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Our design team is often in the field creating great spaces, so our office is open by appointment only. Call us or schedule a time to visit us. We would love to meet you!

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Our design team is often in the field creating great spaces, so our office is open by appointment only. Call us or schedule a time to visit us. We would love to meet you!

Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm
Saturday by appointment

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Budgeting for Your Kitchen Remodel

One of the very first things you think about when planning a kitchen remodel is how much your project will cost. Kitchen renovations bring up a million possibilities for how you can update, modernize, and reconfigure the space. With these endless options, remodeling can seem overwhelming and difficult to scope out.

That’s why we’re here to help! Here are some tips to help you plan your remodel with budget in mind:

How Much Work Does Your Kitchen Need?

Make a list of priorities for your project. Are the top items on your list more focused on updating finishes and the look of your kitchen, or is your project more focused on space planning (reconfiguration of the space)? Depending on the scope of work, you’ll either fall into the category of kitchen remodel and kitchen update.

Kitchen Remodels

Space planning is common in many kitchen projects. It’s important to ask yourself if you need to reconfigure your space to get your dream result (e.g. removing walls, changing the kitchen layout, gutting and starting over). While space planning helps you to use every square inch of your kitchen, reconfiguration can get pricey.

Kitchen Updates

If you’re happy with your kitchen layout, but want to replace outdated finishes, an FBC Update may be more up your alley. Updates are a “remove and replace” option for all of your finishes that don’t require gutting or rearranging the space. Updates have a lower cost and timeline of a full remodel and allow you to work with an expert designer to pick out your new countertops, fixtures, and cabinets.

In short, the depth and complexity of space planning and your scope of work will impact your cost. Make sure to discuss your budget prior to designing your new kitchen — price can be impacted by plumbing, electrical, and sub-flooring needs. 

kitchen remodel | dark wood accents | fbc remodel
kitchen remodel with white cabinets and island

What’s Included in Your Cost Beyond the Project?

Unless you’re DIYing your project, your kitchen cost will also include labor costs for your remodeling partner. When interviewing potential partners at design consultations, make sure to ask what services they provide and what to expect from them as a partner.

Kitchen Island | Kitchen Remodel | Whole Home Renovation
kitchen remodel | white finishes and open wood shelving

Some great questions to ask:

  • Can you show me where my money is going?
  • Do you order materials on my behalf?
  • Do you include both design and construction?
  • Do I need to worry about my project finishing late?
  • Is my contract price guaranteed to not change?
  • Do you personally manage any additional tradesmen and contractors coming in and out of my home?

For instance, with FBC Remodel, we offer one price that covers design, construction, and an organized, proven build process that creates a sense of ease and low-stress for every homeowner.

At FBC, your guaranteed project cost includes:

  • A complimentary virtual or in-home design consultation
  • A dedicated designer to custom-design your bath
  • An interactive “ideas meeting” to see and adjust your design in real-time through 3D renderings
  • No fee or deposit until designs are finalized
  • A guaranteed price without hidden costs
  • A dedicated project manager to keep your project on schedule
  • A singular point of contact during construction who manage the tradesmen in your home for you
  • Dedicated expert FBC trade partners
  • A user-friendly app to stay in the know as to who is in your home and what phase your project is in
  • An optional “wrap party” on us to celebrate your finished space

Explore Kitchen Remodeling Cost Ranges

It’s worth noting that the price of any kitchen remodel will vary. Every kitchen is different, from size to finishes to how it currently functions. With FBC, we don’t offer a “price per square foot” because all of our kitchens are custom-designed to each homeowner. This is why it’s important to meet with a designer about your particular project to get a proper ballpark.

For kitchen remodeling, our general price ranges are:

  • Low-range: $40k
  • Mid-range: $85 – 100k
  • High-range: $200k+

For kitchen updates, our ranges are:

  • Low-range: $35k
  • Mid-range: $45k
  • High-range: $55k

See our other project ranges here.

Once you have an idea of what your project might cost, create a “low to high” budget and share your ideal range during your design consultation. Your designer will then work with you to design your dream kitchen without breaking the bank.

Learn About Unforeens and Other Cost Drivers

It’s easy to reach for the highest-end cabinets, flooring, countertops, and appliances when designing your kitchen. You may also be considering your “nice to have” list that includes upgrades, special appliances, and a new island. However, every upgrade you make will affect your cost. Always take a peek into some lower-cost options — just because they are lower cost, doesn’t mean they don’t look high-end and beautiful!

Take your priority list from earlier and divide it into your “must-haves” and “nice to haves”. Can the “nice to haves” wait for a “phase two” project? Can you DIY some of the work?

It’s also important to consider unforeseen elements (always ask your remodel partner how they handle these!) and read up on project aspects you may not have thought of.  View our top six factors that affect a kitchen project cost here.

kitchen remodel with smart storage solutions | fbc remodel

Remodel Your Kitchen with FBC Today!

Ready to get started with your remodel? FBC would love to partner with you on your next project. With FBC Remodel, you’ll create and construct your new kitchen all under one roof. We take the stress of out of remodeling — all you have to do is get excited to live in your new space.

Give us a call or fill out our online form today to get in touch with our Design Coordinator and get matched with a designer!