel, you can create a stunning custom-finished diy basement. Count on us to help you design a space filled with charm and functionality to suit your needs! We will finish the work so you can go in and make the space yours whenever you are ready, according to your budget. 

  • Custom design and construction documents
  • All new walls, ceilings, and architectural features
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Fireplace installations
  • Fully finished electrical
  • Rough-in plumbing
  • Ceiling insulation per current construction codes
  • Wall insulation as wanted or needed
  • Fully finished drywall
  • Painted ceiling and prime coats on walls with ceiling color
  • Inspections for all rough-in, electrical, and HVAC

We will finish your nearly finished basement so that it can be finished at a later date by you or us. As soon as you get started, you can decide how you want your finished basement to look. Considering how many options you have, get started today!

FBC Remodel’s Design-Build Process

The homeowner should feel joy when remodeling his or her home. As we designed our processes, we envisioned our team’s passion and mission.

Through the entire design and execution process, our team works with you from the moment your project is conceived. You will not have to hire a contractor and design the layout yourself because we will handle all of the grunt work on your behalf.  We realize that you might not be familiar with the concept of working with a design-build company, but it is the best way to get exactly what you want, reduce your stress levels, and have a space you will be proud to show off.

When you work with us, you can begin building joy in your home! Free design consultations are provided by our award-winning designers. During your design consultation, our designers will listen to your needs, wants, and interests so they can create a space that matches your vision. 

We’ll make sure that every measurement is accurate as part of our basement remodeling process, we’ll create 3D renderings so you can visualize the space, and allow you to work with us on creating the space of your dreams.

As you move from the design phase to the construction phase, you’ll go through the construction phase. The construction phase will provide you with an in-depth renovation schedule. Your nearly finished basement will be ready for you to finish within about six weeks (usually).

Things to consider when remodeling your basement

There is no limit to what you can do with basements! If you are remodeling your basement, consider how you intend to use it. The following are some common basement features:


To build the basement of your dreams, you need a solid foundation and framework. You can add a new basement to your home to increase its value as well as its enjoyment. If you are designing a new space, think about your budget and select features that are within that budget but still functional and attractive. Following are the factors that will determine how much your nearly finished basement remodel will cost:

The Top 6 Factors That Drive Cost

  • The layout of your current basement 
  • The age of your home
  • Any basement features that you choose
  • Whether you are adding specialty rooms to your remodel
  • Adding a bathroom
  • Electrical work and adding in appliances
  • Egress windows and code compliance
Bottom Range: $60K – $80K
Mid Range: $80K – $90K
High Range: $90K+

Start Your colorado DIY Basement Remodel with A Complimentary Design Consultation

Have you thought about remodeling your basement? Would you like to take the first step? We can help you with your nearly finished basement renovation so you can enjoy all the benefits of a finished basement.

Depending on your home’s unique style, we can help you design the perfect basement! You can realize your basement dreams with FBC Remodel’s specialized design-build process. Schedule a complimentary design consultation with one of our award-winning designers today.