5 Reasons to Finish Your Basement

Do you have an unfinished basement and no clue what to do with it? Sure, it would be nice to have a finished basement instead of unused space, but maybe you’re just not sure if finishing your basement is worth the investment. 

FBC Remodel has been building basements since 1997, so we’ve seen it all! When you’re working with a large, bare-bones space, the options for how you design are ultimately limitless. Unfinished basements are a great way to customize your home to your lifestyle, hobbies, and household needs. 

Here are five reasons why finishing your basement is worth it!

1. Finishing Your Basement Adds Value to Your Home

There are two major ways that a basement finish will add to your home — monetary and personal value. 

First and foremost, finishing your basement will raise the resale value of your home. This is a great detail for those who plan on selling their home in the future.  According to NerdWallet, a finished basement with an entertainment area and basement bath raises a home’s value at an average of $50,000. Also, according to Zillow, homeowners see an average of 70 percent return on investment with a basement remodel. So, even if this house isn’t a forever home, finishing your basement still makes sense.

It’s also important to weigh the personal value a basement finish would add to your home. Think about what’s currently working and not working in your home. Is your space becoming cramped with a growing family? Are you one bedroom short? Do you need an office to work from home? Is your lifestyle so busy that a home gym would be of benefit to you? Finishing a basement allows you to bring what you love most home to you. Think of your project as a way to build more joy in your everyday life!

2. You Can Customize Your Basement Design to Fit Your Needs

An unfinished basement is a blank slate. Unless you had custom-built your home, you likely have moved into a floorplan that you would, at least, tweak if you had the option. With a basement finish, you’re able to take any inconveniences or challenges in your home and build out the spaces that you need to create a better fit and function. 

For instance, if you often have guests come to visit and there’s only room for them on the couch, you could create a guest bedroom. If the kitchen is too cramped for get-togethers or family game nights, you can create an open concept in your basement with game tables, a bar, and a kitchenette. 

You can also incorporate special features that you’ve always dreamed of, but perhaps didn’t think you could have! Some examples of special features that our clients love are home theaters, home gyms, saunas, and wine cellars. These specialty rooms add a luxurious feel, and gives your home a unique feature that not many homes have!

3. Your Basement Finish Design Will Grow With You

If you’re feeling like you’re starting to outgrow your home — whether that’s a growing family, kids getting older, or lifestyle changes — finishing your basement helps you to expand your space rather than buying a whole new home. 

For instance, perhaps your two children shared a bedroom when they were young, but are now teenagers needing their own space. They also want to have friends over, but there really isn’t room to just hang out. Your basement finish can create extra bedrooms, bathrooms, and a second “living room” for friends who come over.

Another scenario (that we’re seeing a lot more of in 2020) is working from home. If you start at a new company that is completely remote, you may not have a dedicated office space for your new gig. Instead of using the kitchen table as a desk, you can custom-build a home office to set you up for success!

4. Update Your Home and Explore Your Favorite Design Style

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to own a previously-lived-in home. This means the home was purchased “as-is”, and while you love the space, it may not be that “dream design style” you’ve always wanted. 

Finishing your basement allows you to get creative, and bring your Pinterest boards to life! You have total control over the design you’d like built, and you’ll work in partnership with a design and space planning expert to ensure no square foot goes unused. While we recommend that your style and color scheme can still incorporate with the rest of the home, you have the flexibility to take your basement design to the next level.

5. You Can Start Small!

Many homeowners think finishing their basement is an “all-in” investment, or that you can’t save money by DIY-ing parts of your project, but you can actually work on your basement in phases! With FBC’s nearly finished basement option, you can set your basement up for success. With a nearly finished basement, or NFB for short, our team will:

  • Provide a custom design and construction documents
  • Build walls, ceilings, and architectural features
  • Install heating and air conditioning
  • Rough-in your plumbing
  • Add insulation in the ceiling
  • Add fully finished drywall
  • Paint the ceiling and prime coats of walls
  • Complete inspections for all rough-ins, electrical, and HVAC

If you’re looking to save money on your basement and love DIY projects, a nearly finished basement may be the right fit for you!

Finish Your Basement with FBC Today

Once you’ve decided to move forward with a basement finish, the next important step is to choose your remodeling partner. FBC Remodel is a design-build firm that handles every step of your project, from design through construction. We take the stress out of remodeling and help homeowners focus on the exciting, creative parts of design. Our proven process ensures an exact cost and a convenient timeline for construction. 

We’d love to partner with you on your basement finish. Contact FBC Remodel today to get matched with an expert designer and book your complimentary design consult!

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